28 Feb 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: Vintage Bag

The Fatshion Faceoff theme this week is one of my favourite things to buy- a vintage handbag. There is nothing that gives me more of a thrill than finding a fabulous, well preserved glomesh bag. I have a bit of a problem, a definite glomesh addiction. This silver beauty is my absolute favourite:

Skirt: Nerd Alert Creations via Etsy
Belt: ASOS Curve
Tights: We Love Colours
Flats: Rubi

How totally rad is this skirt?!? I am a total closet nerd at heart and fell in love with this etsy shop the minute I saw their Doctor Who inspired goodies- and all custom make-able up to a size 44 inch waist! They have the coolest range of funky print skirts and aparons, I can't wait to jump back on and get a few more!

I love dressing up gorgeous glomesh bags with funky modern outfits, its like wearing a clash of decades! This particular bag is one of the originals from the early 1960's late 1950's. You can totally imagine the type of glamours parties they may have been to in the past, holding a pack of cigarettes, glass compacts and some folded notes. Now I carry my iPhone, credit card and chap stick in them! I feel honoured every time I add one to my collection. Like carrying a piece of history with me forever!

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Do you have any glomesh bags???

21 Feb 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: Trench Coat

One of the things I love most about living in Australia (and the northern part too) is our amazing weather. Sure it gets chilly, but I'm never rugged up in more than a sweater and jeans. On that note, I have one trench coat, and it wasn't even really mine, I swapped it with a friend! So, for this Fatshion Faceoff trench coat post, I knew the exact jacket I was going to wear!

Jacket: Target
Tights: M Line
Flats: Rubi
Necklace: eQuip

Finding a jacket that is multi-seasonal is an absolute find! The weight of this trench is light enough that I can wear it on chilly Summer nights and still loose enough that I can layer it in Winter. Plus, with short sleeves it makes it easier to wear without looking too dressed up. 

I adore this turquoise pop of colour. This rocking peplum top was only $13 from New Look Inspire, I had to hold myself back from buying one in every colour. Such a bargain and such a perfect fit! 

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Do you have a favourite trench jacket? 
Do you have different jackets for different seasons? 

19 Feb 2013

Aussie Curves: Black and White

 When I think about a black and white outfit, I immediately picture classic lines and a vintage theme. Think Breakfast at Tiffany's or Casablanca; and of course with that in mind, I usually keep it pretty simple and classic when in black and white. So I thought I would chuck all those pre-conceptions away and make it fun and cute!

Top and Heels: Torrid
Pants: Virtu
Necklace and Ear Cuff: eQuip

These photos were again taken by Suger when she was visiting and she conned me into taking them by my front door (complete with wind blown in leaves and flowers) - and now I think about it, I've never taken photos that show the inside of my house before. 

I'm utterly in love with these Virtu 3/4 polka dot chinos. I wanted them the minute I laid eyes on them! I'm not a huge pants wearer in general, but something about this cut had me sold! And of course polka dots, I'm a dotty addict! I really wanted to style them with a shirt tucked but they really grab on the belly area so I figured a cute top looked better.

How funky is this top! The skull print, stripes and funky suspenders are super cute together. Whenever I wear it I always play with the attached suspenders. Seriously, I have about twenty photos of me just pulling on those things! I added the necklace to stay in line with the nautical-pirate like look, definitely fun and definitely super comfy and easy to wear!

How do you wear black and white???

14 Feb 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: Patent Heels

If you're a frequent visitor you probably would know that I'm not a huge high-heel fan. In fact, I'd much more likely be caught in a pair of thongs** than high heels. I just can't seem to go the distance in them. Once my feet get sore, I get wingey and then the night becomes no fun anymore, so I figure I do us all a favour and just wear flats! On that note though, I do have two AHHH-MAZING pairs of Torrid patent look Mary-Jane  platforms stilettos which I absolutely adore! Wide fitting, hot to trot and a bargain! Ah, I'll take them in nude and black please ;)

Dress: Lovedrobe
Jacket: Forever 21+
Heels and Braclets: Torrid
Necklace: eQuip

I bought this dress a few weeks ago and I've been dying to put it on the blog! It has such fabulous shape and texture clash. Plus the gorgeous tulip like cross over sheer skirt is totally rocking. I thought adding my nude patent pumps was all it needed (well, and this rad stripey jacket), and they elongate my little stubby legs, so that's always a plus!

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**For anyone who didn't click over to the 'thongs' link, I love the way Urban Dictionary uses the word in a sentence lol 
"Gee gosh them there thongs on yer feet shure do smell mate!"
So bogan. So Aussie. Lol ;)

12 Feb 2013

Aussie Curves: Nature

Nature..... hmmmmmm. Would I say I'm a naturey person? Probably not.  Well I like the beach. And I like the forest. And I love the wild view from my balcony. So maybe I am??? Anyway, I interpreted this theme as flowers and brights, because they make me happy! Like the beach! ;)

Top: Lily and Lou via Best and Less
Skirt: Dream Diva
Body necklace: Diva
Shoes: swapped

Melissa and Kel popped around for lunch last weekend and Suger was kind enough to take these piccys for me! We also spent quite a bit if time playing in my room-robe with Suger helping me plan my outfit! I love dressing up and playing with clothes. Even better with equally as stylish and fabulous plus-size bloggy friends! 

I adore the colours on this Dream Diva skirt. Its a purple, pink and turquoise explosion!! I don't give it as much love as it deserves, I really must find more tops to go with it. This Lily and Lou tank was actually not what I had initially intended to pair with it, but it went perfectly! Plus I think I need to be injecting some more colour into my outfits!

I'm totally obsessed with body chains at the moment, This beauty I picked up for $6 in the Diva sales! Bargain!! I've been wearing it with everything! They take statement necklace to a whole new level, its subtle- but everywhere!!! 

How would you wear this skirt???

9 Feb 2013

Fatshion Faceoff Special: Valentine's Giveaway from IGIGI

This is a very special Fatshion Faceoff: IGIGI have very kindly sponsored this post with a dress for each of the FF ladies which we would wear on a Valentine's Day date AND a $50 gift voucher to give away to one of our amazing readers! So without further ado, I present pretty-much the most beautiful dress I've ever owned, the IGIGI Margaux dress!

I've drooled over IGIGI dresses ever since I discovered them through blogging. With amazing cuts, attention to detail and timeless styles, IGIGI have been the forefront in paving the way for dynamic and classic plus-size fashion ever since their boutique began. When they said they were interest in sponsoring a Fatshion Faceoff review, I was over the moon! I couldn't wait to get my hands on one of their amazing pieces!

I picked this dress because it has everything I love about a statement wardrobe piece. It's one of those coveted items that you have in your wardrobe and keep forever. An eye catching style, flattering on my hourglass shape and definitely diva/rock star worthy. From the minute I slipped into this sequin detailed number, I was ready to rule the world!

Our friend Adam was nice enough to snap these piccys for us when we were out in the town in Brisbane. Ben was literally stunned by the gorgeous dress. 'Ravishing' was the word he used to describe me, and I felt every bit deserving! Now obviously this isn't my actual V-Day outfit, but seeing as I'm working night-shift on February 14th, we had our Valentine's Day celebrations today instead! Complete with Ben sneaking me a little pink wrapped  present- the new Red Dwarf series ten! :-D

So here comes the best part! To get your hands on a $50 IGIGI gift voucher, all you have to do is pop on over to their website and then tell me in the comments


The winner is drawn on the 15th of February so enter below and don't forget to add your email address in the comment so if you are the lucky winner, we can send the voucher straight away! And best bit of all??? YOU CAN ENTER ON ALL FIVE BLOGS! Five blogs- five $50 giveaways!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
So a huge thank-you to IGIGI for their extremely generous giveaway and of course, head on over to all the Fatshion Faceoff ladies blogs and check out their giveaways and IGIGI Valentines Day outfits!

Dani from DIY Fatshion
Mouna from Brussels Fatshion
Mhairi from Lilybobombs

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