12 Aug 2011

Lust List- Pyjama Party

Pajama Party

I love my pyjamas. I love sitting, slouching, shopping, veging, painting, hanging, chilling, drinking, eating and slobbing in my PJ's. They are without a doubt, the item in my wardrobe that gets the best workout. I have an awesome pair of Oscar the Grouch lounge pants, which have literally travelled the world with me (or as much as I've explored anyway) and I can't bare to throw them out. Every winter I get new pair of fluffy slippers and I rock them until they get holes in them. This is this winters pair:

Working in a children's hospital, I look after lots of newborns all squishy and warm in their little Bonds Wondersuit Onsies. Well, when I found these totally rad pink fluffy plus-size lookalikes from Pajamagram, they were instantly added to my lust list! I love a good fluffy dressing grown (something Ben and I both hang in all winter) and for $19 (?!?!?) this one rules; and the little 'Somebody Spank Me' pink and green PJ set is uber cute.

Dorothy Perkins is having a big sell-out of a lot of their PJ sets at the moment too, so the matching tank with long pants set and the butterfly cami, only come to about $45 total.

City Chic have a really sexy range of PJ's at the moment (see above); and although more boudoir than every day, they still rock. I couldn't help but feature the Sparkle Mesh Babydoll on my lust list, and drool over these other two gorgeous, sexy cami's (or is that Ben's drooling????).


  1. Please buy that pink onsie. That would make my day! x

  2. It all looks fab... i would get it all... :) The slippers really rock... They look so warm, perfect for a cold winter... :)

  3. ohhhh I need to get my hands on those onesies.....although I imagine it would be awkward if you need to actually do number onesies! hehehe

  4. @Eloise: that nails down my opinion, too!

  5. I've had a long time lust affair with City Chic. I want the pink one!


  6. I can never wear lingerie...I look ridiculous in it~

  7. Stef!! Of course you could wear lingerie!!!
    I like comfy cute PJ sets better anyway :)
    And seriously...that onsie has to be mine.

  8. You'll probably NEED the onesie for the Europe trip - it will be cold over there, then......


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