29 Aug 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: Pattern clash

I'm relatively new to the pattern clash world. It was something that was always drummed into me- 'don't wear those two items together- they clash!!'  It's quite funny now I look back at it because I think some of the coolest outfits are the ones that have bold, statement patterns together. It's almost like its SO clashy it's cool!

Jeans: Torrid
Top: Lilly and Lou
Flats: Payless
World necklace: Modcloth
'Stache bracelet: Forever 21

This outfit took my pattern clashing to a new level. It's not only two quite individual looks, it's also a mix of colors- pales and black! I've had these jeans for a while and am a shocker at lazily just combining them with an equally light coloured plain tee. I figured I'd totally push my comfort zone and wear some black with them (gasp!). On that's note, have you seen my FB clothes sale?? I have a second pair of these jeans I'm selling!! ;)

Sometimes when I'm wearing jeans I scrap taking a hangbag and just stuff my pockets! I normally travel quite light anyway (as any chronic hand bag swapper will tell you!), I basically only carry my keys, wallet, phone and a lipgloss around. We took this cheeky little pic so you could see where all my stuff was! ;) 

Make sure you check out all my FF babes and their own pattern clashing outfits!

Dani from DIY Fatshion
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How do you feel about pattern clashing???

26 Aug 2013

Eyelash extensions

I seriously cannot rave enough about my biggest beauty indulgence- eyelash extensions. I've never hidden it and since I've had so many people ask me about them lately, I figured I'd just do a post and show you!

I've always had little, stumpy and quite blonde eyelashes. I would always look at all my girlfriends (and guy friends! Why are guys lashes so fabulous?!) and their long, perfect lashes with pure envy. When I was at high school I wore full on eye makeup everyday- all because of my little lashes! I remember always setting my alarm 20 minutes earlier so I could put on coat, after coat of thick mascara. Then when I grew up and discovered there was different, I always had about three or four different mascara sticks on the go. I tried everything. Tinting didn't make a difference, because it wasn't truly the colour that was the big issues. Sure I could dye my 10 or so lashes darker, but I still missed the thickness and extra length that came from using mascara.

When I discovered strip lashes I more or less became an addict! I was shelling out for strips almost every weekend- and doing damage to my natural lash with the glue! I had to find a better solution to my little lash problem (ha! see what I did there?!). Cue eyelash extensions......



Now as you can see, its a pretty dramatic transformation! I actually feel like it changes the whole shape of my face. And not only do I save tonnes of time getting ready- they also improve my confidence. They are lightweight, natural looking and definite show stoppers!

The aftercare, I admit, can get a bit annoying, but no more so than any kind of specialized beauty treatment. On my days off, my blonde tresses get swept up into a bun and my eyelashes are the only things that get brushed! After twenty four hours you are right to get these babies wet too, so I've swam, sweated and torn up the dance floors wearing them! 

The most important thing is finding the right lashes for you. I shopped around for quite a while until I found the perfect ones. You have to be super careful, there are some dodgies around, and when it comes to such a delicate area- you don't want to screw it up! I also sleep on my face (sounds totes weird I know), so I had some huge problems with cheapy sets kinking and not sitting right after a couple of days.

So, if you're a Brisbane babe like me, I found Lash Me do the most ahhhmaazziinngg sets! They do human hair and mink fur extensions (collected humanely) so you know they will be super soft and easy to manage. I also found that the Lash Me sets last the longest, I get about four weeks out of my lashes (or if getting them for long periods of time, I get an in-fill every three weeks). I've NEVER had that kind of longetitvity with any other brand! The LM team are also truly lovely and super approachable, and they will be honest with you too, if they think your lashes need a break they'll tell you, they won't just put them on and charge you anyway! Aftercare wise, I also found these guys the best. They carry a fantastic range of lash extension care products to help you look after them and prevent them falling out quickly! PLUS, I've heard through the grapevine they are bringing out a growth serum- there's hope for my little stubbies yet!!

So what do you think??
Have you tried lash extensions before??

24 Aug 2013

OOTD: 90's fashion

I've been DYING to share these Skorch magazine shots for months! I knew when the Skorch team put the call out for some 90's blogger fashion- that this was the month for me! I've always been a 90's babe at heart, give me Pearl Jam, Clueless, tamagotchis and walkmans anyday! This was my take on some Clueless inspired 90's fashion!

Skirt: City Chic
Blazer: ASOS Curve
Top: Target
Platforms: Skechers
Socks: Kmart

Admittedly during the mid 90's I was much more of a grunge, 'sneakers and flannel kind' of girl. But looking back at the fashions of the time now, I LOVE all the bright colours, platforms, preppy styles and mini skirts! I knew I wanted to wear a funky little pink suit for these photos, so I pulled one together from my wardrobe! I'm actually really stoaked with how it turned out! 

I never thought I could get away with knee high socks. One of the only parts of my body I'm self-conscious about is my knees. Crazy right?! Now I'm thinking I may need to invest in some different styles!

 I've been holding onto these platforms for years. I picked them up on sale at my local outlet shop, I just couldn't resist them! Pink, glitter platforms- where have you been my whole life?!

If you haven't seen this month's 90's fashion inspired Skorch magazine, you have to check it out! There are some smokin' photos of Tess Munster, Rayna Salcido and my babe Kelsey Olson, dressed in some smashing 90's styles!

What do you think of 90's fashion?? 

22 Aug 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: Statement necklace

Statement necklaces are totally my thing. Adding something bold and eyecatching to an outfit is actually my favourite part of putting it all together. I figure a rad necklace is like the cherry on top of an ice-cream sunday!

Top: Hope and Harvest (borrowed from Suger)
Skirt: ASOS Curve
Wedges: Target
Clutch: Kmart

Suger lent me this Hope and Harvest smokin' top when she was down visiting (and took a few of my pretties home as well!). I really love the dramatic cut of the peplum, it sure does draw some attention! The arms are a little tight, but I'm really digging the long sleeves- too many plus size tops that have long sleeves sacrifice style. I find lots of them lose the sexy style cut when they add some sleeves! And of course being an Aussie brand makes this top even more awesome. 

And obviously the necklace is a show stopper! If you're looking for a statement (and conversation starting) piece, Real Divas are Large smashes everyone out of the water! I literally want every piece on their website. I have quite a collection now and find them so easy to accessorize with. They bring an instant punch to any outfit! 

And check out my FF babes in their necklaces too!
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Mouna from Brussels Fatshion
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21 Aug 2013

Liv Gets Crafty: Holographic bag

1) Mossman clutch, 2) Neiman Marcus clutch, 3) ASOS card holder, 4) Betts clutch, 5) New Look chain box bag

No doubt you've seen all the gorgeous holographic handbags floating around at the moment (like my top five picks here- my favourite being the Betts clutch, seriously, I'd do baaaddd things for that baby!). I've been dying to get my hands on one, but they are all so out of my budget. With a post FFFWeek credit card to wrestle and wedding bills flying in left right and center, I've had to seriously consider where every dollar goes. So, I figured I'd crafty one up myself!!!

What you'll need: 

1. A bag you want to cover

2. Some contact with the print you like
3. Scissors
4. A pen (I didn't realize I would need this until after I'd started!)

Being that it was my first time covering a bag, I picked up this nice flat one from Kmart to give myself easy edges. But if you were braver than me you could DIY an old bag or choose a $2 cheapey from a thrift shop! This clutch set me back $15 and the contact was $1.50 per roll (both from Kmart). I didn't even end up using all of one, so save yourself some many and don't over buy like I did! 

Measure out your cover size making sure you have enough contact to tuck into the edges. 

Cut your bag shape into the contact, keeping in mind lap over space and where you want the folds to be. 

Pay special attention to your corners, you don't want to run out of contact on the important places! I found that if I cut the contact at corners, it folded over more smoothly. 

Circle and cut around your magnet closures so the bag will still snap shut cleanly. Don't worry if its not a perfect cut, we will fix that up later. 

Now here comes the hard bit! I found that because of the odd shape of the bag, it was easier to totally remove the backing sheet and then put my bag on top.  Carefully slip off the white backing sheet while stopping the contact from folding back on itself. 

Once the backing sheet was completely off, I lined up the bag with the tabs I had already cut and started folding from the bottom up! 

Make sure you hold the rest of the contact tight to stop getting any air bubbles!

If you find the shape is a little off now that the bag has moved a little, snip into your tabs- you'll be happy you gave yourself extra wiggle room!

Once your main piece is all folded over, you can start to add a few extra bits to cover it completely. The great thing about the print is that you can't notice when extra pieces are added!!

Press your edges hard into the grooves of the bag and you're ready to go!! 

A less than $17 holographic clutch! Hurrruugghh!!! :) 

18 Aug 2013

FFFWeek: White Cruise


The White Cruise is always my favourite FFFWeek event! Apart from obvious reasons (being that last year it was the night Ben proposed!), it always had such great energy, everyone is happy, laughing and dressed in their best! Its such a fab night with lots of networking, gossiping and catching up. We danced, we sang, we drank- and on the way home we caught a limo!!!

I was dress shopping around for ages trying to find the right one. I then stumbled across Light In The Box and knew I was set! They have so many gorgeous and reasonably priced dresses- and all can be made to measure!  Once it arrived I knew it was perfect,  ruffle bum, silky white and sweetheart necklace!! On the night I accessorized with turquoise and was ready to rock! Anyway, I'm not going to go on to much about how awesome the night was, I'm going to let my happy snaps do the talking!

Dress: Light in The Box
Necklace and Clutch: Colette

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