4 Feb 2013

Aussie Curves: Swimwear

This Aussie Curves post is perfect timing for the week we just spent on the beach at Hamilton Island! I've pretty much lived in my togs for the whole trip so these piccys were snapped on a not so special mid-week morning in paradise!

Swimmers: Lily and Lou via Best and less
Board Shorts and Coverup: Torrid

What I love about these photos is that they are completely natural. No makeup, no hair styling, not even any shoes- just au naturel, on the beach, ready for a day in the water!

These togs are so comfy and cute that I picked them in this classic one piece and in a funky fluro green tankini. Apart from being a little crazy for polka dots, I also love the retro feel of the cut and the way they draw attention to my hips.

I still can't leave the house without a pair of board shorts. I guess I kind of feel a little too naked without them. Anyway, I shopped around for ages to find a mini cut pair as most of the available plus-size shorts are that horrible mid thigh length. Not surprisingly, Torrid delivered with this perfect pair AND this awesomely girly and classic coverup! Perfect beach chic!

How do you feel about swimwear?
Do you wear board shorts over your swimwear??


  1. Your hair is grown a lot, and you are looking so glorious.
    I have been missing your comments a lot.

  2. Um, Liv, LOOOOOVE THE DOTS!!! I need that suit ASAP. You look radiant!! And yes, I am a board short wearer. When I am at the beach or pool, I swim hard, run, jump, play and have a great time. I feel like board shorts give me the piece of mind that my private parts won't suddenly be on display. When we are lying on the beach just getting some sun, I take them off to get the full leg tan. But in general, I always wear them.

  3. I really like your swimsuit!
    How I feel about swimsuits? I'm not really sure. I actually didn't own a proper nice one until last year when I decided I needed to have one. Until then I hated my body too much to go to the beach or anything like it.

  4. Love the photos! That's a super cute swimsuit and the setting looks amazing!
    I used to live in board shorts, til I got a swim skirt and so I haven't worn them this summer. I love those ones, great length and match your togs so well :)

  5. I have these obnoxiously colourful boardshorts from Torrid that I love. They're short and sporty and perfect with a plain black swimsuit. Torrid is perfect when it comes to anything swimwear! I got an amazing vintage-looking tankini this last summer, and it's perfect.
    Either way that polka-dotted swimsuit is so cute!

  6. I used to wear boardshorts, but decided they were too uncomfortable when wet. I think most women (well I know I do!) want to cover their legs. Everything else I'm okay with in swimwear, just the thighs I wanna hide! :P You look so cute in polka dots, I love the matching of the big and little dots. And I love the natural look too, just as cute with or without make up!

  7. I used to wear board shorts but with my big thighs and bum and small waist by comparison it is so hard to find a decent pair that fit, I currently have no board shorts or swim skirts... I agree with Alison, board shorts are rather uncomfortable... I need to find a swim skirt or sarong asap!

  8. I am so jealous of your trip these photos are amazing....so jealous.

    really like that cute cover up to stop your shoulders getting sunburnt too! :)

  9. Best and Less? I've never looked at the bathers in there! I'll have to check it out, as this tankini is to die for! Love it, and you look amazing.

  10. I wish I could brave a swimsuit without board shorts but, I just can't. I feel uncomfortable enough in a swimsuit the way it is!

  11. I love those swimmers on you! The polka dots are so fun!!

  12. Am just a little jealous that you are so close to the beach. And as for those gorgeous togs. You rock them


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