19 Sept 2011

OOTD: Hello Blogger Meet Up Brisbane

On Saturday I finally met up with a few of the other fabulous Brisbane bloggers! I was so excited to finally exchange real words with these women that I had read so much about and left feeling like I'd made some awesome mates!

Front row L-R: Ben, Amy, Dani, Zoe, Hayley, Sheri
Middle row L-R: Deb, Kate, Me, Danielle, Lisa, Amy, Suger
Back row L-R: Lisa, Talia
Photographer: Luke
(Group piccy from Talia, and a huge thanks to her doing all the hard yards with these links, uh huh, I stole them ;)

Organised by Hello Blogger Events, we headed out to Garuva Hidden Tranquility Restaurant & Bar in the Valley and for $25 a head, was super surprised with the amount of awesome food we chowed down on. Ben and I were running a little late, so missed out on happy hour, but definitely indulged in the killer cocktail list (this I'm thinking may have led to my mega overshares lol ;)

It was a really fun, easy going atmosphere. No topic was taboo and I think most of us got on really well. Mind you, a room full of fantastic, outgoing women who I know like to take pictures and talk about themselves- sounds just like me! So I was pretty sure we would all hit it off! ;)
(photo to left belongs to Talia)

Second two piccys from Garuva
The very funky curtained off private areas where we all gathered :)

Bottom right piccy stolen from Suger

 Mega lol's at this photo of Deb and Danielle in the top left corner; we tried for ages to get a get natural pic and decided that this rocking one was the best lol ;)

Yay to new friends!!!

Piccy belongs to Suger

The food was good, the cocktails were rad and the company was fabulous. The perfect recipe for a rocking night out. Although we did have to sit on the floor while we were eating. One day when I'm all famous and such (:-P), I'll write a book: The perfect ice breakers; Number One: sticking your foot in someone's lap! It seemed to work pretty well lol ;)
Dress: Torrid, Jacket: Kmart, Tights: BigW

And of course the all important question- what to wear! I choose this super cute little Torrid bubble hem dress. I wore some tights underneath it (because of the whole sitting on the floor business) and threw my trusty light jacket over the top.

Piccy belongs to Suger

Thankyou for an awesome night ladies! I can't wait for the next one! :)


  1. you looks so lovely, great pictures ♥♥

  2. So lovely, I hope you invite me next time.

  3. that was my lap you stuck your foot in...ha ha
    ciao lisa

  4. Woot woo. I'm so glad I met you. Like, so, so glad. You are a riot. Can't wait to catch up again. :D xo

  5. You look like so much fun, I wish I was there too :).

  6. Loved meeting you - you are such an awesome chick and I am really jealous that you (and several other ladies) all looked great in every photo! You crack me up and I am so glad i was brave enough to go to an event where I knew no one!

  7. I love how you look! you I am wearing your exact same color and I also have tights today, I laughed when I first saw your pictures. You look beautiful and the dress is gorgeous (not only because of the color :-)) It looks like a great time.
    Back home there is a lounge/ restaurant where you sit on the floor on top of pillows and the roof is low is kind of awkward but I love sitting on the floor to eat.
    Have a great week.


  8. you look so lovely with that dress!!


  9. Awww! It looks like it was a mega blast and everyone seems to be really friendly! I'm glad you got to meet other bloggers locally and of course the 'fit is flawless again!

    P.S. I got your jewelery today! It's AMAZE-BALLS. Thanks again love!

  10. It was so lovely to meet you..though dissapointed that I missed the oversharing ;) So glad you had fun and hopefully we can chat more at the next one.

  11. Such crazy pictures! It looks so much fun and the restaurant is so beautiful! I love the curtained private area. <3

    Girl, I like your dress!

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  12. Wow! This looks like a blast and that's a stunner of a frock lady!

  13. I have a new blog to follow! love your stuff!

  14. Loved what you were wearing! And it was lovely to meet you!

  15. Haha thank you! :D

    Also, your blog always cheers me up, you always look so happy! xox

    Walabean x

  16. It looks like you all had a ton of fun!!!! And that food looks amazing!


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