17 Sept 2011

OOTD: Super shrug and dinner dress

I had dinner with some of my besties tonight and they juuuuust missed out on being assaulted by my camera and I because I left it at home :(. We headed to La Porchetta and all left with giant Italian food babies! I snapped a few quick shots of my outfit when I got home and I'm loving the bright colours on the dress!!!

Dress: Crossroads, Shrug: Crossroads, Stockings: We Love Colours

I think the biggest problem with being (fake) blonde is by the time I get into the salon to get my dye done, my hair looks greasy because my roots are dark! Does anyone else get this?? Grrr!! Maybe I should just go a chocolate brown again??

I think the best bit about this dress was I picked it up 40% in the Crossroads sales!! I went a little nuts, but the whole store was 40% off. I'm going to do a little fashion show v-log for you tomorrow so you can all see my haul! :)

It is also so super comfy and is a killer dinner dress for feasting! The top bright layer is floaty and covers a full three-course of sins! ;)

Still being oddly cold here at the moment, I covered up with this rocking Crossroads ruffle shrug. It has amazing ruffle and gather details and is light enough that it will transition perfectly into summer!

(also note fabulous lashes which I had filled today! ;)


  1. I love you blonde, and adore your dress.
    Do you take the photos from above?

  2. Super cute outfit and Love the new Banner :)


  3. Oh, I would love some of your cold weather, I kind of miss it :).
    You look so cute, adorable.

  4. Dark brown sounds good, but I love seeing you blonde too! hehehe, once again, uve rocked an amazing printed dress, so gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see ur v-log :)


  5. oh wow im loving the cut of that dress and the color! so pretty!


  6. Your skirt is DIVINE. I love the colors and the print! :)

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. I love the shrug, and your smile :)

  8. Great dress, I love anything brightly coloured xxx

  9. Ohh, I really love the colours in that dress!

    I had my 21st birthday lunch at a La Porchetta restaurant in Sydney!

  10. Thankyou for all the comments lovely ladies! :)

    @sacramento I know I look a bit bobble head in these pictures! The real issue is that we seem to have no-where to take photos in the new house lol, I am very smooshed into a corner here!

    @Nat yeah the food is so good!!! I love this dress becuase it flows perfectly over a food baby lol ;)

  11. That skirt is beautiful, just like a work of art! =)


  12. Firstly, you look amazing. (As usual!) Secondly, HOW GOOD IS LA PORCHETTA'S PIZZA?! It's delicious!

  13. Love your dress! Super cute print. Your new header is fabulous doll! Thank you so much for your always sweet comments! Kiah

  14. These colors look great on you! You look like so much fun to be around!!! I'm loving the blog header too. I gave you an award at my blog! Stop on by to receive it.

  15. Lovely bright colors in this dress! I also think the sweetheart neckline is very cute on you.


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