26 Apr 2012

Fatshion Faceoff: Coloured Shoes

For this week's Fatshion Faceoff, Dani chose coloured shoes! This post is pretty exciting because I had just picked up these gorgeous new Betts shoes for Full Figured Fashion Week!

I'm trying to limit my purchases before we leave for NYC, because I know I'll be getting some serious shop-on over there! But, I couldn't resist these suede beauties!

Tunic: City Chic
Tights: Avella
Shoes: Betts
Bangles: Style369
Necklace: Mombasa

I love this tunic; it's so comfortable and relaxed, yet so easily dressed up. But honestly, these shoes are so fab, they make anything look dressed up! ;)

I'm giving some serious thought to picking those shoes up in black too- they are extremely comfortable. I really don't have enough coloured shoes.

Check out the other Fatshion Faceoff girls in their coloured shoes too!

Mhairi - http://www.lilybobombslovelylumps.com/

Do you have many coloured shoes???

24 Apr 2012

OOTD: Superhero party!

Last weekend we went to our mate, Colin's superhero-themed 30th birthday party! Now, I really like costume parties. And not just like, oh I really like going to them; but I fully LOVE everything about them (like fully sick, bro). I have an extensive costume wardrobe to rival even the most fan-hard, dress-up loving cosplay addict. Unfortunately this wardrobe of awesomeness is in storage! So making do with what we had lying around the travel bags, Ben and I went as Leopard Lady and Beer- everyone's superhero!

It was a really awesome night filled with so much laughter and in the end, even a bit of karaoke! Ben's costume went down a real treat and considering the amount of gorgeous catwomen sauntering around, I was pretty proud of my individual costume! 

Dress: Torrid 

It's starting to get pretty chilly here at night so my tights are getting a real workout. I love throwing them on under my outfits- they go with pretty much anything! And, when I'm drinking they also stop me getting too accidentally pornographic with my clumsiness!! ;)

Colin's puppy Loki was very fond of my leopard tail! He kept coming out of nowhere and chomping on it!!

What do you guys think about costume parties and dressing up????

19 Apr 2012

Fatshion Faceoff: Hi-lo skirt

With much anticipation, this Thursday- and Fatshion Faceoff is here again! This weeks chosen item was a high-low skirt- a style I'm not afraid to admit, I've totally fallen for! Usually I wear my black high-lo in a casual fashion, so this time, I dressed it up a bit with some nude accessories and a silky top:

Top: Lily and Lou
Skirt: Lily and Lou
Shoes: Betts
Clutch: Betts

As much as I would love to claim ownership of these luxe nude extras- they belong to my sister. I think the nude and the pale gold kept attention on the skirt- although I really need to get a cream bra!

Check out the other Fasthion Faceoff girls in their high-lo skirts too!

Mhairi - http://www.lilybobombslovelylumps.com/

And tell me- how do you style a high-low hem skirt?????

17 Apr 2012

Fabulous Fashion Friends: Trees

One of the reasons I love blogging is that I pick up so many fashion tips from around the globe. One particular blog stuck out to me right away: Adventures of a Girl from the Naki by Trees. Her style is so quirky and original, I was inspired from the very beginning! She totally owns her own individual style and rocks it amazingly; she is a true Fabulous Fashion Friend! Here is a bit of style inspiration from Trees herself:

Hello World! I am really excited to do this post for you, recently Olivia asked me if I would like to be one of her "Fashion Friends" here on "Wait Until the Sunset". A little about me, my name is Trees and I live in Wellington, New Zealand. My blog "Adventures of a girl from the Naki", is a mix of fashion, crafts, travel and my life in general. Also if you're wondering about the title "The Naki" is a nickname for my home province of "Taranaki".

In regard to my style, I guess it's pretty eclectic - I don't really follow fashion and I like to pick up clothes in op shops and make things myself. So here we go, here's my top six fashion inspirations, complete with pictures!

1. Novelty Patterns

One of my most favourite things in the whole wide world is novelty patterns, I think the modern clothing just doesn't have enough novelty patterns. Perhaps people take themselves too serious now to get a bit silly with patterns on clothing. I love vintage clothing that has all kinds of crazy patterns and I also do love the craft and kiddies fabric section at spotlight. I made this shark dress myself and of all the things I've made it's my favourite! I do realise the shark fabric most most likely designed for a five-year-old's pyjamas, but I really don't care. I love so much!

2. Creepy Cute & Kawaii

I can admit it - I have a serious addiction to cute, especially Asian cute. I lived in Korea for a year and nearly died of cute on a daily basis. But my most favourite type of cute is creepy cute - you know the kind of thing - skulls with hearts for eyes, adorable bats, roses with skills in the middle. I love it all! I also have a (some many say unhealthy) love of Hello Kitty and also Kuromi (a creepy cute character from the Sanrio universe). You may be wondering how on earth do you get creepy cute or Kawaii into your wardrobe without looking a bit silly, whilst their are a few girls who rock the whole Harajuku thing in Wellington, it's not really my thing. I tend to wear accessories which are creepy cute or dresses which a creepy cute edge, one of my favourite New Zealand designers "Kitty Bridges" does this so well. I mostly just like wearing skulls and lace.


3. Nautical

I love all things nautical - I'm not sure exactly why I love it so much. I guess living near the water helps - although I am far from being a "water baby" I am happy to frolic but you won't see me heading too far out to sea. Perhaps its because red, white and blue look so great together? Or the fact that anchors can look pretty cute on belts and hair clips? I really don't know but I love nautical things a whole lot

4. Vintage Remix

I know there are so many girls out there who spends so much of their time mastering their vintage look - getting the perfect victory role and finding the perfect shade of red lipstick. I really admire those girls, but I really can't do the whole authentic vintage thing - but I do really love vintage clothing for multiple reasons - the colours, the cuts, the fact that its pretty unlikely someone will be wearing the same thing as you. I love vintage but prefer to wear it "my way" which usually included loud tights, a cardy and a lot of accessories.


5. Extreme Co-ordination!

I love things to match - it's pretty much one of my most favourite things ever. I love shopping and picking up items I know will go perfectly with something I have at home. This means that I have quite a lot of accessories, no wardrobe of plain black shoes and sensible jewellery for me. I love everything bright and colourful and I love it all to match.

6. Tights!

I live in Wellington and it's a fun place to live, there is lots of things to see and do and my friends are here and I love my job - but it is not a warm place! I am originally from further up the North Island of New Zealand where it is a lot warmer. I have no desire to head back up north but I am not sure if I will ever really fully adjust to the Wellington climate. But when life gives you lemons you make lemonade right? So rather than complain about the weather I work on acquiring as many fancy pairs of tights as I possibly can. To date, these are still my favourite - purple tiger print, it doesn't get much better than that!

Well thanks so much for reading my guest post! You've been a great audience and thanks so much for Wait Until the Sunset for having me, until we meet again - Trees xoxox

15 Apr 2012

I could be a model but instead....

Ad: Portmans
 My Dress: ASOS

I could have been a model but instead I went to Uni, became a nurse and now look after sick babies every day!

I was contacted last month but the fabulous Beth from Beth's style quest to join in on her monthly link up 'I could be a model but instead...' The idea behind the linkky is that Beth posts a current advertisement picture (like this one from Portmans) and we try and recreate it- showing that all women are beautiful!

It was great fun trying to recreate this photo- and it was also super challenging. I'm honoured that Beth thought of me for her first link-in and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next! As a side note, I find it extremely hard to look serious and pouty without feeling stupid lol, and that wind! Took us forever to get this right! ;)

Check out Beth and Sarah for their recreations and join in with us! In the mean time-  finish this sentence for me ' I could have been a model but instead....' 

12 Apr 2012

Fatshion Faceoff: Maxi Dress

This week's Fatshion Faceoff item was picked by Mhairi and it's one of my favourite things- a maxi dress! For those just joining the adventure- Fatshion Faceoff is a weekly challenge between six fabulous bloggers over the globe (Hanna, Dani, Molly, Mouna, Mhairi and I :), who choose one item per week and then style it their own way; coolest bit about it- our posts all go live at the same time!

Dress: Crossroads
Vest: Kmart

 These photos were supposed to be outside at the beach but I forgot my camera! I always feel so free and liberated in a maxi dress; it's comfortable, cute and so versatile- dress it up for drinks or relaxed for the park. I adore this one I picked up in Crossroads (and by picked up I mean hunted down in four stores before I found one in my size!). It has amazing runching and tie detailing around the base which really does make it work so many different ways.

The zip at the bust also adds a real modern twist on a traditional maxi dress- and of course it draws attention to the boobies!  The geometric brush-stroke print is pattern enough, so I wore no extra accessories (apart from the usual ones). I added the crochet vest for a bit of a hippy feel and wore it out to the beach with bare feet! Truly relaxed and happy in my maxi!

Check out my other gorgeous Fatshion Faceoff ladies to see their maxi's- and how do you wear yours??????

Mhairi - http://www.lilybobombslovelylumps.com/

9 Apr 2012

OOTD: Bootylicious!!!

Before heading down to Melbourne for Easter (on that note- Happy Easter to you all!!! xx), we hit the town for a few cocktails with some mates.

Dress: Dereon
Stockings: We Love Colors 

I bought this House of Dereon dress ages ago and this is the first time I've worn it;. I loved it the minute I saw it, but it hangs quite 'unflattering-ly' on my body. I adore the different details and patterned back, so in the spirit of body love, grunged it up a bit and wore it out!

Despite my initial insecurities, I felt pretty sexy in this dress. One of the best things about it, is how fab it makes your butt look! I've never been a bum girl, but the Beyonce Dereon range definitely knows how to make the best of your bum!!

Do you guys ever dress to accentuate your butt???? 

5 Apr 2012

Fatshion Faceoff: Coloured Dress

This weeks Fatshion Faceoff challenge item was a solid coloured dress! I was pretty excited to jump into this one, I have loads of coloured dresses and always feel so pretty when I'm wearing them (and I know that Ben loves seeing me in coloured dresses!).

 Dress: ASOS Curve
Belt: City Chic
Stockings: We Love Colors

I love the gorgeous sheer and beaded detailing above the bust, it's so beautiful; and also gives that sexy low neckline without being over the top.  I adore the colour of this dress, it's so vibrant. The shape itself is quite big on me so I've belted it in with a sash off another dress.

I wore it with mostly natural makeup and a bit of gloss; the dress itself is so eye-catching that it still looks dressed up even without much makeup!

I can't wait to see how the other Fatshion Faceoff babes style their block colour dresses!

Mhairi - http://www.lilybobombslovelylumps.com/

2 Apr 2012

OOTD: Goodbye, farewell, I love you!

One of my closest friends, Anna, is making a huge move interstate. I am awfully sad to see her go, but know she is only a phone call away! So, we met up in the city for a few goodbye drinks and shenanigans!

Dress: City Chic
Blazer: Forever 21+
Stockings: We Love Colors
Clutch: Vintage GloMesh

I wore my City Chic beaded tunic, it's so versatile and light. Much like the blazer actually- goes with everything and looks fab. I don't think any item of clothing is quite as under-valued as a funky blazer!

I'm also insanely obsessed with vintage glo-mesh bags at the moment! I love the old clutches you can find in op-shops. I picked up this one for $5! And in near perfect nick! Surely we all have a thrifted glo-mesh bag! Do you???

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