21 Mar 2012

Karaoke Blog Meet!

As you've probably noticed, I've been trying to attend as many blog meet-up's as I can lately. While chatting to Suger at the Jade Buddha brunch, I mentioned to her that we should arrange a night out on the town at a karaoke meet up! Well Melissa quite liked the idea and said I should plan it! So here we are- my first ever organised blog meet supported by the Hello Blogger Events Team!

I searched around town for a fab bar that would hold all of us and ended up choosing Fat Louie's- a rad Brisbane City pub with big private karaoke rooms!

As you can see there is plenty of room to rock and shake your groove thing! So get practising on those high notes and come and join us!!!

When: Saturday April 14th
Room: Booked from 5pm-8pm
Cost: $25/head (max 25 people)

The ticket price includes the three hour room hire and a bunch of classic pub nibbles. The drinks are very reasonably priced, soft drinks for $2, beers from $5 and cocktails from $10. Parking wise, the venue is a literal stones throw from the Queen Street Myer Center- where parking is max $15 for the night.

So grab your tickets now in the upper right hand corner or off the Hello Blogger Events website. And be prepared, because I will be getting my Aretha Franklin on ;)


  1. eeeeeeeppp! This looks like so much fun... except just the idea of karaoke'ing in front of people I don't know gives me butterflies!!!

  2. I REALLY want to come!! I wish I could, can we do karaoke if I do make it over for a visit? Also I e-mailed you - yah!

    1. omg yes!!! We HAVE to do karaoke when you come visit!!! xx

  3. that sounds awesome!!


  4. Ah it sounds like it would be lots of fun!!! Karaoke though hmm I don't know if I have the guts to try that!


  5. Hello doll! Thanks for dropping by my blog :) This sounds fun! Enjoy.

    By the way, I am following you :)

    The Pink Margarita

  6. oh so much fun!

  7. So, i'm kind of tempted to organise a short holiday to myself to go to this. I've NEVER done karaoke before!

    1. OMG DO IT!!! And I'd love to FINALLY Meet you!!! :) xxx


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