26 Aug 2013

Eyelash extensions

I seriously cannot rave enough about my biggest beauty indulgence- eyelash extensions. I've never hidden it and since I've had so many people ask me about them lately, I figured I'd just do a post and show you!

I've always had little, stumpy and quite blonde eyelashes. I would always look at all my girlfriends (and guy friends! Why are guys lashes so fabulous?!) and their long, perfect lashes with pure envy. When I was at high school I wore full on eye makeup everyday- all because of my little lashes! I remember always setting my alarm 20 minutes earlier so I could put on coat, after coat of thick mascara. Then when I grew up and discovered there was different, I always had about three or four different mascara sticks on the go. I tried everything. Tinting didn't make a difference, because it wasn't truly the colour that was the big issues. Sure I could dye my 10 or so lashes darker, but I still missed the thickness and extra length that came from using mascara.

When I discovered strip lashes I more or less became an addict! I was shelling out for strips almost every weekend- and doing damage to my natural lash with the glue! I had to find a better solution to my little lash problem (ha! see what I did there?!). Cue eyelash extensions......



Now as you can see, its a pretty dramatic transformation! I actually feel like it changes the whole shape of my face. And not only do I save tonnes of time getting ready- they also improve my confidence. They are lightweight, natural looking and definite show stoppers!

The aftercare, I admit, can get a bit annoying, but no more so than any kind of specialized beauty treatment. On my days off, my blonde tresses get swept up into a bun and my eyelashes are the only things that get brushed! After twenty four hours you are right to get these babies wet too, so I've swam, sweated and torn up the dance floors wearing them! 

The most important thing is finding the right lashes for you. I shopped around for quite a while until I found the perfect ones. You have to be super careful, there are some dodgies around, and when it comes to such a delicate area- you don't want to screw it up! I also sleep on my face (sounds totes weird I know), so I had some huge problems with cheapy sets kinking and not sitting right after a couple of days.

So, if you're a Brisbane babe like me, I found Lash Me do the most ahhhmaazziinngg sets! They do human hair and mink fur extensions (collected humanely) so you know they will be super soft and easy to manage. I also found that the Lash Me sets last the longest, I get about four weeks out of my lashes (or if getting them for long periods of time, I get an in-fill every three weeks). I've NEVER had that kind of longetitvity with any other brand! The LM team are also truly lovely and super approachable, and they will be honest with you too, if they think your lashes need a break they'll tell you, they won't just put them on and charge you anyway! Aftercare wise, I also found these guys the best. They carry a fantastic range of lash extension care products to help you look after them and prevent them falling out quickly! PLUS, I've heard through the grapevine they are bringing out a growth serum- there's hope for my little stubbies yet!!

So what do you think??
Have you tried lash extensions before??


  1. Those look so great and really natural!

  2. Wow they make a big difference and they look natural. I know I like wearing falsies sometimes but they don't look very natural on me. I might have to look into this because they look really great! :)


  3. Check your lashes with a toothpick and if it gets stuck don't continue going to this eyelash place. Alot of places claim to do lashes one by one and if they don't they can cause permanent damage. If you are in Los Angeles check out PlatinumImageServices.com

  4. They look great on you! I'd love to have such long lashes...but I'm too squirmy when anyone goes near my eyes, haha. It's enough hassle putting mascara on myself, couldn't imagine getting extensions put in!

  5. Don't even get me started when it comes to eyelash extensions. I'd wear false eyelashes everyday of my life if i could cause my lashes are the shortest things you have ever seen. Had them done a couple of times and they ruined the stubs that I had left. I'm cursing to high hell and I sworn off of eyelash extensions forever (for the moment at least). Whatever you do use the eyelash remover solution or get them removed professionally (Don't pull them off). But they do look Fab!


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