26 Feb 2012

Hello Events Golden Ticket

There is a really awesome blog conference next month being run by Hello Blogger Events that I  really want to go to. The tickets are $70- a bit out of our price range at the moment (what with paying off holiday of awesome and such!); but luckily, the Hello team are offering one lucky blogger a golden free ticket! To enter, you have to do a blog post explaining why you really want it and the entries are being judged on 'x-factor'.

This is my entry- fingers crossed for me!!! :-D

23 Feb 2012

OOTD: Hello Blogger Events QLD meet

I was very excited to attend a Queensland blog meet a few weeks ago (post awfully late I know). Held at Jade Buddha and hosted by Melissa and Hello Blogger Events, it was so fab to catch up with some old friends and meet some new ones!

Although I didn't get to have long chats with everyone I wanted to, it was so lovely to catch up and discuss bloggy-goodness!

There was of course a bit of silliness, boob grabbing (Suger and Dani- can't take you anywhere! ;), oversharing, laughs and for some reason, connect four. I was sporting my new 'happiness' necklace and funnily enough, Caroline had spied the same necklace in the markets that morning and bought one after seeing mine on!

Even though it was only a few hours- it was jammed packed! I fell in love with Sheri's dress and was delighted to finally meet Amy (who was competing in a crazy Warrior Dash the next week)! Chatted with Mrs BC and have embarrassing Amsterdam stories ready to tell Deb next time we see her!
Exchanged some awesome chats with Trudie, some laughs with Ames and we were all spoilt by Ann with her home-made coconut ice! I didn't get properly round to everyone, but Jos, Sarah, Cate, Rachel and Gillian watch out, because I'll be coming for you next time! ;)

Being pretty hot this day, I wore my chilled out City Chic tunic with leggings and thongs! Comfort and bright pink!

Tunic: City Chic
Leggings: Big W
Clutch: Equip Accessories 

And Ben looked pretty handsome as always!

 It was a great day with fabulous people and fabulous networking- I can't wait for the next one! :)

Front: Ames, Melissa

17 Feb 2012

In Review: ghd Heat Protect Spray

I have naturally wavy hair. Wavy, sometimes curly, knotty, crazy, sometimes very unruly. Also being (a fake) blonde, my hair can literally not survive without product in it. I had already been shopping around for a new straightening serum when I was contacted by a ghd representative, asking if I would be interested in reviewing the ghd Heat Protect Spray from their style product range. Now, as you've probably noticed from past posts, I straighten my hair regularly- I'm also a ghd addict! I have a fab pink ghd that has travelled the world with me that I absolutely adore (an awesome birthday pressie from my siblings), so I jumped at the chance to be able to try a ghd straightening product to go with it!

I used the spray for an entire week, on wet and dry hair. I used it as a hair drying aid and also pre-straightening, always with awesome results. The light mist doesn't settle or weigh down my hair and it has a beautiful, fruity smell that isn't overpowering. 

I really liked how soft and silky it made my hair feel. As a pre-blowdry product it helped ease my fly-aways while also helping to prevent that damaged feel. I loved it as a pre-straightening spray- I sprayed it in, brushed it through and glided my irons down! It took all the tug out of the straightening action, leaving my hair, silky soft without losing the bounce. I also tried it with a different, non ghd straightener and was still so impressed. Check out these piccys from day 2 washed hair.

The secret to perfect hair is the four S's!

style, separate, spray, straighten!


Things I liked best about it:
- lightweight feel in my hair
- felt like it truly protected my hair- less fly-aways, still had bounce
- left my hair feeling soft and silky
- kept the hair smooth- no hot-iron resistance

Would I buy this product in the future?
- Definitely! It made such an obvious difference to the condition of my hair- I was super impressed. It was also so versatile, great for blow-drying and styling, wet and dry hair, as a styling product and as a hair protector.

Want to try it out for your self?? Check it out HERE! :-D

15 Feb 2012

OOTD: Fashion Weekly Relaunch

I was lucky enough to be invited by Suger (and by-proxy by Danielle), to the Fashion Weekly magazine relaunch at the very gorgeous Oxford 152.

It was an interesting night of fashion, beauty and fabulous company (I won't go into too much detail about how I wet my pants with excitement at the thought of being at a real fashion-thing- a real one! ;)! Okay, so it wasn't quite as glitzy as I imagined and we may have snuck out for sushi before coming back for the runway shows; but it was still amazing!

The gorgeous ladies (and men) from Boss Models strutted their stuff on the red carpet showcasing some of our fab local talent. I was very impressed with the super cute designs by Kezini swimwear above, most notably the ruffled one piece- awesome!

 There were also some lovely evening wear numbers by Jacqueline Buck Couture and Daniel Alexander Couture. I adored these full length dramatic floaty dresses. I'm dying to get my hands on a maxi dress similar, the fluidity of the fabrics with the stunning cuts made for some audible runway side sighs!

By far my favourite pop-up stall of the night was the amazing collection from Unique Accessories. After wiping up my lust-have-it drool, I snapped a few piccys of my favourite items on display; After checking over my photos I decided my simple point and shoot didn't do them justice, so have stolen a few pictures from the website (here and here) ;)

The bohemian like statement piece were a real stand out. I think I may have freaked out the ladies running the stall (far right picture) with my oohing and ahhhing.

A huge thankyou to Suger and Dani for inviting me to the event, I had a blast! And of course, anytime I spend with Melissa is a good time- she cracks me up!

Dress: ASOS Curve
Stockings: We Love Colors
Side Bag: Kmart
Booties: Kmart
(Seriously has anyone looked in Kmart lately- they have some super cute stuff!!)

And what to wear to a fashion show???? Well I agonised let me tell you. In fact, I still hadn't made up my mind an hour before we left! It required some serious parading of 'narrowed down' outfits for Melissa and some of my girlfriends beforeI decided!

I chose this rad little Peter Pan collar lace dress. It's utterly fab. I love it. It's a little tight over my belly, but cute arm detailing and above knee length sold me! I rocked it with a high top notch- a hair style I've been living in this Summer! What would you wear to a fashion show???

14 Feb 2012

New Blog Address!!

As an amazing Valentines Day present, Ben surprised me by purchasing and converting my blog to it's new address: www.waituntilthesunset.com

I am super excited and feel very lucky to have such a thoughtful and sneaky man-friend. So from now on, here is where you find me (update your bookmarks lol ;)! This must be the start of a new adventure!

Happy Valentine's Day! 

13 Feb 2012

The real me

I love blogging and sharing my outfit posts. However, I must admit that when OOTD photos are taken, I am usually standing still and on angles that I know look nice on me. We also usually take about 15 photos, out of which I only pick 4- the four of course that look the nicest. Well one of my girlfriends found this gem taken while out clubbing late last year and kindly posted it on my Facebook wall this morning. I of course laughed and thought it was 'unflattering' and hilarious- but it's also the real me.

I kind of love it. It's a 'unflattering' but awesome. I'm out clubbing with my girlfriends and the love of my life. I'm drunk, happy and dancing. Rocking a Torrid dress. And my boobs look fab!

I'd love to see your candid 'real you' pictures????

9 Feb 2012

Lust List: Valentines Day

With Valentines Day quickly approaching, it's a perfect excuse to pick up some new lingerie! I feel super sexy and feminine when wearing lingerie and pretty underwear. Now, I admit that I am not always amazingly fashionable (daggy PJ's, mis-matched socks and occasionally even Crocs), but I ALWAYS have pretty undies on! You know that old saying about making sure you've got nice knickers in case you have a car accident? I figure that not only do I feel fabulous in sexy underwear, you also never know when you might be hanging out (ripped your pants, stepped on your skirt, tucked your top into your undies, too drunk???); so why not make it the best butt possible! ;)

Style369.com have a gorgeous range of separates and matching underwear sets. With cute prints, lace detailing, ribbons and bows, these sets sex-up underwear without taking you too far out of your comfort zone if you're a fab-undie virgin.

Torrid rock the plus-size lingerie. No matter what the season, you are guaranteed to find an amazing piece of smoking hot night wear that will look gorgeous on you at Torrid. I have raved several times about how much I love their lingerie collections; I have about 10 sets to my name already that I have even worn as tops and out on the town! If you haven't bought a piece yet- DO IT NOW!!!! (plus they are all on special for Valentines Day!)

City Chic have some really cute cami's as well as some sexy little night pieces. I have a few of thier PJ combos which are super flirty and comfy!

Hips and Curves have an amazing range of plus-size halters, garters, cami's and costumes. I adore their super sexy costume cross lingerie outfits- I want everything!! How rocking are these three ensembles!

And of course, Domino Dollhouse! With the recently released Valentine Vamp Lingerie Collection, Domino Dollhouseis is rocking my world with the gorgeous vintage inspired pieces. I can't wait to get my hands on some!

Do you have any favourite lingerie or sexy wear you bring out for special occasions?? Are you a daggy undie woman or sexy undie woman???

7 Feb 2012

OOTD: Big Day Out 2012

Big Day Out is my favourite yearly music festival. Held on eight or so huge stages (usually on show-grounds), a bunch of amazing bands of different genres rock out all day. Over the years BDO has hosted some awesome rock band headliners- from Tool, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Muse, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Ramstein, Silverchair, and Powderfinger- truly more than enough to keep me dancing all day long!

I was so excited when I heard that Soundgarden were to be one of the main acts at this years BDO; I was literally online the minute they went on sale! I was also super excited to see Hilltop Hoods, Bluejuice, Kimbra, Drapht and Kasabian. Ben wanted to own the mosh pit at Art vs Science and we were lucky enough to discover Boy and Bear when we caught the last of their set.

It really is a huge day out of music, drinks and dancing! I wore some cute and comfy mosh pit worthy clothes:

Racer Back: Kmart
Tank: Lily and Lou
Tights: BigW
Skirt: City Chic
 Sneakers: Dunlop Volleys

This piccys were taken at the end of the night- sweaty and covered and in all sorts of BDO goodness! At the bottom is some of my Instagrams from the day as well as my favourite photo I took in Soundgarden mosh pit!

5 Feb 2012

Holiday of Awesome- Egypt wrap up

Even with all the travelling we have done, nothing could prepare us for the amazing sites we were to see in Egypt. Every single day we would say 'oh, NOTHING could beat this..' and every morning we were wrong. I literally cannot rave enough about the country- 4000 year old buildings that still have colour in the paintings, temples with statues almost 100 feet high, mummified Pharaohs that still have skin and hair, hieroglyphics and pictures depicting world history- from Ramses to Alexander the Great; the amazing sites go on and on.

I feel awed by the things that we saw on this trip. It is so amazing to have witnessed such rich history and be able to say, I've walked inside a pyramid, seen Tutankhamun's mask, cruised down the Nile, stood in front of the Sphinx, explored The Valley of The Kings and been rendered speechless by the seemingly never-ending deserts of Egypt. Here are a few of my favourite highlights.


Again for anyone interested (and I really do hope you check them out- Egypt was so fabulous!), I've posted some more photos on my Facebook Page.

A huge thank-you to everyone who followed us on this journey; The Holiday of Awesome was a life (and bank) changing experience. I feel honoured to have been able to share this with you and can't wait for our next overseas adventure!

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