29 Mar 2012

Fatshion Faceoff: Coloured Skinnys

So with this week's Fatshion Faceoff, I kind of cheated; the item picked was a pair of coloured skinny jeans. I don't actually own any pairs of coloured pants at all! I even shopped around a bit for some, but none have ever seemed to look right on me. However, I do have an extensive collection of coloured stockings!

Dress: City Chic
Leggings: We Love Colors
Necklace: Diva
Headdress: Cosmetics Inc.
Belt: Crossroads
Bracelets: Bought at markets in Egypt

I've seen loads of these flower headdress' around lately and they always make me think of  forest faeries! And well, the stockings remind me of the headbands and the headbands made me think of a fairy-like outfit! Bare-feet, forest-ey colours and jingly accessories!

The bracelets I'm wearing we picked up when we were in some markets in Cairo, Egypt. I bought them to go with my yellow Egyptian dancer costume!

I adore the colours on this dress, and the hem has so much movement- it's actually a maxi dress that I've folded under my belt! It's cute as a maxi, but this is faerie length! ;)

Make sure you check out the other Fatshion Faceoff girls and their ACTUAL skinny jeans!

Mhairi - http://www.lilybobombslovelylumps.com/

27 Mar 2012

Lust List: structure and colour

1) Torrid- Berry Suede System Heel
I've been pushing myself to wear more heels lately and adored these suede pumps the minute I saw them! The colour is bold and eye-catching, a real statement shoe!

2) Forever 21- Colourblock Yoke Dress
I'm loving the peter-pan angled collar neckline with the cinched waist and drop hem- so gorgeous!

3) City Chic- Urban Safari Hi Lo Dress
WANT THIS DRESS SO MUCH!!!! The sheer panel, structured and lines and mullet hem, siiiiiiiggghhhhhh

4) Forever 21- Stacked Collar Colourblock Top
I can see this hot top tucked in to a high waisted skirt with some rocking heels! It's the perfect transition top for the Autumn months.

5) New Look- Across Body Bag
I've been shopping around for a cube like across body bag for ages- and this one fits all the bill! Gorgeous neutral colours and silver-like buckle clasp, yes please!!!! :)

6) Yours- Black/Nude Star Sheer Tights
Arggggghhh! As you have no doubt noticed, I'm hooked on tights! I'm loving the pretty patterned styles you can get at Yours Clothing!

25 Mar 2012

OOTD: Preppy in the city

On Friday night I met Ben and I headed into the city for some end of week drinks and a bit of late night shopping!

Dress: ASOS Curve
Tights: Big W
Bag: Kmart

I love the pussy-bow neckline and cute spot print.  The length is a little short for basic shopping and drinks, so I popped some trusty leggings underneath- good too as the weather is starting to chill a little. I'm totally loving the bargains you can pick up in major chain shops, the bag, tights and ($4) flip-flops came to something like $15; and the dress I picked up in the ASOSn sales last year for a steal too!

I felt preppy and cute in this outfit. Preppy style is an awesome way to easily do-up an outfit but still be casual; I like that the style lets you be comfy but also dressed up!

22 Mar 2012

Fatshion Faceoff: Stripe Shirt

The week has very quickly come around and it's time for Fatshion Faceoff again! This week was my pick and I chose a stripe shirt- primarily because I have about six of them! I decided to use this floaty Forever 21+ shirt which I picked up a few weeks ago in the sales:

Top: Forever 21+
Jeans: Crossroads
Jacket: City Chic
Necklace: Diva

Normally I style this tank in a girly way. However, getting a bit on the cooler side, I've thrown my favourite jacket over the top and roughed it up a bit with black accessories and my skinny jeans.

I also added some lace up wedges, to add to the rock look! I love wedges, I'm really not a high-heel wearer (noticed all the flip-flops in my outfit shots yet????), but a wedge is the perfect in between!

So there is my stripe shirt for the week! Make sure you check out the other Fatshion Faceoff girls as well to see how they styled this weeks item!

Mhairi - http://www.lilybobombslovelylumps.com/

21 Mar 2012

Karaoke Blog Meet!

As you've probably noticed, I've been trying to attend as many blog meet-up's as I can lately. While chatting to Suger at the Jade Buddha brunch, I mentioned to her that we should arrange a night out on the town at a karaoke meet up! Well Melissa quite liked the idea and said I should plan it! So here we are- my first ever organised blog meet supported by the Hello Blogger Events Team!

I searched around town for a fab bar that would hold all of us and ended up choosing Fat Louie's- a rad Brisbane City pub with big private karaoke rooms!

As you can see there is plenty of room to rock and shake your groove thing! So get practising on those high notes and come and join us!!!

When: Saturday April 14th
Room: Booked from 5pm-8pm
Cost: $25/head (max 25 people)

The ticket price includes the three hour room hire and a bunch of classic pub nibbles. The drinks are very reasonably priced, soft drinks for $2, beers from $5 and cocktails from $10. Parking wise, the venue is a literal stones throw from the Queen Street Myer Center- where parking is max $15 for the night.

So grab your tickets now in the upper right hand corner or off the Hello Blogger Events website. And be prepared, because I will be getting my Aretha Franklin on ;)

20 Mar 2012

OOTD: Hello Events Workshop!

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Hello Events Workshop with my golden ticket last weekend. It was an amazing day full of such inspiring speakers, that I truly left with a whole new understanding of the blogging world.

Over the six and a bit hours, I learnt some fab tips about working with brands, finding my niche, making meaningful content, interacting with my readers, copyright laws, photography tricks and blog design. Phew!! I'm always the person to ask nosy, annoying questions, so hearing all the ideas has hopefully really helped to shape the future of my blog. I think the biggest thing I took home was concerning blog style and layout- considering this, I've got a new design coming soon and can't wait to share it with you!

 Speakers: (back row) Suger, Sass, Stacey, Maddie, Kelly, Jacqui, (front) Danielle, Zoe, Dani
Photo from Trx Photography

 Other than learning all about bloggy goodness, it was also awesome to catch up with some of the fabulous Queensland blogging community. The event was very laid back with plenty of time for gossip and shenanigans!

It's always such good fun to get into a room of bloggers! It was so lovely to chat away with Sheri, AmyGil, Lisa and Trudie and super exciting to meet Leonie and Jess! It's awesome to put real faces to people that you have alot to do with in the cyber world- and it makes for loads of laughs!

A huge thank-you needs to go to Dani and Suger for organising the event. All of us who attended were so impressed with the content and the plan of the day. Loads of information was squeezed into the 6 hours and we still got out on time. The food was great, the venue was lovely and the content blew us away; apart from an issue with microphones the day went off without a hitch!

Now, I had great plans about what I was going to wear to this event; wonderful ideas about how I was going to dress chic and professional yet still approachable. Well as it ended up, Suger stayed over my house the night before and we got accidentely- quite drunk. The alarm the next morning was the worst noise in the world, so I literally rolled out of bed and into the first dress that most resembled my PJ's!

Dress: New Look
Belt: New Look
Tights: Big W

As it turned out, it was the perfect outit! Cute and comfy- great for learning in! ;)

15 Mar 2012

Fatshion Faceoff: Leopard print skirt

I am super excited for this first Fatshion Faceoff post! Organised by Hanna and Dani, the idea is that every week we (Dani, Hanna, Molly, Mouna and Me!)  do a post about one specific item of clothing and then see how we would all style it! The posts go live all at the same time, every week- all over the world! I'm in Australia, Hanna is in The UK, Mouna in Belgium and Molly and Dani in the USA!

This week the category was leopard print skirt; I styled mine in a modern 80's theme!

Top: Forever 21+
Skirt: City Chic
Tights: We Love Colors
Booties: Kmart

I adore a bit of 80's styling- bright colours, bling, bangles and big hair! I love watching those retro movies and seeing the girls get all dressed up with their sequins and leopard print! Every time I normally wear leopard print skirts, I dress them girly and lady-like. This styling pushed me out of comfort zone and added a modern twist to an 80's style.

We Love Colors tights are soooooo comfy! And the brights add a wicked spin to any outfit. I'm loving this Forever 21+ sequin top (which is actually a dress!), it's super sparkly and really sets off the skirt.

How would you wear a leopard print skirt??

Make sure you check out the other Fatshion Faceoff ladies! I can't to see how they styled thier leopard print skirt!

12 Mar 2012

OOTD: Sheri Bomb Blog Launch

Last weekend I was lucky enough to go to Sheri Bomb's new blog launch! Held at The Calypso Bar,  it was an awesome afternoon full of amazing rockabilly fabulousness; the gorgeous dresses, the hair and the give-aways- GOSH!! The guests were very spoiled!

Our gorgeous host Sheri was decked out as always in her amazing rockabilly style- complete with handsome man-friend Walter. There were some fantastic lucky-door prizes from Sailor Jerry, Housewife Couture and Femme Fatale Magazine amongst a stack of other fabulous goodies! 

The Mayhem Country Boys had us all rocking in our seats and shimming around the dance-floor and it was great to chat to the diverse range of guests there to help Sheri celebrate her new blog!

Ben and I both cleaned up in the luck-draw, Ben won a Uppercut men's grooming package also with authentic 1950's tie and kerchief from Atomic Martini Vintage ; and I scored this beautiful wooden fan from Moon Dog Collection! AND, it was also a fantastic excuse to catch up with Gil and Suger!

And what to wear???? Well I knew there would be a bunch of immaculately dressed rockabilly/retro ladies so I was feeling some pressure to look fabulous!

Puff sleeve-top: City Chic
Skirt: Lily and Lou via Best and Less

I wore my new hi-low skirt from Lily and Lou; a bargain I picked up at Best and Less for $25! I think this skirt shows that it pays to hunt around in the big label stores- you can find some gems! I bought it in black too and I'm looking forward to it becoming an Autumn staple!

Have you checked out Sheri's fab new blog????

7 Mar 2012

OOTD: Fierce

 I love how an outfit can help to shape and entire attitude. An outfit like this brings out my my 'fierce'- animal print, leather jacket, gold accessories- ready to dance! I guess in some ways, a mad outfit is like armour; I like the way I look in it so nothing can stop me! And of course, feeling rocking in an outfit means that I have a rocking night!

Dress: ASOS Curve
Jacket: City Chic
Stockings: We Love Colors
Booties: Kmart
Necklace: Diva

I wore this outfit out for some drinks on Friday night in the City. And I really did feel fierce!

Do you have an outfit that makes you feel unstoppable??

4 Mar 2012

OOTD: Ghouls Night Out

As my valentine's day present to Ben, I bought us two tickets to Ghouls Night Out- a dinner and show package at The Twelfth Night Theatre here in Brisbane.

It was a lovely mid-week dinner date that was full of laughs, music and even a little magic!

We went straight after work, so I wanted something comfy and easy to switch into. I picked up this super cute New Look dress when I was in Europe over Christmas and I'm keeping an eye the website for ones a similar cut- it is so versatile and easy to wear.

Dress and Belt: New Look Inspire
Tights: M Line

The tights are from M Line- my first purchase from the company; the quality is awesome and I will definitely be buying from the again!

Also, thank-you to everyone who checked out my v-log entry for the Hello Event's Workshop ticket- I am super excited to announce that I am the very lucky winner! Can't wait for next weekend at the workshop!!! :)

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