27 Mar 2012

Lust List: structure and colour

1) Torrid- Berry Suede System Heel
I've been pushing myself to wear more heels lately and adored these suede pumps the minute I saw them! The colour is bold and eye-catching, a real statement shoe!

2) Forever 21- Colourblock Yoke Dress
I'm loving the peter-pan angled collar neckline with the cinched waist and drop hem- so gorgeous!

3) City Chic- Urban Safari Hi Lo Dress
WANT THIS DRESS SO MUCH!!!! The sheer panel, structured and lines and mullet hem, siiiiiiiggghhhhhh

4) Forever 21- Stacked Collar Colourblock Top
I can see this hot top tucked in to a high waisted skirt with some rocking heels! It's the perfect transition top for the Autumn months.

5) New Look- Across Body Bag
I've been shopping around for a cube like across body bag for ages- and this one fits all the bill! Gorgeous neutral colours and silver-like buckle clasp, yes please!!!! :)

6) Yours- Black/Nude Star Sheer Tights
Arggggghhh! As you have no doubt noticed, I'm hooked on tights! I'm loving the pretty patterned styles you can get at Yours Clothing!


  1. Just Jeans came out with the safari dress months ago in a navy blue, it is exactly the same dress! Was a bit disappointed to see CC bring out the exact same design but just in a different colour?
    It is a really nice dress though, I wear mine constantly with black leggings as its a bit short in the front for my liking!

    1. really?!?!?! That is disappointing and not the first time I've heard of CC doing that...... hmmmm :(

  2. I have had my eye on the color block dress (2) since I last saw it online! I'm lusting over that one too! (=


  3. I want that forever21 dress! The collar and colour, so pretttty!

  4. I adore the tights and cross body bag, I love cross body bags in general. I love the berry colored heels too, they are such a fantastic color.


  5. Love all your picks - I think you NEED that safari dress you would look fab in it!

    I really like the shoes and bag too :)


  6. These are all super cute!! You would look so good in that dress that you are dying for.

  7. I will lust ove the lot with you, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

  8. That second dress is amazing, so so beautiful.

  9. I am definately going to have to pick up one of those dresses. Too cute!

  10. congratulations! your blog is very beautiful!




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