15 Nov 2014

OOTD: Wedding season

Its heating up in Australia, which means more people are having parties and celebrating. Some of the most important parties of course, are weddings! I always agonize over what to wear and for my good friend Nicole's wedding, I was doing the awful 'last minute' dash to prepare an outfit. I knew every little detail of her big day was going to be perfect, and it really was. Not only did she look stunning, but the entire event was beautiful and miticaulous thought out, from the Mr Whippy van after the ceremony  to the letter box on the gift table. Gorgeous. And so, obviously, looking like a rockstar was high on my important list. Once you know you look awesome, the rest of the party can't help but be awesome too!

Dress: City Chic (find it here!)
Clutch: Colette (find it here!)
Wedges: Betts (find them here!)
FascinatorAlannah Hill

I found this dress at City Chic and new it would be perfect! I've had this fabulous Alannah Hill facinator tucked away in my wardrobe for then last year or so, it was its perfect opportunity to shine. Killer dress, funky clutch, (relatively) comfy wedges and eye-catching facinator! I was ready to rock!

 Sometimes its the details that make an outfit truly awesome. Emma and I actually had a conversation about the facinator before we left for the party, she was thinking maybe it was too much for the outfit. But my head wear ended up getting more action than the singles table, so I was glad I was wearing it!

Do you have a mini wardrobe freak out before big events?? 


  1. il y avait l air d avoir une superbe ambiance et gros plus pour le serre tete,la pochette et la robe ;o)

    bon w end !

  2. That clutch is amazing! Love those shoes too, and you look fantastic. x x

  3. Lovely photos! I love your attitude about dressing like a rock star and the mood of the evening following suit! You always have such fun statement accessories. The fascinator is perfect - no wonder everyone wanted to model it!

    <3 Liz

  4. Dressing for weddings is always tough isn't it? I went to a wedding once and was really not comfortable and it SHOWED, when I saw the one or two pictures of me I was like "why, why, rachel, why?". Never again! You look really pretty, I love your dress and those shoes are to die for. I loved your videos on instagram too, you are so fun.



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