29 Sept 2011

OOTD: Joce and Joel's UV, rainbow, luau engagment party!

Ever been to a 'super-sparkle-outer-space-rainbow-jungle-fever-disco-luau' party? WE HAVE!!! This was the theme straight off the invite- I can't even make that stuff up! ;)

At Joce and Joel's rocking engagement party, we attended in shiny UV, rainbow best and got messy! :)

A few shots of glowy UV goodness! :)

These three photos were stolen from Drew Triebe

The venue was decorated in a very funky Hawaiian laua theme with glow in the dark stools and neon spray paint. There was also an abundance of crazy glowing things, disco lights, and generalised awesomeness. And of course- the whole place was lit with UV lights! Ohhh yeah :)

This is the gorgeous bride-to-be Joce in her extremely funky hand spray painted rainbow wig (which I stole as soon as I could); and me in my Leprechaun outfit- complete with glow sticks, mirrorballs and leis!

Dress: Costume Box

I wore this super cute leprechaun outfit from Costume Box, pretty close I think to my planned outfit. I loved it! But the sleeves kept falling down all night- see picture one. I hate it when that happens. I had never bought from Costume Box before but was very happy with their easy to use website and quick postage. Also a bonus, this costume will transition perfectly to a Oktoberfest outfit!

 One of the coolest parts of the night was the neon spray paint area. This was litteraly an open space with canvases and paints to make your own glowing UV masterpiece. Soooo rad!

Check out this one in the making here and the finished product in those photos above!

27 Sept 2011

Fabulous Fashion Friends: Too Many Sequins

I've  been blogging for almost 3 months now and continue to be inspired every day by so many fashionable and fabulous chicks that I meet here in blog world.

One of my favourite bloggers, Jess from Too Many Sequins, has amazing style and such an original approach to fashion expression. I love her outfits and wanted to share a little of my Jess obsession with you!

I love the bold prints and statement neckpieces she rocks in her outfits; as well as an awe inspiring collection of amazing shoes!

I love the way Jess mixes such different textures and patterns to make an original outfit. I'm sure there will never be any of those awkward 'she has the same outfit as me' moments when she heads out!

I've been talking to Jess quite a bit over the last month or so and eagerly await her posts everday with baited breath! I asked her to write a few little words about what inspires her fashion and was blown away when she sent me this:

" I once heard someone say "fashion is wearable art" - that's always stuck with me. Art and fashion are a way to express yourself, to show the world who you are. Those words inspire me. Life, music, people, sights and sounds - all inspire me and the choices I make in fashion. Sometimes I want to be really chic or indie - music always helps me to centre myself before getting dressed. Before I even think about getting dressed, I sit down and put my music on, do my make up and think, who do you want to be today. I know that sounds really silly - but it helps me! lol 

Olivia asked me what inspires my fashion - and my answer is... everything. I've had a lot of trouble finding a way to put this into words. Above was my best attempt. It's really hard to sum up me and my style. It changes from day to day, minute to minute and over the course of my blog I can see how much I've changed. And that's why fashion is my best friend - a pretty dress makes me feel better, a lush bag makes my eyes light up - and an amazing pair of heels, well it makes me taller, but fashion is always there with you, as you grow and change. Sappy but true"

If you haven't already become hopefully hooked on her blog like I have, go check it out NOW!!! She continues to inspire and motivate my outfits everyday and I hope that in the future I will have the fashion skills and adventurousness that Jess seems to have in spades. Thanks Jess for being such a fashion icon, I can't wait to see where your adventure goes next!

26 Sept 2011

Lust Have It Box: 09/11

I've just signed up for The Lust Have It box and received my first one this week! Filled with a hand-picked assortment of beauty, hair- and skin- product samples, the boxes are delivered to your door every month and are a perfect way to try out new products and update your current beauty regimes!

The packaging was gorgeous and well presented and I was super-surprised at the wide range of goodies inside:

 This box contained (L-R):

Lancome, Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara

OPI, Ultimate trend setter's lacquers x 2

Kerastase, Elixir Ultime 

Pure Fiji, Milk shower gel

Urban Rituelle,Flourish organics hand cream

I love trying out new products and playing around with my makeup styles (I'm also totally that annoying person that tries all the samples in Priceline). I thought these boxes were a great way to try out a few new things without having to spend a fortune on new products and am super happy with the first box of goodies!!

- I liked the rocking OPI nail polishes best. The vibrant colours and long-lasting chip-proofness makes them a winner in my book! The purple had better staying-power than the metallic silver, but that colour was totally rad!

- The Urban Rituelle hand cream was also fabulous. It smelled delicious and my hands were super soft after one application.

- The Kerastase treatment was so-so. I might have to use the one a few more times before I get a real feel for it. I like alot of this brands others products, so I am going to keep at this one.

- Pure Fiji's shower gel made my skin feel lovely and soft but smelled kind of like bubble mix. It did foam up really well though, with no drying feeling.

- The Lancome mascara didn't do it for me at all. It was clumpy and smudged easily. But it was a very nice deep black colour.

25 Sept 2011

OOTD: Dan and Kelli's Wedding

On Saturday we attended Dan and Kelli's wedding. It was a beautiful day and Kelli looked fabulous. It was a cocktail reception- a type we had never been to before; and it gave the wedding a really laid back, relaxed vibe for everyone to mingle well.

Over the last year, Kelli had been keeping all the wishbones from the chicken they eat. These were then painted and decorated and snapped at the wedding for good wishes for the newly married couple! How cool!

The cake was handmade by Kelli's mum as well as having a Masterchef style croquembouche profiterole tower with candied almonds!! Omnomnom! And the fabulous canap├ęs were sooo delicious! Deep friend prawns, wrapped beef and calamari, oohh yeah!

I think Ben and I looked very swish. I love making Ben wear a pink tie! ;)
I wore my super cute City Chic dress; I adore the gorgeous colours. It feels very summery. I also attempted a bit of a fake tan on my pasty, pasty legs. Come on summer!!! :)

Dress: City Chic, Belt: Torrid, Jacket: Crossroads

I think that although I didn't end up getting the Forever 21 haul, I got pretty close with my outfit planning. In fact, I think I even like this dress a little better! :)

Also, one of the bridesmaids, Kerry, had a Pearl Jam Stickman tattoo!! Ekkk!! I nearly wet my pants when I saw it!!!

That is true Pearl Jam fandom! :)

24 Sept 2011

Scrunch or fold- that is the question


At the Hello Blogger Events blogger meet up last weekend, we talked very seriously about the subject of toilet paper folding or scrunching.  I truly don't understand how people have time to fold, or how it could ever be as effective as a full hand scrunch!  I found that on discussion of this with my girlfriends, people have some very strong views as to which side they are on!

Lisa from Renovating Italy said that her Nanna, Ivy, used to always use 9 sheets of toilet paper; and that this was the only way to wipe. This got my thinking, especially as we have just had to get the plumbers in to unblock our toilet. Their diagnosis of our plumbing issues: I use too much toilet paper! So here is the test, I pulled the roll down to where I normally pull too- and I use 5 sheets per wipe. Sounds pretty tame to me considering Ivy's dedication to the 9 sheet processes!

I did try the 9 sheets and definitely thought that if adopted this for furture, I would be super clean but go through lots more toilet rolls (and probably have the plumber in again soon too!)! Although are there more wipes to my 5 sheet technique??? The questions are endless!! ;)

Regardless of the sheets, the true question is- are you a scruncher or folder. Check out these two comparison pictures taken with same amount of sheets:

Same amount of paper used for the scrunch and the fold picture.

Pretty sure the job is done better with an epic scrunch. I am scrunch forever! Look at the haphazard creases prepared for anything and the wide surface area for better coverage- clearly it's the far superior option.

So what is your verdict and why do you do it that way? Are you a sophisticated folder or a pragmatic scruncher (clearly I'm scrunch biased!)??

21 Sept 2011

Pearl Jam Twenty

Last night Ben and I saw Pearl Jam 20; a movie celebrating the band's twenty years of music making, directed by Cameron Crowe. I cannot even explain how this film felt for me.

Before I get into too much PJ fanaticism, let me just say the film was amazing. It was such a truthful and heartfelt portrait that revealed so much that as fans, we probably didn't know. As a favourite highlight of mine, it featured never before recorded songs and some amazing grainy hand cams from the early 90's, with recordings of Eddie Vedder playing with lyrics I've never heard- to melodies I could sing backwards; it was spine tingling. It gave an intimate look into the band's workings and delved deeper into some of the trials and tribulations that made them the performers they are today. I loved the way Cameron Crowe directed throughout the movie, and honestly felt that this is a band that has touched and inspired him too. 

I am at this moment, so overwhelmed with crazy fan goodness. I am in awe of their brilliance. This band has shaped my personality, my relationships, my decisions and literally helped me grow, physically, emotionally, spiritually and musically for almost 15 years. I grew up with their music; listened to it screaming from my big brothers stereo when I was 10, watched his band play it a few years later, chilled with my little brother as he strummed out one of their tunes while learning guitar, experienced it for real when I saw them live, and I was saved by their music every time life seemed horrible and useless (pathetic I know, but grunge to the core!). And then there was that really awful period when I thought I looked unbelievably rad in flannel and cargo pants. Oh dear.

 These are some piccys I took at the Brisbane show of their Backspacer world tour in 2009. Check out Mike McCready doing a rad guitar solo in the second picture- WITH THE GUITAR BEHIND HIS HEAD!! Legendary. For anyone at this concert, I was the crazy girl at the front of the mosh pit singing while bawling her eyes out.

I still remember the day I bought my first Pearl Jam album about twelve years ago. I held 'Yield' in my hands and couldn't wait to head bang around my bedroom, rocking out to every track. It was mine, this album was mine. I was thirteen. I'd worked so hard for it and finally owned my very own Pearl Jam album. It was bliss. It was home. I'm pretty sure I played that CD non stop for about three months- and it's still on high rotation on my ipod.

I have distinct memories of being in Zac's (elder brothers) car when I was about ten or eleven. Driving fast with the windows down; Pearl Jam vibrating so loudly from the speakers I thought I was going to explode. It is seriously one of the best and most defining memories of my childhood. One of the first things I did when I bought my first car, was drive it on the freeway- way to fast with my PJ blaring. And it still feels so right.

So here is some of my inner crazy shared with you all; I hope you all go check them out and if you haven't already- listen to their music, they will rock your world.

19 Sept 2011

OOTD: Hello Blogger Meet Up Brisbane

On Saturday I finally met up with a few of the other fabulous Brisbane bloggers! I was so excited to finally exchange real words with these women that I had read so much about and left feeling like I'd made some awesome mates!

Front row L-R: Ben, Amy, Dani, Zoe, Hayley, Sheri
Middle row L-R: Deb, Kate, Me, Danielle, Lisa, Amy, Suger
Back row L-R: Lisa, Talia
Photographer: Luke
(Group piccy from Talia, and a huge thanks to her doing all the hard yards with these links, uh huh, I stole them ;)

Organised by Hello Blogger Events, we headed out to Garuva Hidden Tranquility Restaurant & Bar in the Valley and for $25 a head, was super surprised with the amount of awesome food we chowed down on. Ben and I were running a little late, so missed out on happy hour, but definitely indulged in the killer cocktail list (this I'm thinking may have led to my mega overshares lol ;)

It was a really fun, easy going atmosphere. No topic was taboo and I think most of us got on really well. Mind you, a room full of fantastic, outgoing women who I know like to take pictures and talk about themselves- sounds just like me! So I was pretty sure we would all hit it off! ;)
(photo to left belongs to Talia)

Second two piccys from Garuva
The very funky curtained off private areas where we all gathered :)

Bottom right piccy stolen from Suger

 Mega lol's at this photo of Deb and Danielle in the top left corner; we tried for ages to get a get natural pic and decided that this rocking one was the best lol ;)

Yay to new friends!!!

Piccy belongs to Suger

The food was good, the cocktails were rad and the company was fabulous. The perfect recipe for a rocking night out. Although we did have to sit on the floor while we were eating. One day when I'm all famous and such (:-P), I'll write a book: The perfect ice breakers; Number One: sticking your foot in someone's lap! It seemed to work pretty well lol ;)
Dress: Torrid, Jacket: Kmart, Tights: BigW

And of course the all important question- what to wear! I choose this super cute little Torrid bubble hem dress. I wore some tights underneath it (because of the whole sitting on the floor business) and threw my trusty light jacket over the top.

Piccy belongs to Suger

Thankyou for an awesome night ladies! I can't wait for the next one! :)

17 Sept 2011

OOTD: Super shrug and dinner dress

I had dinner with some of my besties tonight and they juuuuust missed out on being assaulted by my camera and I because I left it at home :(. We headed to La Porchetta and all left with giant Italian food babies! I snapped a few quick shots of my outfit when I got home and I'm loving the bright colours on the dress!!!

Dress: Crossroads, Shrug: Crossroads, Stockings: We Love Colours

I think the biggest problem with being (fake) blonde is by the time I get into the salon to get my dye done, my hair looks greasy because my roots are dark! Does anyone else get this?? Grrr!! Maybe I should just go a chocolate brown again??

I think the best bit about this dress was I picked it up 40% in the Crossroads sales!! I went a little nuts, but the whole store was 40% off. I'm going to do a little fashion show v-log for you tomorrow so you can all see my haul! :)

It is also so super comfy and is a killer dinner dress for feasting! The top bright layer is floaty and covers a full three-course of sins! ;)

Still being oddly cold here at the moment, I covered up with this rocking Crossroads ruffle shrug. It has amazing ruffle and gather details and is light enough that it will transition perfectly into summer!

(also note fabulous lashes which I had filled today! ;)

16 Sept 2011

Favourite Fashions: Bubble Hem

Favourite Fashions: Bubble Hem

(L-R top to bottom) Ruby Rox,  Domino Dollhouse, Torrid, Torrid, City Chic, Evans, Torrid, Crossroads, Ruby Rox

I adore the bubble hem cut. I love the way they sit on me, I love the way my boobs look in the dresses and most of all I love the way I feel in them! I feel cute and girly and ready for anything! I think because I feel so fantastic in them, I always have a good night out- feel fabulous, look fabulous!

Torrid have an amazing bubble hem dress collection at the moment (check them out here) and I just snapped up this super cute black and green belted one. Can't wait to wear it!! :)

I think my favourite bubble hem designer would have to be Ruby Rox. Check out these rocking dresses from their collection:

Also check out these fabulous made to order bubble dresses. This rad green dress and super cute purple dress both get custom made up to an Aussie size 28 and with the purple one you can choose from 81 different colours!!

To me the bubble hem is ultra feminine.  It skims over my belly, accentuates my waist and gives a really lovely hourglass silhouette which leaves me feeling like hot stuff! I must admit I have one too many bubble hems but they are definitely a style I will be wearing lots of as the weather over here warms up. :)

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