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14 Mar 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: Boots

So I have this totally rad pair of over the knee boots that I picked up at a clothes swap. Finding boots to fit my calves is hard work, but to fit my thighs?! Well, I couldn't wait to show these babies off!

Boots and Belt: swapped
Top: ASOS Curve
Skirt: Torrid
Stockings: We Love Colors

Necklace: Etsy 
Bag: eQuip

I would actually like them a little tighter to sit more shapely over my legs, but all in all, I'm loving those boots! The heel is the perfect height, just long enough for height but without that 'fear-of-falling-on-my-arse' feeling that I get with anything much over 10cm. It's also quite a decent width which is great for extra support.

There is always that risk of looking like a complete ho-bag in thigh high boots, but I reckon this outfit has enough cute and geek to balance it out. How fab is this Harry Potter snitch inspired necklace?? Totally cool and there is a clock inside the center circle!

I wanted this top sooooo bad when I saw it online. I actually don't think its is quite me though and am considering putting it on eBay next week. The cut seems to be too loose or to thick over my bust. And then the peplum seems to sit oddly? I'm not to sure about it, what do you think?

Make sure you check out all my booted Fatshion Faceoff babes this week!

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29 Dec 2012

OOTD: floral skirt and band tee

After whining about looking too 'tough' when I wear a band tee, I got into a conversation with Rosie from A Rose Like This about how to feminine up my stereotypical Pearl Jam fandom look. She blew me away by suggesting to wear the branded tee with a floral skirt! I'd never even thought about pairing those two together! So, here is my Rosie inspired rock-floral look!

Skirt: ASOS Curve
Belt: ASOS Curve
Shoes: Lane Bryant
Bracelets: Tree of Life
Necklace: Picked up at a clothes swap!

When I first bought this skirt, I wasn't sure how much I liked the lantern shape. But it's been hanging in my wardrobe for a while and it's seemed to relax the material to sit a little flatter.

I didn't even realise until I saw these pictures that the top was kind of see through. I think it may look more obvious because of the camera flash, but nonetheless, a flower print bra probably wasn't the best undergarment choice. In regards to sizing, this top is a Pearl Jam official merchandise tee in a women's size 2X. I have quite a few men's size large instead because the ladies tees run really small. This is probably more like a size 16.

The shoes were a bargain buy from Lane Bryant when we were in the USA. They are super comfy and can seriously be worn for hours. The pretty wooden bracelets are a surprising find in Tree of Life, they are just wider than average and perfect for my wrists.

I am so stoaked with this new look for me. If you haven't meet Rosie yet, go check her out- her style is uber fabulous! And she is going to be rocking her own floral skirt and band tee today as well! It's also so cool to be able to get worldwide styling tips on social media, fabulous chubby girls unite!!!

Tell me some of your style tips??? 

22 Nov 2012

Fatshion Faceoff: Band Tee

When this Fatshion Faceoff challenge came up, it wasn't going to be a matter of what shirt I was going to wear- it was which one!! Amongst my collection of grungy and rock band shirts, I have an epic pile of Pearl Jam tees. A branded tour-tee is the first thing I buy at a merchandise tent and at a PJ concert, I'll usually buy two!

Jeans: Torrid
Tee: Pearl Jam 
Shoes: Strawberry
Jacket: City Chic

I always feel instantly tough the minute I wear a band tee. Like I have 'street-cred' straight away. A rough trouble-maker look always seems to fall together well when I start with a rock shirt. And my leather look jacket always feels like second skin in these types of outfits. 

Although I love being able to slip back into my relaxed Uni days style, I like to think I put a more feminine twist on it these days. The skinny, ankle-cropped Torrid jeans are my girly interpretation of rock pants, while the sparkly converse inspired sneakers add extra sparkle!

Check out all my ladies in their band tees!

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24 Oct 2011

OOTD: 600 Sounds

I love live music and Summer time in Queensland rocks out with an awesome collection of music festivals. On Friday night, Ben and I scored some tickets to the 600 Sounds; the night concert of the Gold Coast 600.

The line-up was awesome and we rocked the front of the mosh pit, to some of my favourite bands: Bliss N Eso, The Potbelleez, Bag Raiders and Drapht. Best of all, all the artists were Aussie, and nothing is more awesome than beers and local talent!

The Potbellez went off! They were by far our favourites of the night! :)

Bag Raiders blew us out of the water! It was so awesome hearing them live- their energy and enthusiasm gave the whole crowd such a rad vibe. If you haven't heard these guys yet, go check them out!

Ben looking cute in his music tee. And the mosh pit squish!!

Top: Crossroads, Jeggings: Crossroads, Bag: Equip

 I wore an outfit entirely from Crossroads. The top was super comfy and mega cute- although I did lose two buttons in the mosh :( 

The pants I am super proud of. Jeggings were something I swore I would never wear, but I was never one much for rules anyway ;) Feeling more like skinny jeans, the pants are a thicker than normal jeggings but not as thick as jeans and I felt very rock and roll while listening to some of my favourite bands!

Have you guys ever worn something you swore you wouldn't??

21 Sep 2011

Pearl Jam Twenty

Last night Ben and I saw Pearl Jam 20; a movie celebrating the band's twenty years of music making, directed by Cameron Crowe. I cannot even explain how this film felt for me.

Before I get into too much PJ fanaticism, let me just say the film was amazing. It was such a truthful and heartfelt portrait that revealed so much that as fans, we probably didn't know. As a favourite highlight of mine, it featured never before recorded songs and some amazing grainy hand cams from the early 90's, with recordings of Eddie Vedder playing with lyrics I've never heard- to melodies I could sing backwards; it was spine tingling. It gave an intimate look into the band's workings and delved deeper into some of the trials and tribulations that made them the performers they are today. I loved the way Cameron Crowe directed throughout the movie, and honestly felt that this is a band that has touched and inspired him too. 

I am at this moment, so overwhelmed with crazy fan goodness. I am in awe of their brilliance. This band has shaped my personality, my relationships, my decisions and literally helped me grow, physically, emotionally, spiritually and musically for almost 15 years. I grew up with their music; listened to it screaming from my big brothers stereo when I was 10, watched his band play it a few years later, chilled with my little brother as he strummed out one of their tunes while learning guitar, experienced it for real when I saw them live, and I was saved by their music every time life seemed horrible and useless (pathetic I know, but grunge to the core!). And then there was that really awful period when I thought I looked unbelievably rad in flannel and cargo pants. Oh dear.

 These are some piccys I took at the Brisbane show of their Backspacer world tour in 2009. Check out Mike McCready doing a rad guitar solo in the second picture- WITH THE GUITAR BEHIND HIS HEAD!! Legendary. For anyone at this concert, I was the crazy girl at the front of the mosh pit singing while bawling her eyes out.

I still remember the day I bought my first Pearl Jam album about twelve years ago. I held 'Yield' in my hands and couldn't wait to head bang around my bedroom, rocking out to every track. It was mine, this album was mine. I was thirteen. I'd worked so hard for it and finally owned my very own Pearl Jam album. It was bliss. It was home. I'm pretty sure I played that CD non stop for about three months- and it's still on high rotation on my ipod.

I have distinct memories of being in Zac's (elder brothers) car when I was about ten or eleven. Driving fast with the windows down; Pearl Jam vibrating so loudly from the speakers I thought I was going to explode. It is seriously one of the best and most defining memories of my childhood. One of the first things I did when I bought my first car, was drive it on the freeway- way to fast with my PJ blaring. And it still feels so right.

So here is some of my inner crazy shared with you all; I hope you all go check them out and if you haven't already- listen to their music, they will rock your world.

29 Jul 2011

Lash lament

My biggest indulgence would have to be my regular lash extension appointments. What I wouldn't give to be one of those women naturally blessed with beautiful, long lashes; unfortunately mine are stubby and light blonde.

I went for a infill today and the wonderful ladies at Lash Me, Paddington were nice enough to take a few piccys.

I discovered the awesome company when I won their competition last year 'Brisbanes shortest lashes' Check out these before and afters from the comp!

I also caught up with my parent today for the first time in ages. They are back home for a visit between gray nomading around the country.

 Mum and Dad at lunch


With my new bracelet they bought me in Perth, and my cute heart print, navy ASOS dress :)

Also what came in the mail today was my renewed Pearl Jam Ten Club membership- complete with 'I'm analog' band tee. You can get analogue or digital club membership; the analog is heaps cooler because at Christmas they send you a limited edition Pearl Jam vinyl and fan magazine- excellent!!!! (I hope you all read that in the style of Mike Myers in Wayne's World, that was totally how I said it ;)

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