30 Nov 2014

OOTD: Colour splash

When Ben and I first started dating, I wore a lot of black. I look back on those photos and wonder where I was hiding all my colour. I do love the chic look of an all black outfit, but I always feel more confident when I dress it up with a bit of colour. Even better is a great classic LBD with a colour splash like this!


Dress: c/o IGIGI
Belt: ASOS Curve
Bag: Crossroads
Wedges: Betts
Sunnies: Domino Dollhouse
Necklace: Lovisa

I love the way this dress hugs my curves. The cut of it is such a classic shape and it creates a fantastic nipped in waist look, even if there isn't much actual waist there to nip-in! I've always found that IGIGI dresses lend an instant feminine glam to whatever I'm wearing, there's something about this sillehoutte that makes me feel like a woman to be reckoned with!

These wedges are some of the comfiest shoes I own. I really wish I snapped them up in different colours, they are such an awesome statement shoe and I always get compliments on them when I wear them. I added my (super $6!) heart bag which is perfect for a long day out, I can almost fit the kitchen sink in this bad boy!  

I figured that with a killer dress and red essential pieces, the logical next step was gold accessories. I'm a major fan of belts as jewellery, yes, it's not holding anything up but man does it look pretty sitting there on my waist! If I can add a belt without looking silly, I normally do. And of course, the finishing touch is a funky necklaces. And pineapples are about as awesome as it gets! Except for unicorns. But I was fresh out of unicorns that day. 

Do you prefer colour or all black outfits?? 

23 Nov 2014

Festive Season Survival Guide: Dressing to Impress

With the end of the year fast approaching it means that party dress season is in full swing! As I wrote about in my last post, I always agonise over what to wear to these big fancy things and at this time of year, its often not just one or two, but quite a few fancy things you need to look pretty at! When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good you have an awesome time! So with the amazing range of dresses from ASOS Curve, I've got you covered this festive party season! Party away!!


Wedding Guest Outfit

Ahhhh, weddings. Its always such a mix of emotions when you open a wedding invitation: excitment that your friends are getting married, wonder, as to whether or not there will be a bar tab with beer, wine AND spirits (don't even kid yourself, you totally think about that), anticipation, as you think about who will be at the singles table, horror, as you remember the drunken dancefloor moves you busted out at the last wedding you went to and then of course, the dreaded anxiety, when thinking about what you're going to wear. So here is my secret wedding guest outfit tips:

- if you're wearing heels make sure they are your comfy ones and honestly, no matter how good they are, make sure you've got flats to change into later, you don't want to be part of that table of girls who can't boogie the night away because their feet are too sore!
- Be super confident about your makeup. I routinely get eyelash extensions before big events, but if money is tight I slap on some strip lashes for the night. No matter how drunk/teary/emotional you get, you still look fabulous with big, gorgeous lashes!
- Get an outfit 'wower' like a facinator or a statement necklace. It takes the outfit to a whole new level and they look amazing on you all night long.
- Wear a dress that you feel amazing in. No matter how good it looks on, if you aren't comfy, it will show in the way you hold yourself. Make sure it fits right, sits nice and helps you feel fabulous!

I love wearing florals and pretty colours to a wedding, it always makes the day even more fun! My ideal wedding guest dress length hits right at the upper knee, it gives a flirty look of leg without being too short and is appropriate for beach, bush or church ceremonies. If I'm feeling a bit flat or *cough* didn't shave my legs *cough* I can't resist a maxi dress for weddings. When they are dressed up right you get all the comfort of your PJ's with the style of a ball gown! Winning! This floral maxi ticks all the right boxes for me, bold, colourful and sexy, its sure to get the conversation flowing with people asking you where your dress is from!

And the best bit about dress shopping with ASOS is that their return policy is awesome. When I've got a big event on and I'm worried about the sizing or cut of a dress, I order what I think I need and one size bigger, that way I get to choose the one I like best and send back the one that wasn't right. Check out some of my other favourites for wedding guest outfits below.

Wedding Season


Festival wear

Now I'm not going to lie. I adore music festival season. The bands, the energy, the sun, the drinks and the people. Just being there, taking it all in and living every second. I love it! But, if you don't dress for the party you'll end up not having much fun at all. When planning your outfit remember these tips:

- Take care of yourself, make sure your shoulders are covered, I swear to you, festival sunburn might just be worse than any sunburn in the world!
- SLIP, SLOP, SLAP! Get a bag big enough to carry sunscreen, a hat, some sunglasses and a refillable water bottle. Future you will thankyou.
- I've been to festivals where I couldn't pack everything so I took a small kimono like cape. It was big enough that I could wrap myself in it and cover my shoulders and head when I was sitting down watching a gig, but still compact enough that I could fold it up into a small ball in my side bag.
- Protect your inner thighs, its going to be a loooooong day of walking, dancing and shenanigans, either wear some leggings, some bike shorts or use some chafing cream like 3B throughout the day. Chub-rub is the balls.
- Wear some comfy flats, refer to reasons above about it being a long day and future you thanking you.

Getting dressed up in a funky frock and cute accessories might even be just as much fun as the actual festival. Like most girls there, I use the event as an excuse to add  a bohemian vibe into my normal style. This 'PLAY' smock dress is perfect, cute and comfy! Add some flats and a easy to carry side bag and I'm ready for the mosh pits!

Summer Festivals


Christmas Party Outfit

If you're anything like me, my work uniform consits of ugly and uglier. What I wouldn't give for a sexy secretary job where I can pack my wardrobe full of power suits and gorgeous sophisticated corporate wear! But no, I'm a peadatric nurse so on most shifts, I'm wearing a shapeless navy blue skirt and blouse combo and if I'm lucky, I don't have any baby vomit on me yet. Yes the girls and I get together quite a bit outside of work, but the Christmas party is always the time when everyone pulls out the big guns! So, here is my go to tips for making that hot doctor take notice:

- Sparkle! If there is one time of year you can overdose on sparkle its Christmas! I love layering up necklaces or wearing a curve hugging dress with serious sparkle sexiness!
- A statement clutch is awesome, but make sure its got an over the shoulder strap that you can tuck away inside it for later. When your stumbling between clubs at 2am you can hang it on your shoulders and still hold a kebab, genius!
- Wear wedges or a platform heel. You want to make sure you are the hottest babe there and a little extra height always helps (and makes your pins look bangin!). A comfy flat heel gives you the sexiness without the party pooping arch pain, trust me, all your stiletto'd girlfriends will be cursing themselves later.
- A bold lipstick makes a world of difference to the way you look. Sometimes all you need is a red lippy and a hot dress and you're the sexiest lady in the room. Before a big event have a play and a 'trial run' with the lipstick you've chosen, I always try and see how long a lipstick lasts and what it will rub off on so I know my pout-power before the big night.

This heavily textured black and white dress is just divine! The cut looks awesome on all body shapes while the decorative beading is such a different look. Styled up with some bling and out the door we go! The doctors won't know what hit them! ;) 
Christmas Party Dresses


Christmas BBQ Outfit

And of course the BBQ. Although that's what we have here in Australia around Christmas time, I'm not sure what you guys would have on the cold December side of the world. A round the fireplace party? Anyway, hot days, the pool (and 'OMG are we going to have a swim?! Thank goodness I happened to be wearing this super-cute and vintage cut swimsuit!'), beers, funky dresses and BBQs, Summer summed up right there. So I know you already know how to BBQ/round the fireplace party, so here are all of my tips summed up into one point:

Be happy, be comfy, have an awesome time! And having a rockin' dress always helps!

Christmas BBQ

Are you heading anywhere special this festive season???
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