24 Aug 2013

OOTD: 90's fashion

I've been DYING to share these Skorch magazine shots for months! I knew when the Skorch team put the call out for some 90's blogger fashion- that this was the month for me! I've always been a 90's babe at heart, give me Pearl Jam, Clueless, tamagotchis and walkmans anyday! This was my take on some Clueless inspired 90's fashion!

Skirt: City Chic
Blazer: ASOS Curve
Top: Target
Platforms: Skechers
Socks: Kmart

Admittedly during the mid 90's I was much more of a grunge, 'sneakers and flannel kind' of girl. But looking back at the fashions of the time now, I LOVE all the bright colours, platforms, preppy styles and mini skirts! I knew I wanted to wear a funky little pink suit for these photos, so I pulled one together from my wardrobe! I'm actually really stoaked with how it turned out! 

I never thought I could get away with knee high socks. One of the only parts of my body I'm self-conscious about is my knees. Crazy right?! Now I'm thinking I may need to invest in some different styles!

 I've been holding onto these platforms for years. I picked them up on sale at my local outlet shop, I just couldn't resist them! Pink, glitter platforms- where have you been my whole life?!

If you haven't seen this month's 90's fashion inspired Skorch magazine, you have to check it out! There are some smokin' photos of Tess Munster, Rayna Salcido and my babe Kelsey Olson, dressed in some smashing 90's styles!

What do you think of 90's fashion?? 


  1. Cute! Especially the mid-1990s and late-1990s appeal to me, so I was able to connect with this look. The sneakers appeal to me most. This is a real fun look you've put together here. With the '80s continually being played out, '90s style is refreshing.


  2. I love how happy you always look on your pics ... you really do rub your happiness on me, You look smashin, you really are a 90s babe with this outfit. Great post gal

  3. Such a fun Clueless/90s inspired look! Pink really suits you :)

  4. Very Baby Spice! Love it!

  5. Cher Horowitz, is that you? I absolutely adored that movie, I owned the soundtrack and watched the movie about 182,000 times. I remember seeing it in a theater and ordering a super large bucket of popcorn and being sick for days after haha. I also remember desperately wanting some knee socks.


  6. So cute ♡ I loved Clueless, Beverly Hills 90210, New Kids on the Block … back in the 90th when I was young. ;)

    ♡ Mel xoxo

  7. Such a fun and cute outfit, when I saw the pictures I immediately thought of clueless! I love that movie and I think you did a great job and re-creating it. You look great and it looks like you had fun doing this look too! :)


  8. That second photo is so dead on to Clueless. I love it. It's so weird to see 90s fashions coming back. I keep running into people wearing stuff I wore in high school. Weird but good. I even found a dress I wore back in college in a thrift store. Like the exact same dress.

  9. Aww, I love this! You look like a Spice Girls groupie. ;)


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