25 Dec 2011

OOTD: Work Christmas Party

Christmas is my favourite time of year. The parties, the holidays, the company, the food, the booze, the cheer and the presents! This year is our first Christmas away from home (currently in Paris if anyone was wondering ;) and although having an awesome time, are definitely missing that special feeling that comes with spending the holidays with loved ones. Just before we left we attended my work Christmas party and these are some of my happy snaps from the night!

Held at Bistrot Bistro, we started the night with cocktails and canap├ęs!

We then hit the town in true nurse style- work hard, play hard! There was much Thriller Dancing, boozy dancing, shots and singalongs!

I wore my rocking Torrid bubble dress with one shoulder detailing- LOVE!

Dress: Torrid, Stockings: We Love Colors 

And so this now brings me to today- MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL! May you be surrounded by friends, family, booze and fabulous wine! I can't wait to see all of your chrissy posts! :) xx

24 Dec 2011

Holiday Diary: Entry Four

Local Time: 9:52am
Location: Lucerne, Switzerland
Tomorrow we will be in: Paris

Over the last few days we:

Fell in love with Florence:
- saw a leather jewellery box making demonstration
- went on a walking tour around the town and loved the gorgeous city
- shopped around on the Old Bridge (made in the 17th century)
- were stunned by the cathedrals and churches- the oldest over 1000 years old!
- had a mad group Florence dinner with live accordion and opera entertainment!

In Switzerland:
- had our first snowball fight!
- were awed by the never-ending rolling Alps and snow-covered cities and pastures
- had some amazing cheese fondue
- loved Swiss chocolate ;)
- stayed in a converted jail for the night

21 Dec 2011

Holiday Diary: Entry Three

Local Time: 7:07pm
Location: Rome
Tomorrow we will be in: Florence

It's been an amazing last few days! This whole part of the world is so amazingly beautiful; here is a few quick highlights:

In St Goar Germany we:
- went on an amazing wine tasting tour and tried some amazing vintages from the area; including a specially made ice wine that can only be harvested late when the gears are frozen.
- saw the biggest bier stein and the biggest cuckoo-cuckoo clock (world record holding) and Ben picked up his very own one liter bier stein!

In Munich:
- went on an amazing walking tour of the town, exploring many of the original sites integral to the Nazi's and the Third Reich. The city is so beautiful and rich with history.
- tore up the Hofbraeuhaus Bier House (seriously, who gets told they are too rowdy in a beer house?!?).
- Rocked the nightclubs!
- Had a very sobering next morning when we explored the Dachau concentration camp- so horrifying.

In Innsbruck:
- was awed by the breathtaking Austrian Alps
- Loved the amazing Christmas Markets ( and had a caricature done!)
-  Tried all sorts of yummy food and mulled wine (mmmmm mulled wine)

In Venice:
- LOVED the canal cruise around the city
- saw a live Murano Glass Blowing demonstration (ahhhh-mazing!)
- stuffed up my countries and missed catching up with Anita Riot :(
- Got a little lost in the endless back streets and alleys

In Rome:
- explored the captivating city!
- Saw the Trevi Fountain, The Pantheon, The Colosseum and Saint Marks Square in a walking tour
- Spent a jaw-dropping morning at Vatican City marveling at its beauty.
- was blown away by The Sistine Chapel ( with THAT ROOF by Michelangelo) and St Peters Basilica

Phew! Here is a taste of our adventures so far! I'll keep you posted!

18 Dec 2011

Styled By Olivia: Suger Coat It- work wear

(on holidays you say??? well here is a post I prepared earlier! ;)

Here is the much anticipated first of two posts in which I got to style the fabulously sexy Melissa from Suger Coat It. On a balmy summer day, we both trekked to Lisa's house and made wild passionate fashion! In these three shots, Suger has chosen items from my own wardrobe (a small collection of which I bought for her perusal) that transition perfectly from office to dance floor!

This sexy little number from ASOS curve is the perfect work outfit. Classic lines with flirty trimmings- work chic tick! This was my favourite dress on Melissa, she rocks it!

Taking it to a more serious (and naughty librarian) look, this pussy-bow dress is super stylish with a high neckline and curve hugging cut. I love the confidence that oozes from Suger as she strikes a pose in this pure hot stuff ASOS Curve office dress.

Lastly in the office collection (lol), this City Chic tunic and tights outfit rocks out with a cowl neckline and belted details. Melissa can take this ensemble from office to bar to BBQ- the perfect summer get-up!

Stay tuned for the Suger Styled by Olivia party wear!! ;-D

15 Dec 2011

Holiday Diary: Entry Two & OOTD

Local Time: 2:40pm
Location: On the bus to Germany
Tomorrow we will be in: Munich

We left Amsterdam this morning and I'm currently ignoring a very impressive hangover! The last few days we:

- Caught the ferry across The English Channel and were amazed by the White Cliffs of Dover and the awe inspiring scenery
-Made the epic journey through Belgium and France to The Netherlands
- Rocked the nightlife in Amsterdam and tried a little of everything ;)
- Saw a live 'erotic' show (!!!!!) and both Ben and I were picked from the audience to participate in the stripper side shows lol
- Went on a cruise through the Amsterdam canals. Including kissing under the famous 'skinny bridge' which legend says will make your love last forever (awwww)
- Explored Amsterdam today and picked up the coolest souvenir- a mad furry bear beanie with paws!
- Been super lucky with the weather- haven't needed our thermals yet!

I've been basically living in variations of the same outfit; it's warm, comfortable and cute. I'm loving this jacket I picked up on eBay before we left for about $30- bargain! Mind you, after the debauchery in Amsterdam, it could really do with a wash!

Jacket: City Chic, Jeans: City Chic, Tee: Avella, Beanie: Amsterdam Markets

Tonight on to Germany with a beir stein in hand! Cheers/Prost!!!

13 Dec 2011

Holiday Diary: Entry One

Local Time: 8:15pm
Location: London
Tomorrow we will be in: Amsterdam

It's been a crazy last few days! We:

- We rocked out a 3-ish day stop over in Kuala Lumpar
- Got lots of massages
- Embarrassed ourselves by complaining to room service that we couldn't get the shower door open - apparently it opens inwards lol
- Survived the 14 hour flight to London
- I burst into tears when we landed because I was so excited
- Spent the whole day exploring London today and visited some awesome shops that I had only ever seen online before!
- Met up with our Contiki crew and had a few beers where I overshared already

Tomorrow our tour starts and I sent ahead warning to Amsterdam! ;)

12 Dec 2011

OOTD: Suger Styled by Olivia :)

I'm extremely proud of my fabulous wardrobe and love nothing more than sharing it around! Last weekend I had the honour of styling Melissa from Sugar Coat It with clothes all from my wardrobe!

We met up at Lisa's house (checked out her blog Renovating Italy yet??? If not DO IT!! So awesome!) and had a a fabulous day of fashion shows, excellent food, a few holiday slide shows, wine and of course amazing company! There were plenty of laughs and all sorts of shenanigans- including some magic tricks by Lisa's pocket-rocket daughter Carina (see the lower right photo of Mellisa in pain lol ;). 

After displaying my chosen range of dresses, tops and skirts, Suger tried them on and we accessorised with her fab jewelery and shoe collection! It was an awesome day and shots of Mellisa's outfits are to come this week!

Dress: Dream Diva, Crochet Vest: Kmart

Unfortunately in all the craziness I didn't get to take proper OOTD photos, these three happy snaps were takes by Lisa's daughter and I think capture the happy and fun filled day perfectly. (Also Santa, see how rad I look with Kel's DSLR?? Trust me, I need one and I've been very good!)

Among the perfectly styled and primed pictures of the gorgeous Suger were these gems that I couldn't help but share! A huge thanks to Lisa for putting up with us, Sam for the mad feed and photography skills, Corina for my OOTD piccys, Kel and Ben for loving us crazy ladies and Suger for letting me dress her up! It was an awesome day and I can't wait to share the official 'Suger Styled by Olivia'  shoots to come this week- stay tuned!!!!!!! :)

9 Dec 2011

Holiday of Awesomeness

So today is the day! After much planning, saving, spending, fretting and in this last week- crapping in my pants with nervousness- WE LEAVE TODAY!!! We have given up house and home, put everything in storage and annoyed many mates and loved ones by crashing in their spare rooms; and finally the day has come!

To share with you a little of our adventure we:

- Fly today to Kuala Lumpur where we stay for 3 days to get massages, chilled and relaxed before our Contiki tours start

- After arrining in London we spend a couple of days exploring before starting the Contiki European Discovery Tour which takes us on this journey:

- This tour finishes on Christmas Eve and Ben and I are staying in Paris together just the two of us- right next to the Eiffel Tower for 6 days! :-D

 - We then head back to London to start our Contiki New Years Eve Amsterdam Tour. Let the mess continue!!!

- On January 2nd we pick up a hire car from London and we will be driving up through Bath, Wales, Scotland and Ireland for our own un-planned adventure! We are planning just to book a hotel wherever we decide to stop that day!

- On January 7th we fly from London to Cairo where we start out Contiki Egypt and The Nile Tour, including a rad cruise down the Nile! Our trip takes us here:

At the end of this tour we have a couple of days in Cairo just the two of us before we fly home. I get excited just looking at these maps!!!

I will trying my hardest to keep up regular blog posts and have scheduled a few ready for posting over the next couple of weeks; including some awesome Styled By Olivia posts of Melissa from Suger Coat It as she rocks out in my wardrobe!

In the mean time, don't be a stranger! Follow me on our adventure by checking out my Facebook, Twitter or even my Instagram (iPhone app), I'll be posting as often as I can and want to keep you all up to date on our Holiday Of Awesomeness!

See you on the other side of the world.........

7 Dec 2011

OOTD: Movember Gala Party

The annual Movember Gala Party is one of our favourite yearly events to attend. Held at the end of Movember is all major cities, the Gala is always a fantastic night out! People show off their hard grown mo's in amazing costumes and get to compete in the MO Competion for titles such as: Best Team Mo, Mo Sista, Best Mo, Best Costume and The Man of Movember. These our some of our happy snaps from the wild night out!

Held at Cloudland in the Valley, the Brisbane Gala paraded some very fabulous Mo's! It was the biggest Movember Party we have attended to date- the place was packed, the music was pumping and the venue was rad! The above Mo Bro's were all nominated for one of the awards and the dapper gentlemen with the monocle took the coveted Best Mo of the Night award.

All in all it was another awesome night out! The epic orange Obelix (from the comic Asterix), very deservingly won the Man of Movember Brisbane 2011 and will go on to compete in the Australia wide competition.

I was amazed to read that as a country, Australia raised almost twenty-four million dollars toward the Movember Foundation this November!!!!!! Awesome work to everyone who participated, donated, supported and put up with a foul porn mo this 'stache season!!

I rocked out in my cute peter pan collar City Chic Sunday Best Dress and of course- My Diva 'stache necklace! Also, totally in love with my new $11 bow shoes from Target, scoooorrreeee!!!

Dress: City Chic, Necklace: Diva, Shoes: Target

Also just found our piccy on the Movember website! check it out!! 

4 Dec 2011

OOTD: silver pockets

Last weekend we headed out for dinner and drinks to The Chalk with a bunch of mates and i got to rock my Torrid pocket dress! I don't normally go for such shiny fabrics but I really liked the cut and sweetheart bust line of this dress- and the awesome sequin details!

I also really love the small details in this dress- like the front pleating and padded bust. I've always loved Torrid dresses for their high quality- but the shipping is a killer! :(

There is nothing cooler than a dress with pockets- and Nicole and Libby agree!!  With the holiday of awesomeness only 5 days away (5 DAYS AWAY!!!!! EKKKKKKKK), I've been trying to squish as many of these catch ups and party nights in before we go. This will be our first Christmas away from family and friends and we are a little sad we will miss the festivities.....then I just remind myself we will be in Amsterdam for New Years Eve and it all seems better ;)

As a side note- I added this outfit to Transatlantic Blonde's What I Wore Wednesday link up! :)

Dress: Torrid, Tights: We Love Colors 

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