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Welcome to my plus-size adventure! 

You know what sucks? Not being able to find pretty clothes that fit. You know what else sucks? Not loving the skin you're in. You know what's an absolute truth? YOU are beautiful. No matter what size, shape, race, gender- you are GORGEOUS! I'm not going to make sweeping promises about this blog changing your life- but I do promise that I'll show you some cool fashion, stuff, places, people and happy things that I hope makes you feel good and inspires you to get out there amongst it all!

So, a little about me, my name's Olivia, I'm 27 and I like to think of myself as generally pretty happy, beautiful and confident- I also happen to be a size 22. And you know what, I'm cool with that.

I live in Australia, work full time as a Registered Nurse specialising in paediatrics and moonlight here as a fatshion blogger! I love my job, it lets me be a kid all day long and has taught me some cool tricks like balloon animals and storytelling! I started this blog in mid 2011 because I know how hard it is to find trendy and high fashion plus size clothes here in Australia and how difficult it can be to express yourself through fashion as a curvy woman. I've always loved clothes and was frustrated because I couldn't find what I wanted- now I have and I want to share it with you!

This blog details my plus-size fashion adventure! It’s about finding true gems in big label chain stores, uncovering vintage finds, adding to my ever expanding accessory piles, trying overseas and Aussie plus size brands and feeling fabulous in my own skin! I also throw in a bit of travel, crafty DIYs, life experiences and currently- my wedding plans! Most importantly- it's a body love blog. I want to spread the happiness, plus-size fashion goodies and massive lots of positivity to the world!

Thanks for joining me on my journey- I hope you get in on the fun!

Liv xx

P.S Got something to say? Want to get in touch?? I'd love to hear from you! Check out my contact page! I'm super friendly I promise! ;)

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