21 Sept 2011

Pearl Jam Twenty

Last night Ben and I saw Pearl Jam 20; a movie celebrating the band's twenty years of music making, directed by Cameron Crowe. I cannot even explain how this film felt for me.

Before I get into too much PJ fanaticism, let me just say the film was amazing. It was such a truthful and heartfelt portrait that revealed so much that as fans, we probably didn't know. As a favourite highlight of mine, it featured never before recorded songs and some amazing grainy hand cams from the early 90's, with recordings of Eddie Vedder playing with lyrics I've never heard- to melodies I could sing backwards; it was spine tingling. It gave an intimate look into the band's workings and delved deeper into some of the trials and tribulations that made them the performers they are today. I loved the way Cameron Crowe directed throughout the movie, and honestly felt that this is a band that has touched and inspired him too. 

I am at this moment, so overwhelmed with crazy fan goodness. I am in awe of their brilliance. This band has shaped my personality, my relationships, my decisions and literally helped me grow, physically, emotionally, spiritually and musically for almost 15 years. I grew up with their music; listened to it screaming from my big brothers stereo when I was 10, watched his band play it a few years later, chilled with my little brother as he strummed out one of their tunes while learning guitar, experienced it for real when I saw them live, and I was saved by their music every time life seemed horrible and useless (pathetic I know, but grunge to the core!). And then there was that really awful period when I thought I looked unbelievably rad in flannel and cargo pants. Oh dear.

 These are some piccys I took at the Brisbane show of their Backspacer world tour in 2009. Check out Mike McCready doing a rad guitar solo in the second picture- WITH THE GUITAR BEHIND HIS HEAD!! Legendary. For anyone at this concert, I was the crazy girl at the front of the mosh pit singing while bawling her eyes out.

I still remember the day I bought my first Pearl Jam album about twelve years ago. I held 'Yield' in my hands and couldn't wait to head bang around my bedroom, rocking out to every track. It was mine, this album was mine. I was thirteen. I'd worked so hard for it and finally owned my very own Pearl Jam album. It was bliss. It was home. I'm pretty sure I played that CD non stop for about three months- and it's still on high rotation on my ipod.

I have distinct memories of being in Zac's (elder brothers) car when I was about ten or eleven. Driving fast with the windows down; Pearl Jam vibrating so loudly from the speakers I thought I was going to explode. It is seriously one of the best and most defining memories of my childhood. One of the first things I did when I bought my first car, was drive it on the freeway- way to fast with my PJ blaring. And it still feels so right.

So here is some of my inner crazy shared with you all; I hope you all go check them out and if you haven't already- listen to their music, they will rock your world.


  1. awesome, ill have to check it out :)


  2. awwww, your post reminded me of my brother.....he has always been a huge Pearl Jam fan but he lives overseas in Prague and I haven't seen him for nearly 2 years. I am a huge Fooies fan and I recently saw a doco about the making of the Fooies latest album so I know how you feel - this is REAL music hey!

  3. i haven't listened to Pearl Jam in forever. but i used to love their music. the lead singer has a sexy voice!!!


  4. Thanks for the comments lovely ladies!
    I so hope you all check them out! :) xx

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I scrolled yours and am in love with all your fab dresses! I can't decide which is my fav. I'm following you!

  6. This film was supposed to screen this week at my theater, but the copy got stuck 5 hours away at the airport because of fog. THey're rescheduling for next week -- and of course, that's when I'm going to be out of town. bummer.

  7. @Eloise: I learned a lot I didn't know about Nirvana from this movie, too!

  8. Thanks for sharing about you.... We have our love for Pearl Jam in common, well, maybe you win :) but they are still one of my favorites.
    Love your posts.


  9. I got into Pearl Jam then re-tracked and got into Mother Love Bone. I too had the checked shirt stage! :) Ten is probably my favourite album of all time, the one I've listened to on repeat so many times it's as familiar as the back of my hand. In my darkest days I'd lay on my bed listening to it over and over, crying like a fool!

  10. Oh very cool Leah! I'm currently re-tracking to Mother Love Bone myself. Ten is one of my favourites too! :)

  11. it's cool movie to watch online, i havn't watch Pear Jam Twenty online yet! :( but soon i m planning to go for theater.


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