31 Aug 2011

Giveaway: Yayyyyyy 100 followers!!!

Oh my goodness! We have hit the 100!!!

Firstly thank you to everyone for all the encouragement. I am super excited to be joining such a wonderful and supportive community and am honoured that so many fabulous fashion bloggers enjoy my musings!

To celebrate reaching this milestone, I am giving one lucky reader three pieces from Equip Accessories dress jewellery range 'Hidden Gem'

The chandelier earrings, link necklace and metal detail headband are all gem encrusted statement pieces. The vintage styles go with everything and definitely add a classic twist to any outfit. I loved them all at first sight and am very excited to be sharing them with the wining reader!

The competition is open to followers world wide and to be eligible all you have to do is:

1) follow me via Goggle Friend Connect
2) 'Like' my page Wait Until The Sunset on Facebook
3) Comment below about how you follow me!

For an extra entry follow me on twitter and tweet: 
'I just entered @waituntilsunset give-away blog comp, check it out!'

The winner will be drawn next Wednesday the 7th of  September by a random generator, Good luck! :) xxx


30 Aug 2011

September is here already?!!?

 All of a sudden September is not just looming but approaching with the speed of a freight train! We move out of our home, start house sitting, put all our stuff in storage and have a jam packed schedule! I think the scariest thing is that we will be living out of a suitcase for the next four months. After literally turning our dining room into my walk-in-robe, the idea of being limited by a suitcase of clothes is daunting! So, I've decided to get in early and start pre-planning some of my dream event outfits! We have six big events in September which we have RSVP'd for and these are my fashion dreams:

Ready for September part 2

Two of Ben's work mates are getting married in an afternoon ceremony, so I want to look cute, dressed-up and relaxed (plus I'm loving florals at the moment), so I think this F21+ dress fits the bill! And I never miss an opportunity to wear a fascinator- let alone a pink one!! :). Next is our friends Joce and Joel's rainbow themed engagement party; I'm going as a leprechaun and Ben as a pot of gold! Lastly an epic night of girly mayhem has been planned with some of my close girlfriends (although we have now invited the guys too), so I wanted something sexy and super comfy!

Ready for September

Next up my lovely lady Kirstie is turning 21! I know this night will get loose, so this rocking Forever 21+ two-fer and arm candy collection rocks! Mid month my Nanna is visiting from Melbourne and all the siblings and I are meeting up with her for lunch/dinner. Since I don't know which meal it will be yet, I've picked my Domino Dollhouse bow out skirt and a cute top- instant lunch or dinner chic! Lasty, it's also Ben's birthday this month too!! Ben wants to have an espionage themed party, so I think this CSI dress will make sure I don't get lost amoungst the sea of suits and James Bond outfits!

Shameless self promotion/networking ;-)

This week I've branched out and made a Twitter account and a Facebook account for Wait Until The Sunset! I'm super excited about the direction the blog is going in and can't wait to keep sharing it with you!!

Check out the links below to add me and put a link in the comments so I can get back to  yours!

Much love!!! :) xxxx

29 Aug 2011

OOTD: Family visits

This weekend Ben's parents were visiting, stopping on their way as they travel around Australia grey nomad style. Unfortunately, I worked a lot of the weekend, but did get to spend an awesome chilled out Sunday with them today. We headed to the Powerhouse again to catch the free stand up comedy (loving all this free goodness- every dollar saved goes straight to my Europe fund whoooottt!).

Dress: ASOS Curve, Leggings: BigW,  Cardi: Lily and Lou

I wore my awesome floral ASOS curve dress that I picked up in the Summer sales- love it! It's actually really light (given their penchant for thick fabrics), and I feel really feminine and cute in it. Best of all, I just stuck some leggings underneath and a cardi over the top and it was perfect for the chilly night. This is definitely a dress that I know I will wear all year long. (I also have on a sweet little robot necklace from diva! Cool as!).                    

                                                I thought the best bit about the night, was that Ben and his dad Bob both independently picked almost the exact same outfit! We realised at the Powerhouse that they were in an almost identical tee and slack combo. It was kind of like looking into the future....

27 Aug 2011

OOTD: Everything is better in pink

We met up with my high school besties the other night and I took the chance to wear my new hot pink We Love Colors hot pink tights! 



Dress: Torrid, Jacket: City Chic, Tights: We Love Colors

I wore my pink Torrid dress which I love (you can't see it in this pictures but the skirt has see through stripes) and my new super dooper tights! Being a bit of a tall shoe wuss bag, I also did not last much past the door in my hot heels!

Best of all, these were $4 from Target- $4!!!!!!! (the same price as our sundaes actually!)

We had dessert at the awesome Pancake Manor! $4 chocolate fudge sundaes ooohh yeah! :)

25 Aug 2011

Winter warmers

We are currently packing up our house for storage and choosing our Europe wardrobe. Being pretty warm over here most of the year round, I have NO WINTER COATS! Sure I've got warm jackets and cardis, but I know these aren't going to be much use to me while we are backpacking around one of the coldest continents in the world (except when we hit all the pubs ;). So I am currently on a winter coat hunt!! These were a few of my favourites: 


I love the classic lines and bright colours of the pink and blue trenches. While a little animal print and fur collar never go astray!

I'm loving this military looking Ellos Jacket I think my favourite jacket of all is this awesome Anna Scholz Feather Jacket. I'm pretty sure it is the coolest jacket I have ever seen and it must be mine!!! :)

Any suggestions from you Europeans out there?????? 

23 Aug 2011

OOTD: Sneaky Sunday bevies

On Sunday afternoon we met up with some mates at The Powerhouse for some afternoon bevies and to check out the new art exhibition, Oculi: Terra Australis Incognita. The Powerhouse is literally Brisbane's old power station, now converted to a live arts venue with loads of music, comedy, theatre and art events- a lot of them free! And it's a fabulous way to chill out and watch the world go by over the Brisbane River.

The exhibition was really interesting and we even managed to catch a little of the free Sunday night stand up comedy before heading off. I love the contrasting rawness of the Powerhouse against the structure and beauty of the artwork.

Anna rocking her fashion faux pas made fashionable- the elbow patches! It kind of reminds me of one of my lecturers at uni lol ;)

 Dress: City Chic, Earrings: Diva

I wore my City Chic halter-neck maxi. I actually tuck the halter-neck straps over my bust and then under my arms to tie at the back- instant strapless maxi! This is also the first time I've worn my rad Diva purple earrings- and they matched perfectly!

22 Aug 2011

Virtu Spring Collection

I got an email the other day about Virtu's new spring range and I was really impressed with the more up to trend and young pieces they are releasing. I love the way our plus-size Aussie brands have grown over the last few years and will definitely be checking out this brand over the upcoming seasons. These were a few of my favourite items:

I thought these bootleg jeans were awesome. I find it near impossible to get jeans that sit right on me, but the Anouk Bootleg Jeans look to be the perfect cut!

The jacket was my favourite pick I think. I've been trawling the interwebs for a structured jacket and I think I would totally rock this Montana Jacket! I also lloooovvveed the 3 Bird Necklace- gorgeous!

I'm more than a little obsessed with tunic tops at the moment and they are so perfect for the seasons transition. I loved the classic black Isabella Tunic and can totally imagine carving up some dance floors in The Tabitha Top and some black stockings! oooohhh yeeahhh! :)

OOTD: Boobies and blazers

Hitting the town last night I was super excited to wear my new Forever 21+ blazer. I'm probably not a structured look kinda chick normally, but I am loving this jacket!

 Dress: City Chic, Jacket: Forever 21, Stockings: We Love Colors
We had dinner with the family first before painting the town red with my ladies; so the jacket did come off once mischief began!

I love this dress too. The ruffles over the bust and the bubble like hem are gorgeous! I feel super cute in it! And HELLO BOOBIES! Check out this shot taken of us on the night- boobalicious! And apparently I am in desperate need of a tan- I think it's time for a before and after fake tan post! :)

21 Aug 2011

OOTD: Best little vintage van in Vegas!

It was a very chilled out Saturday morning yesterday so Ben and I decided to head into West End. Wandering around the Green Flea markets we spotted The Best Little Vintage Van in Vegas. This van is the raddest thing I have ever seen, it's totally original and retro inside, they have a fabulous collection of vintage fashion pieces for sale and it's pink!!  Check it out!!!

I have seen Miss Kris and her rocking her retro camper of goodness a few times before; but I was super impressed with a few of her vintage pieces today! This pink 80's power dress is so cool, I seriously feel more powerful when I look at it. And the orange hippy 70's dress, siiiiighhhhhhhhhh if only they fit :(

Looking decidedly much less bright and retro, I comfied-it-up in my little ruffle dress from Torrid and black basics. Oh, and that little ball of cutness and awesome in my sisters puppy Henry :)

Dress: Torrid, Tights: BigW, Jacket: KMart
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