30 May 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: Animal brooch

I can't resist a cute little vintage brooch. I remember my Nanna wearing them when I was growing up, she would have the most awesome sparkly, crystal brooch that she would put on last before heading out the door and when she got home it was straight off and back on to her dressing table with the rest of them! I always thought they were such a beautiful addition to her outfits.

Tunic: 17 Sundays
Tights: Lily and Lou
Scarf: ASOS
Blazer: City Chic
Brogues: Rivers
Handbag: some random shop
Brooch: Vintage thrifted
I can't decide what this animal is. Its almost like a dragon, a griffin and a lion. I guess I liked it mostly because it reminded me of the Griffindor logo in Harry Potter! Anyway, it was a totally rad $4 bargain and I adore the way it looks on this stripey jacket!

I can't remember where I picked up this bag but its become a wardrobe regular. I love the pop of colour and the little quirky detail it brings to an outfit. And need I even mention that TOTAL AWESOME that is my new moustache scarf- its pretty much the coolest thing in the world.

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23 May 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: Peter Pan Collar

Being the very organized bloggers that we are (!), us FF girls pick our weekly challengers quite a few months in advance now. The benefit of this is of course no last minute stress about theme picking, the problem is that the top I was totally obsessed about when I choose Peter Pan collar for this week, I'm no longer fussed about! Sooooooo I've gone back through my wardrobe and chosen an old favourite to pair with a new beauty!!

Skirt: Harlow
Peplum Belt: ASOS Curve
Bracelet: Torrid
Flats: Rubi

I have been lusting after pretty much everything on the Harlow website since their launch this year. I finally got my hands on this awesome skirt from Suger when she visited for my birthday party and I've worn it quite a few times since! I love the feel of the material and the smooth silhouette it gives, its really, really great quality. Sizing wise, this is a 20 and I could really do with a size bigger, purely for the grip over my belly, but there is no issues at all with comfort.

I loooooovvveee the print on this awesome Dorothy Perkins top!! It seems to make everything look cute (check it out here!!)! It always makes me think of that Lady GaGa and Beyonce Telephone song. Love it!!!

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22 May 2013

Lane Bryant blogger style off!

You've probably read about it on a few other fabulous blogs already, but during Full Figured Fashion Week, Lane Bryant are hosting a blogger conference- starting with an online Style Off this month! So basically, the Lane Bryant team have very generously given all invited bloggers a $200 gift card, with which they are to create their own outfits to feature on the LB Facebook page! So, without further ado, I'm very excited to finally show you my $200 Lane Bryant outfit- everything but the clutch (and sunnies that I was literally sun- forced into wearing) is exclusively LB branded!

Dress, necklace, blazer, belt and shoes: all Lane Bryant
Clutch: Thrifted
Sunnies: eQuip

When we were in the USA last year, I spent a fair amount of time in as many Lane Bryant stores as I could find! It blew my mind seeing so many specialized plus-size shops in the Westfield centers. Up until last year, I used to drive 45 minutes out of my way to get to a City Chic (the only plus-size shop in the entire place!). So, as you can no doubt guess, I shopped up a storm at Lane Bryant when I could! It also made me familiar with their sizing which made it much easier to buy the outfit online.

I chose this awesome little blue tunic dress as my base item. Originally I had been planning to make a more formal, dressy outfit. But once I saw this dress I was sold on styling something funky and casual!

The black blazer was a must buy for me. The weather is just beginning to cool here in Brisbane and I had been shopping around for a jacket just like this. It's the perfect weight for year round wear and easy to layer up if needed. It also has a really rad military style cut that adds structure without looking formal.

I just couldn't resist adding pops of pink! The belt is more neon than I imagined, but I think I actually like it even more that way! I loooooooved the chance to add another pair of LB wide fitting heels to my collection! They make really, really awesome shoes and unlike most heels- I can go the distance in them! Plus they are just too cute not to buy!! And lastly, the gold necklace was the perfect accessory- length, colour and boldness, everything an outfit needs to top it off!

So, from the 20th of May, all the bloggers outfits will be up on the Lane Bryant Facebook page. And.....you guys get to vote on which style you like best! So head on over there and check it out!!

20 May 2013

Aussie Curves: Sequins (& my disco birthday party!!!)

Soooooo as I mentioned last week, on Saturday was my disco themed birthday party!! There is nothing cooler than when your mates have the dedication to come dressed up in a theme for your birthday- and how totally awesome are costumes parties?! Admit it, the best party you ever went to was the one where everyone dressed up right?? And also, how convenient that this weeks Aussie Curves theme is sequins!!

Dress (+ extra material to make it fit!): Spotlight
Ben's Suit: BuyCostumes.com

This particular costume was a size 10 from Spotlight and Ben (being the super-man-friend that he is) but a sequin panel in the back to make it fit for me! He also made that sequin top he is wearing! What a keeper! So I'm not going to blab on too much about how totally awesome my birthday party was, I'm just going to photo spam you instead!! 

Do you like dress up parties???

18 May 2013

My Favourite: New fashions!

There are some really exciting things happening in the plus-size fashion world at the moment. Most importantly, it's really great to see brands listening to the everyday consumer and collaborating with bloggers and plus-size community personalities to get models and body-types that look like us! Its almost like watching a revolution in fashion, these are everyday people modeling, making and wearing brands that are affordable and available for a whole spectrum of sizes! YAYYYYYY for plus-size fashion!!!!

So unless you've been hiding under a rock the last few months, you have probably already heard about the amazing swimsuit collection that blogger GabiFresh has launched with Swimsuits for All. Being as Gabi coined the saying (and started the movement!) 'Fatkini', I knew as soon as I heard about it, that this collection was going to be fabulous! With bold colours, gorgeous prints and easy to wear styles, I can't wait to see some curvy babes strutting their stuff in these eye-catching styles! Gabi has also written an awesome article on her blog concerning the fit and sizing of the pieces, so if you were looking to buy (like I am!). go have a read first- but you better hurry, they are selling out fast- so go have a squizzy!

I met Rosie Mercado at FFFWeek last year and I can honestly say she is incredibly lovely and genuine. She has already done some really awesome things in the plus-fashion world, so when her collaboration with SWAK, Fuerza, was released- I popped straight over to the website to check it all out!! It features some really lovely pieces to take you from day to night as well as the high quality casual style staples that SWAK are so well known for. And even more impressive: all under $100 and available in sizes 14-32. I love that SWAK are so inclusive for all plus-sizes, not many brands go the distance, let alone in a capsule collection. Awesome work Rosie and SWAK!!!

Lastly and definitely not least- is the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING Clements Ribeiro Swan Spring/Summer collection for Evans. Totally rad prints and cuts modeled by our favourite Plus-size bloggers?!?! Ah, get me some of that STAT!!! Seeing these ladies rocking this collection and looking so darn gorgeous doing it makes me so proud to be around and part of this community. And as with the others, you better get in quick- it's all flying off the shelves!!

What are some of your favourite new fashions at the moment???

16 May 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: Wedge Sandals (& my birthday!)

I'm a bit late with today's post, not only because I've been working like a crazy lady to get more dosh for NYC, but also because it's my birthday! I've been out and about all day today- in one fabulous party dress! I've swapped my shoes and accessories but kept the base dress the same. I love having a special outfit to wear on my birthday, whenever I look at it from now on, I will always remember some of the fun times I've had wearing it! 

Sooooooo, the actual theme for this weeks FF is wedge sandals! I'm sure you are all sick of me raving about wedges, I way prefer them over heels and I love the added height. I wore these flashy green sandals out to lunch with my besties today- to where else but Max Brenner!!! 

(bare feet in the carpark Liv- CLASSSYYY!!! Its because I couldn't get the self timer to work I swear!!! I kept having to run backwards and forwards to the camera!!)

Dress: Simply Be
Blazer: ASOS Curve
Tights: Kmart
Wedges: Lane Bryant
Necklace: Markets

As it turns out, Emma and I were wearing the same hot pink blazer!!! This is one of the reasons I love her so much, not only is she totally rocking and crazy fun, she also has super cute style (lol ;)!! She knows I am going to put her in a pink, poofy bridesmaid dress for the wedding and she still wants to hang out with me- now THAT is true friend dedication!

Ben, my little brother, big sister and Ben's parents all went in together and bought me a new DSLR for my birthday present! I opened it this morning and I'm not sure I've put it down since. The first photo I took nearly knocked my socks off. I was home alone playing around with it and litterally yelled into the emptyness 'NO WAY!??! IT TAKES PICTURES BETTER THAN I CAN SEE?!?!'. I had a few problems playing with the auto-timer today (ahem, excuse the shoeless picture while I ran to get into the group photo!), but I have already had heaps of fun learning with it today. So, now I'm going to spam you with a few piccys from dinner in town tonight  Ben bought us tickets to a three course meal with matching wines in the city!! OMNOMNOMNOMOM!!

This weekend we are having a disco themed birthday party at our house! And let me tell you, there better not be a single wedge or heel in sight- I want flats for partying allllll night long!!!!! Stay tuned for proper birthday updates!!!

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