19 Aug 2016

Winter Colour

Apparently, in winter all the colour in my wardrobe disappears. I was looking at my instagram feed and marvelling at how much black I've been wearing lately. Black is so comfortable and easy in the cold and when that Mercury drops I seem to start reaching for these trusty black basics. But where's the fun in being basic right?!

Skirt and top: Society+
Jacket: BooHoo Plus
Shoes: Betts
Bag: New Look
Sunnies: Domino Dollhouse

So, could it get any more fabulous than this pastel faux fur coat?! Ben calls it my Sully jacket. Legitimately though, one of the best things about Monsters Inc. was Sully's luscious blue and purple fur. I've never wanted to smoosh something more. Watching the movie while wearing this jacket pretty much makes it a 4D experience! So yes. This coat. I adore it! Its old season BooHoo but I'm hopeful they bring out something similar later this year (if you are anyone with a bit of pull in that department, I'd love a pink version please! ;). It also happens to be incredibly warm and delicious. It really does feel like I've wrapped my doona around my shoulders and I'm wearing it to the shops.

I loved these bright Jessica Kane collection, Society+ scuba pieces. Apart from being super comfy, they come in so many different pretty colours AND have pockets! Plus they always get me lots of attention and compliments, I have them in a few colours already and the others are caaaalllliiinnnggg me. My wardrobe needs them right?!

The caged tops are so fab. It's so nice to be able to buy something so on trend and sexy like my skinny girlfriends. I always feel like a rockstar when I wear these tops. Plus Ben is a definite fan of how good they make your boobs look! 

Do you wear lots of black in winter? 
How do you get more colour in your wardrobe? 
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