21 Aug 2013

Liv Gets Crafty: Holographic bag

1) Mossman clutch, 2) Neiman Marcus clutch, 3) ASOS card holder, 4) Betts clutch, 5) New Look chain box bag

No doubt you've seen all the gorgeous holographic handbags floating around at the moment (like my top five picks here- my favourite being the Betts clutch, seriously, I'd do baaaddd things for that baby!). I've been dying to get my hands on one, but they are all so out of my budget. With a post FFFWeek credit card to wrestle and wedding bills flying in left right and center, I've had to seriously consider where every dollar goes. So, I figured I'd crafty one up myself!!!

What you'll need: 

1. A bag you want to cover

2. Some contact with the print you like
3. Scissors
4. A pen (I didn't realize I would need this until after I'd started!)

Being that it was my first time covering a bag, I picked up this nice flat one from Kmart to give myself easy edges. But if you were braver than me you could DIY an old bag or choose a $2 cheapey from a thrift shop! This clutch set me back $15 and the contact was $1.50 per roll (both from Kmart). I didn't even end up using all of one, so save yourself some many and don't over buy like I did! 

Measure out your cover size making sure you have enough contact to tuck into the edges. 

Cut your bag shape into the contact, keeping in mind lap over space and where you want the folds to be. 

Pay special attention to your corners, you don't want to run out of contact on the important places! I found that if I cut the contact at corners, it folded over more smoothly. 

Circle and cut around your magnet closures so the bag will still snap shut cleanly. Don't worry if its not a perfect cut, we will fix that up later. 

Now here comes the hard bit! I found that because of the odd shape of the bag, it was easier to totally remove the backing sheet and then put my bag on top.  Carefully slip off the white backing sheet while stopping the contact from folding back on itself. 

Once the backing sheet was completely off, I lined up the bag with the tabs I had already cut and started folding from the bottom up! 

Make sure you hold the rest of the contact tight to stop getting any air bubbles!

If you find the shape is a little off now that the bag has moved a little, snip into your tabs- you'll be happy you gave yourself extra wiggle room!

Once your main piece is all folded over, you can start to add a few extra bits to cover it completely. The great thing about the print is that you can't notice when extra pieces are added!!

Press your edges hard into the grooves of the bag and you're ready to go!! 

A less than $17 holographic clutch! Hurrruugghh!!! :) 


  1. Squee, this is the cutest! I love the shiny, I love it so much that I can't form a proper sentence because SHINYY.

    Oh, and you look adorable, I love this dress and hot pink belt.


  2. Love this DIY project and I'm antsy to try it. You have such great Style. Thanks for the Inspiration!

  3. Omg, you are gorgeous and that bag is freaking amazing!!! How did I never think to do this diy?! Totally gonna try it now, tho! ;) Thanks babe! <3


  4. Wow, well done you! That is amazing. x x

  5. So cool! good job! :) i love it :)


  6. Great idea :) Looks really good!
    www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

  7. This is such an amazing idea! It looks fantastic. Go you!! :)

  8. Clever cookie! I was wondering how you did this. Who would have thought to contact a bag!!

  9. Such a beautiful clutch, great DIY! :)

    Always more satisfying when you make something yourself too :)

  10. It looks awesome Olivia!! What an ace idea! :D xx

  11. Oh man that is such a great DIY Oliva, I think yours came out so great and you make it seem so easy. But I bet if I try to do it, mine will probably look horrible. But I might just give it a try because yours looks so cute! What kind of paper is that? Is it the sticky kind? Oh and the bag looks great with your outfit too! :)


  12. LOVE this! Not only is it cheap you get to say you MADE IT!

  13. Great work lady!! The bag looks great and this outfit is amazing.


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