4 Sept 2011

Marvellous Makeovers!

I've been unbelievably sick the last five days or so, to the point that this is the weekend we are supposed to be moving house and I've spent most of it lying in bed cursing the world.

I'm extremely grateful that the amazing ladies at Lash Me were able to fit me in earlier in the week, otherwise I'm pretty sure the sight of my pasty, snotty and swollen face would have been enough to send me back to bed for the rest of eternity (on that note, I am super happy with my new eyebrows yaaaaay!).

Anyway, all this feeling sorry for myself has made me decide I need a new hairstyle - nothing like a bout of 'I-feel-like-shit' to make want to do a makeover. So I took a basic head shot (as seen here in all my PJ'd glory) and chose a few hairstyles so you wonderful readers can help me decide on a new style! Note lazy, droopy left eye from sick sleep!

These are probably the two I liked the best, and probably the easiest to get to from my current style.

I've been toying with the idea of taking my hair back to a darker strawberry like blonde or even a chocolate brown. The current blonde is so hard to maintain and the peroxide really dries my hair out. I really like the chocolate waves. One of my besties also recently got extensions and they look rad. I've been trying to grow my hair out for what seems like 5 years so I think extensions are definitely an option.

 So basically I thought these last four were a bit of fun, however Ben likes the Kathy Griffin orange bangs the best on me!?!?! I think I rock the Dolly Parton rock shag!

I'm liking this blonde shaggy cut but I'm not to sure I pull off the Pink rock cut! Which makeover do you guys like best??


  1. I like the fourth. It suits you very well. :)

  2. I like the first one! It's cute and bubbly, plus I'm a fan of side swept bangs.

  3. I like the 2nd one. So modern & chic. Plus it'll be easier to maintain. Extensions take a lot of work & require too much maintenance. The 2nd style suits you more. It would even look nice in a brownish or strawberry blonde color.



  4. Love the chocolate brown !!!
    I too am wanting a bit of a change up with my hair but i'm very unsure what to do :/


  5. My pick is number 4. The color looks great on you!

  6. I love the chocolate brown, you are just great with this style!
    Thank you for sharing this idea, I will surely test it on myself before my next hair-change!

  7. I love the top right! can't wait to see what you decide :) xx

  8. I like the first one! You look so pretty with your new eyebrows and you don't look like you've been sick at all :)

  9. Ooh, how fun! I LOVE the strawberry blonde, chocolate brown and shaggy blonde cut :) You look terrific!

  10. Ohh, I rather like the brown on you! You could always go for something in between the first 2 cuts. Have the hairdresser give you some choppy layers, that way you can straighten it out like the 2nd or curl it like the first.

  11. I really like Number 1 and 4... You rock both blonde and brown... But really think about it, because changing from brown to blonde (in case you regret it) isn't that easy and needs time in order not to ruin the hair... Ive been there :) I would mix up number 1 and 2... Cut number one and color number 2 or even a tiny bit more brownish... Whatever you decide, im sure you will look awesome... :)
    xoxo Sandy

  12. hehehehe, this was fun! I like Number 1 the best too. Its really flirty and cutesy and you have such a great smile to go with it. I have a hair appointment on Thursday, thank god! Hope you feel better soon x

  13. I like the choppy look in #2 and I like the pink haircut! how neat these makeovers are!

  14. I like the Dolly Parton look and shade the best.

  15. I think the darker brown colour from number four, in the cut from number two. And your brows are excellent - so much better than the overplucked short ones you had going on for a while there a year or two back! Yay Lash Me

  16. Hope you feel better, I know the feeling.
    You look great in red hair, love it how you look.
    let us see what you decide.
    Feel better.


  17. I like #4 (auburn one) and #7 (blonde shag). You actually look pretty darn cool in all of them. And your lashes look amazing!


  18. thankyou for all the comments lovely ladies! I'm going to book in my hair appointment for next week!!! How exciting! :)

  19. I hope you're feeling much better! This is such a cute post. I say go with the chocolate waves. <3

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  20. I liked the first 2 best. I would go a little darker though hope you feel better


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