22 May 2013

Lane Bryant blogger style off!

You've probably read about it on a few other fabulous blogs already, but during Full Figured Fashion Week, Lane Bryant are hosting a blogger conference- starting with an online Style Off this month! So basically, the Lane Bryant team have very generously given all invited bloggers a $200 gift card, with which they are to create their own outfits to feature on the LB Facebook page! So, without further ado, I'm very excited to finally show you my $200 Lane Bryant outfit- everything but the clutch (and sunnies that I was literally sun- forced into wearing) is exclusively LB branded!

Dress, necklace, blazer, belt and shoes: all Lane Bryant
Clutch: Thrifted
Sunnies: eQuip

When we were in the USA last year, I spent a fair amount of time in as many Lane Bryant stores as I could find! It blew my mind seeing so many specialized plus-size shops in the Westfield centers. Up until last year, I used to drive 45 minutes out of my way to get to a City Chic (the only plus-size shop in the entire place!). So, as you can no doubt guess, I shopped up a storm at Lane Bryant when I could! It also made me familiar with their sizing which made it much easier to buy the outfit online.

I chose this awesome little blue tunic dress as my base item. Originally I had been planning to make a more formal, dressy outfit. But once I saw this dress I was sold on styling something funky and casual!

The black blazer was a must buy for me. The weather is just beginning to cool here in Brisbane and I had been shopping around for a jacket just like this. It's the perfect weight for year round wear and easy to layer up if needed. It also has a really rad military style cut that adds structure without looking formal.

I just couldn't resist adding pops of pink! The belt is more neon than I imagined, but I think I actually like it even more that way! I loooooooved the chance to add another pair of LB wide fitting heels to my collection! They make really, really awesome shoes and unlike most heels- I can go the distance in them! Plus they are just too cute not to buy!! And lastly, the gold necklace was the perfect accessory- length, colour and boldness, everything an outfit needs to top it off!

So, from the 20th of May, all the bloggers outfits will be up on the Lane Bryant Facebook page. And.....you guys get to vote on which style you like best! So head on over there and check it out!!


  1. You look amazing! I love that dress, the color is lovely. Especially paired with the pink accessories! And the jacket is great as well. Fantastic outfit!

  2. You look stunning sweetie, I love your sense of style. This is a really cute dress.


  3. You look gorgeous! Love that your belt and shoes match, the pops of pink on the cobalt dress are just perfect. :)

  4. I love this outfit! I've been scoping those shoes for awhile, but they never have my size in stores and the last few times I've tried on LB shoes the sizing has been quite off.

  5. My fav colors are black n blue, in any shade, but this shade of blue is just perfect! :)
    Love the sunnies - want them!! lol
    Nice new haircut!

    Xxx from Brazil ")

  6. This electric blue really suits you, you look perfect!

  7. I love the colours you've used here, you look great! Cute shoes too.

    First visit to your blog - it's lovely! xo

  8. You will need to remind us when the vote is up - you've definitely got my vote! Really like the blue and pink together! :)

  9. I love everything about this!! It's the perfect pairing of fun but dressy and cool but funky. Love it!!

  10. Can't wait to meet you at the conference! Great job on your look!

  11. The outfit you styled is great, I'm loving the blue of the dress and the pops of pink, they really look great together.


  12. The sunglasses arrived 10 minutes ago, I love them are awesome, thanks you so much.... :)

  13. Every time you are out to buy designer clothes, you come up with such fabulous ones.. Your ROCK! Loved it.. :)

  14. Love, love, love, love, LOVE this dress! Gorgeous.


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