9 May 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: Button-up blouse with necklace

I think that if you have been here more than twice, you've probably already noticed my serious statement necklace addiction (hmmm.... shall I just add that to the collection of my fashion addictions?). This particular eye catching beauty is one of my FFFWeek necklaces- It's going to be neatly packed and then styled up for our NYC adventure!

Necklace: eQuip
Blouse: ASOS Curve
Skirt: ASOS Curve
Clutch: Thrifted
Flats: Rubi Shoes

This blouse is quite long, I couldn't imagine myself wearing it totally out and relaxed. In the past, I've tucked it into a high waisted skirt to get rid of some of that extra material. But with the soft jersey of this skirt, it was making the material sit awkwardly and all lumpy. I think tying it at the waist instead ended up looking awesome. And super funky with the turquoise pops of colour!

On a side (makeup) note, I've just gotten into lipsticks. I've been playing around with reds for the two weeks or so and am working myself up to trying different bold colours. But I still can't seem to make them last properly on my top lip!!! Even with stains rather than a stick. Any lip-colour secrets????!?

I actually was realllllllyy looking forward to this post- all the FF ladies have awesome necklace collections!! I can't wait to see which ones they have chosen!

Dani from DIY Fatshion
Mouna from Brussels Fatshion
Mhairi from Lilybobombs

And happy birthday to Mouna and Mhairi! In love May babies! ;) xx


  1. I love your statement necklaces, you have a fine collection. Oh and tying that shirt up looks really good! Great outfit.

    I recommend a lip primer, I use one by pixi, which I got from asos. Its fab and stop lipstick from bleeding and keeps the colour around for ages. Some people like lipcote, the new version is supposed to be good, but its a marmite hate/love product. I have a lipstick problem, I can never have enough!

  2. I am a fan of your necklace collection. This one is really a gorgeous one in addition with the ring (drewling) :-)
    big kissess

  3. You really have awesome necklaces and I think the one you are wearing is gorgeous. I love the whole outfit and I think the shirt looks great tied together. The colors of the outfit are great and I love the pop of blue from the necklace. :)


  4. LOVE this look! You look great!


  5. I'd love a rummage in your jewellery box! :) Yet another lust-worthy outfit! xx

  6. You look amazing. I still really want that shirt, and the necklace looks great against it xx

  7. I love the shirt, I have a similar one from asos with little elephants. I never thought of trying it tied up will have to give it a go.

    The geek shall inherit the earth

  8. I love your outfit!! I have the rabbit shirt too and I find it too long on me as well! I really like this shirt with your bold statement necklace! you look great!
    As far as making red lipstick lasting longer, I am in the same boat as you.

  9. That blouse is just too cute, and I love how you paired those colours together. It looks fantastic!
    What I usually do is blot my lipstick with tissue between layers, and do two or three layers. It lasts fairly well that way. I haven't been wearing much lately, but I'm still a bit of a lipstick junkie. Haha. And if you blot the last layer, it'll make your lipstick matte (sometimes a good choice) and will help it to last just that much longer. Hope I helped. :)

  10. Love this outfit on you! The printed top is so nice knotted up like that, and I like the red and turquoise together :)

  11. You look amazing! The blouse is super cute of course, and I really like the combination of the orange with the turquoise jewelry.

  12. Um, I need that necklace! It's fantastic!!! You look fresh and young and so beautiful!

  13. I love how fun and bright your style is. Amazing statement necklace

  14. Looking Very Stylish! Great Outfit..! And what a fabulous pair of sandals for women.. Loved it..! All you need is a pair of designer eyewear with this outfit, and you will be out of this world..! :) xoxo


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