3 Aug 2013

Brand Spotlight: New Look

One of the biggest revelations I had with online shopping was that one site can literally be a one stop, here-is-my-entire-outfit shop. I've always been a big shopper, a bargain shopper too. If I can get it $4 cheaper by going across the road, I'm half way there before you can say 'why did the chicken?'. My first (and still favourite) one stop, bargain shop is New Look. Not only do they have a KILLER plus size range, you can go there, buy an entire outfit and still have left over change to shout the next round. Want to know what I'm talking about? Check out these outfits I've put together! (note: I've changed all the UK pounds prices to Aussie dollars!)

This is my fav of the three. Geometric pink dress with funky accessories! I love the bright pops of pink and blue with the statement necklace and classic blazer. But that dress! Its a bonafide showstopper! I have a similar one that I paid over $150 for, so to get a WHOLE OUTFIT like this for under $165 blows my mind!

You've probably noticed by now that I love mini skirts, tucked in tops and black opaque stockings. This look is pretty much my staple wardrobe. The prints and bohemian bag add a real edge to the outfit and the wedges mean I can rock it from night to day! Plus I can't resist a funky little animal shape print- the stags rock!!

My three favourite words from this outfit? Wide. Foot. Brogues. I've been DYING to get my hands on a more comfortable pair of funky brogues. They are such a rad look and if you get the right pair- are heaven to walk in! I've got a blue pair that I adore, but after an hour or so my toes are screaming- these keep my fashion self and my actual self happy! This is such an everyday chilled look, easy to pull together and still cute to wear out. And even better, getting this (I'm talking accessories and all) for under $120 and your laughing!!

When we were in the UK a few years back I decimated every New Look store we stumbled across. I always took about the whole shop into the change-room with me and ended up buying a quarter. The quality for the prices is insane- I get such great wear out of them. I constantly find myself reaching for my old favourite New Look pieces (want to see? Check me out here, here, here and here!), its actually a good thing there isn't one close by- it may get dangerous! But with cheap (and fast!) Aussie shipping, I know my new outfit is never far away!

Have your bought from New Look before??

What's your favourite outfit??

*this is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own*


  1. Looks like I'll need to give New Look a look-in, that pug tee is my kinda adorable!

  2. Love that geometric print dress.

  3. Love these outfits. DO you know if they ship to U.S.?

    I agree, that pug tee is absolutely adorable!!

  4. I like your picks. That pink dress has your name on it. So, how many US$ to purchase the red satchel handbag?

  5. I love all of it! Ahhhh bad for the bank balance! You're a bad influence haha


  6. I really love the stag vest! I love New Look, but usually buy most of the plus size clothes online as they seem intent on removing the range from all the local branches. :( Their wide fit shoe range is always fantastic! And I love how you can now buy some of their clothes through ASOS- free delivery! xx

  7. Oh they are three very nice outfits! I used to own quite a few new look shoes, still have a pair of wedges from there that are going strong! :)

  8. When I was living in the UK the plus size section was daggy daggy daggy :( I love your choices!! When are we booking the tix for our shopping spree?? :))


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