6 Jun 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: jeans

I've know written before about it, but up until twelve months ago, I was NOT a jeans wearer. At all. People would rave about finding 'that perfect pair' and then they would wear them to a picnic. I would look at these people like they were crazy. I had never found my perfect pair and not for lack of trying! Why on earth would anyone want to wear these tight, limited movement, denim things to a picnic?! Okay your legs look hot, but I refuse to sacrifice my sanity for fashion. I had come to terms with it. Accepted it. I don't wear jeans. There I said it. Fast forward a year and I now have eight pairs.....yes, eight. And it's because of the amazing Torrid Stiletto jeans!

Jeans: Torrid
Flats: Rubi
Tank: Forever 21+
Clutch: Target
Bangles: City Chic and Colette

To be able to casually wear a COMFY pair of totally rocking jeans makes me feel like a superstar. I've found my perfect pair- so perfect I have the same cut in all the prints! I love being able to just run out the door in a second and pull these on knowing they look great. I finally understand what all the jeans fuss is about. This black pair is my current favourite. Great fit, no sag, cute lace ankle detailing. Love!

Pairing the black with bold colours is my favourite wear to wear these jeans out. I couldn't resist this little studded and pointed velvet flats either, they go with everything and were a bargain $10 from Rubi shoes!

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  1. I have a pair of Torrid's stiletto ankle zip jeans, and they're amazing! Of course, now that I'm actually buying clothes quite decisively in my size (rather than falsely insisting I was a size smaller, like a fool), everything is wonderful.
    This is a fantastic look, too! I love the ankle detail, and that print looks amazing on you!

  2. I'm one of those girls who doesn't find jeans comfortable at all, and I still haven't found the perfect pair for me. That said, I love the lace detail to the legs of these jeans, and they look amazing on you! Oh, and the shoes are gorgeous, too. xx

  3. I love the lace accent on the jeans, I've some great things about those torrid stiletto jeans. I really think i need to pick up a pair. But yeah I love how you paired the jeans with the bright top, looks great!


  4. Everything about this outfit is amazing; the lace detail on the pant, the print top, and the pops of color with the accessories. Love this look.

  5. 100% flashy! In love with this studd flats!


  6. Those jeans are so nice with the lace detail! :)

    Really makes the colours of our outfit pop when paired with the black too, nice styling :)

  7. Are those photos taken in Camp Hill?? Does that sound stalkerish? If so, sorry! I just love that cafe on the corner called In a Pickle.
    And I love your jeans too!

  8. I love those jeans on you! I am what is known as a jeans-aholic. I've even blogged about it myself! My favorites are the Old Navy rockstar. But they are sometimes tight in the leg. Not right for summer at all. Those, however, look perfect. I simply must try them!



  9. Love the Torrid Stiletto Jeans... glad you've found jeans that fit you perfectly.
    ~Luvin' My Curves

  10. I love Torrid!
    I was on holiday visiting family in Wisconnsin from the UK and my cousin introduced me to Torrid. I found the perfect pair of denim shorts and really cute print tees. Since then, I've ordered my jeans from Torrid and had them delivered wherever I am in the world.
    I haven't tried the stilleto jeans yet but I may have to now. I particularly love the lace detail, it's nice to see some stylish and detailed jeans for a larger size.
    Gone are the days I feel jealous of my skinny friends with their detailed jeans!

    Samantha x

  11. I love those pants! I own them and adore them to pieces! I was never much of a jeans girl either, though now i probably own about 25+ pairs thanks to Torrid. Though the Stiletto jeans are my fave!!


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