25 Jun 2013

Aussie Curves: Metallic

When I saw this weeks Aussie Curves theme was metallic, I knew I had just the right piece! At the Indie Designs showcase at Full Figured Fashion Week, I was blown away by the brand OnOZ. And by blown away I'm talking ready to leap up on stage and give the designer Amelie my credit card. I wanted everything she made, EVERYTHING! I'm going to do a proper post on the runway collection when I get home, I cannot wait to show you! Anyway, back to the story, later in the week I was chatting to Rebecca about how much I loved OnOz, she then told me she had one of their amazing skirts with her! To cut a long story short, I managed to wrangle it away from her and here is my totally fabulous Aussie Curves metallic post!

Skirt: OnOz
Top: Forever 21+
Heels: Payless

I cannot rave enough about about the amazing quality of the skirt. Its super silky and soft, a dream to wear. I've never had a metallic skirt before, I never thought the material would suit me, but I am loving this to bits! The runching on the side is my favourite detail, I feel like it slims out my silhouette and gives an almost pin-up like vibe to an otherwise quite modern cut and texture.

The necklace adds to the metallic tone, the epaulette like shoulder details are surprisingly light. The chains did get a bit frustrating after a while, but I think it's because I need to fiddle with the fit. I love adding a bold statement piece like this, it always makes an outfit pop!

How do you wear metallic??

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23 Jun 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: SATC inspired!

It would be an understatement to say that I was excited to meet the FF ladies. Full Figured Fashion Week has finally brought (at least) four of us together, so this weeks post is extra special!!! Hanna, Dani, Mouna and I are literally dancing in the middle of New York City for this weeks Sex and The City inspired post!!

For my Carrie-like outfit, I had originally hoped to pick up a rad little tutu  while in LA,  but I just couldn't find the right one. I ended up choosing this Ralph Lauren little number instead. I know Carrie loves flowy dresses, funky prints and brand name shoes. And since you all know I'm not a big heel wearer (up with the the thongs!!!), this was the closest to brand name I was going to get!

Dress: Ralph Lauren
Clutch: Target
Heels: Payless

Being able to buy high fashion, brand name clothes blows my mind. Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein in my size?! No way!!! I had to have this rocking dress!!  

I love that we are all getting into the silliness of it all. It was lot of fun dancing up a storm with my ladies! Hanna is channelling Charlotte, Dani- Miranda and Mouna- Samantha! It sucked not having Mhari with us, we miss you!!

We all have some piccys together so check us out!

Dani from DIY Fatshion
Mouna from Brussels Fatshion
Mhairi from Lilybobombs

6 Jun 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: Red bag

I don't think any fashion item is as underrated as the handbag. Ben picks on me about my handbag collection, he doesn't get why I 'need' so many. I have them hanging on (and wedged in between) a big hat stand by my front door, so they are easy to add to an outfit as I'm on the way out. Because I change handbags so much, I often find rogue lip gloss, coins and accessories left over from its last adventure! This particular red fabulousness is my absolute favourite! 

Skirt: eShakti
Necklace: markets
Bag: Crossroads
Top: City Chic
Flats: Nine West (my sisters!)

It was a $6 bargain from Crossroads during one of their awesome sales. It's heart shape and patent red colour always makes it a conversation piece. It also big enough to fit my iPad and other goodies for long trips. I actually used it as my work bag for quite a while, it was great for holding my stethoscope and kiddie distraction toys! 

How adorable are these shoes?! My sister has the BEST shoe collection! She has turned her linen closet into her shoe cupboard. It's epic. These actually aren't the shoes I had been wearing with this outfit, but when I was snapping these piccys on Rhian's balcony, I saw these little beauties by the door and couldn't resist popping them on as well! ;) 

Make sure you check out all the FF babes! 

Dani from DIY Fatshion
Mouna from Brussels Fatshion
Mhairi from Lilybobombs

Fatshion Faceoff: jeans

I've know written before about it, but up until twelve months ago, I was NOT a jeans wearer. At all. People would rave about finding 'that perfect pair' and then they would wear them to a picnic. I would look at these people like they were crazy. I had never found my perfect pair and not for lack of trying! Why on earth would anyone want to wear these tight, limited movement, denim things to a picnic?! Okay your legs look hot, but I refuse to sacrifice my sanity for fashion. I had come to terms with it. Accepted it. I don't wear jeans. There I said it. Fast forward a year and I now have eight pairs.....yes, eight. And it's because of the amazing Torrid Stiletto jeans!

Jeans: Torrid
Flats: Rubi
Tank: Forever 21+
Clutch: Target
Bangles: City Chic and Colette

To be able to casually wear a COMFY pair of totally rocking jeans makes me feel like a superstar. I've found my perfect pair- so perfect I have the same cut in all the prints! I love being able to just run out the door in a second and pull these on knowing they look great. I finally understand what all the jeans fuss is about. This black pair is my current favourite. Great fit, no sag, cute lace ankle detailing. Love!

Pairing the black with bold colours is my favourite wear to wear these jeans out. I couldn't resist this little studded and pointed velvet flats either, they go with everything and were a bargain $10 from Rubi shoes!

Make sure you check out all my FF ladies this week!

Dani from DIY Fatshion
Mouna from Brussels Fatshion
Mhairi from Lilybobombs

2 Jun 2013

Beautiful You Day Spa: Blogger day and giveaway!

The day after my birthday celebrations, I was lucky enough to join some of my favourite QLD bloggers for a day of true indulgence at Beautiful You Hair and Beauty Day Spa in Margate, hosted by the Blog Power Events team and Toni, the spa owner.

To say that we were utterly spoilt would be an understatement. After slipping into my gorgeous fluffy robe, I was handed a flute of bubbly the minute I walked out of the change-room- I knew we were in for a wonderful day! And by the time we left, I had been massaged, buffed, pedicured, washed, wined, dined and blow dried (lol, see what I did there! ;). I have never had a massage as wonderful as the Pure Fiji massage I had from Simone that day, my sore nursing back was extremely thankfull!

Sheri and Kim-Marie enjoying some bubbly while in the pedicure massage chairs!

Dani's hair looked amazing after the Redken ladies were through!

I could definitely get used to this life of luxury! ;)

Dani is in her robe while Lisa and Rachel (our hosts) stayed modestly clothed! They did such a great job making sure we were all comfy and relaxed all day. I had to forcibly stop them from filling up my champagne glass!! ;)

I love this piccy of Rosana, Suger and I! We were very relaxed and loved up by this stage!

It was so wonderful meeting Jos! We have been chatting over social media for years and she is just as funny and as lovely in real life too! She could also just  be extra happy right now because these hand treatments were HEAVEN!!!

In between treatments there was time for nibbles, socialising, Instagraming and of course- some lounging! I love this shot of Stacey relaxing with her bubbly on the couch!

I'd never had a facial peel before and was quite nervous at the idea. I don't know why I was worried, the whole experience was truly blissful and my skin has never looked this good before! The Image Signature Peel Facelift, was my second favourite part of the morning- after that amazing massage! I'm hoping to book in a few prior to the wedding so I can have that perfect baby soft skin for the big day!

And an even better part of the day...... Toni has very kindly given us one of the amazing Image Signature Peel Facelifts to giveaway to you ladies!! So, in order to go into the chance to win, all you have to do is:

Tell me why you would love to have an Image Signature Peel Facelift?? 

Winner drawn Saturday 15th of June! 
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