29 Aug 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: Pattern clash

I'm relatively new to the pattern clash world. It was something that was always drummed into me- 'don't wear those two items together- they clash!!'  It's quite funny now I look back at it because I think some of the coolest outfits are the ones that have bold, statement patterns together. It's almost like its SO clashy it's cool!

Jeans: Torrid
Top: Lilly and Lou
Flats: Payless
World necklace: Modcloth
'Stache bracelet: Forever 21

This outfit took my pattern clashing to a new level. It's not only two quite individual looks, it's also a mix of colors- pales and black! I've had these jeans for a while and am a shocker at lazily just combining them with an equally light coloured plain tee. I figured I'd totally push my comfort zone and wear some black with them (gasp!). On that's note, have you seen my FB clothes sale?? I have a second pair of these jeans I'm selling!! ;)

Sometimes when I'm wearing jeans I scrap taking a hangbag and just stuff my pockets! I normally travel quite light anyway (as any chronic hand bag swapper will tell you!), I basically only carry my keys, wallet, phone and a lipgloss around. We took this cheeky little pic so you could see where all my stuff was! ;) 

Make sure you check out all my FF babes and their own pattern clashing outfits!

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How do you feel about pattern clashing???


  1. Usually, I'm not too fond of patterned jeans. However, I like these jeans here. I actually sort of like the floral jeans more than the shirt. The shirt does come in a nice pattern. Also, I like that world map necklace. Very cool outfit!


  2. Those prints together really work and those jeans are awesome! You look really pretty :)


  3. I am the same way, that I was always told that you shouldn't mix patterns. I'm still not bold enough to mix bolder patterns together, but i think that you did a great job I think the floral print goes with with the black and white top. Oh and your bracelet and necklace are too cute, I love them! :)


  4. I love it! I'm a big fan of printed jeans and mixed prints.
    Elle www.theellecurve.com

  5. love the printed jeans! They are both such lovely printed pieces :) I'm always a little unsure about wearing patterns together - clashing is fun but I am worried it will look silly, so I tend to go with a print and a basic. Need to switch it up more!

  6. The print of the jeans is beautiful! *_*
    And i really like the mix of the pattern, it's something I'm not really good at!

  7. This is really print clash taken to another level: weirdly, it makes totes sense cause you are looking fab - another thing I love from this outfit is your gorge continental neckpiece: more so, it shows my African continent very well, lol --- its really quirky, love it :)


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