4 Aug 2011

Lust List- Retr-ooohhhh!

I'm loving the pin-up look and have been more that a little obsessed with Pin Up Girl Clothing's range for ages. My lust list this week is definitely inspired by their amazing dresses and their pin up look (something Torrid is rocking at the moment too!).

(L-R) Dress: Torrid, Dress: Torrid, Dress: No Xceptions, Dress: No Xceptions, Skirt: Domino Dollhouse, Shoes: Shoe Candy, Ring: Torrid, Shoes: Pin-Up Girl Clothing, Shoes: Shoe Candy, Sunnies: Domino Dollhouse

I think this 'Sinner/Saint' necklace from Pin Up Girl Clothing is so amazing- I can imagine it with so many outfits. And I'm totally lusting over these oh-so-sexy back seam stockings from The Pin-Up Peep Show. I think one of the things I love about the pin-up look, is that it's gorgeous women totally owning their banging hips and curves!

 These two gorgeous outfits are also from P.U.P.S and they are both just so classically sexy! A bit of (faux) fur on a shoulder shrug, and the sailor style, siiiiggghhhhhhh


  1. I like the polka dot dress at the top and the blue one down the bottom. I like pin up/retro style stuff too, there should be more of it around. xx

  2. I love pin up styles!! They are so classy & sexy at the same time.

  3. so true! they ooze sexuality, but it's mostly all covered up!

  4. Love that sailor look !
    Love the pin up look too :) xx
    wish we had a torrid in the uk :(


  5. I love this style, it is so feminine!!


  6. I love all those dresses and heels! I am obsessed with this style. It's so fun and turns a lot of heads :).

  7. Oooooo la la! Love all of these looks! They are soooo sexy! You are absolutely adorable! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments! I am now a follower:))


  8. I absolutely love the pin up girl look. So feminine and daring. And sexy (can't forget that).



  9. ahhhhh, I want all of it!!!!! why oh why have I just posted a blog on decluttering my wardrobe :))


  10. Iiiiii know! So many pretty things and just not enough wardrobe space! I'm hoping in our new house Ben will let me have a room for my dressing my room!

  11. I love everything you posted - the dresses, the sunnies, the shoes! I can't walk in high heels, they're definitely bedroom shoes for me :) x

  12. I love the pin up girl clothing!!! So girlie yet sexy!

  13. nice blog.


  14. lol I wear alot of flats too. I can only really wear heels if its a dinner thing or I know I'll be sitting most of the night! I love them, but I just can't do them for long :(

  15. Pin up style is just soo sexy...love the blue polka dot dress, i'ts so cute!


    Sam x

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