17 Feb 2012

In Review: ghd Heat Protect Spray

I have naturally wavy hair. Wavy, sometimes curly, knotty, crazy, sometimes very unruly. Also being (a fake) blonde, my hair can literally not survive without product in it. I had already been shopping around for a new straightening serum when I was contacted by a ghd representative, asking if I would be interested in reviewing the ghd Heat Protect Spray from their style product range. Now, as you've probably noticed from past posts, I straighten my hair regularly- I'm also a ghd addict! I have a fab pink ghd that has travelled the world with me that I absolutely adore (an awesome birthday pressie from my siblings), so I jumped at the chance to be able to try a ghd straightening product to go with it!

I used the spray for an entire week, on wet and dry hair. I used it as a hair drying aid and also pre-straightening, always with awesome results. The light mist doesn't settle or weigh down my hair and it has a beautiful, fruity smell that isn't overpowering. 

I really liked how soft and silky it made my hair feel. As a pre-blowdry product it helped ease my fly-aways while also helping to prevent that damaged feel. I loved it as a pre-straightening spray- I sprayed it in, brushed it through and glided my irons down! It took all the tug out of the straightening action, leaving my hair, silky soft without losing the bounce. I also tried it with a different, non ghd straightener and was still so impressed. Check out these piccys from day 2 washed hair.

The secret to perfect hair is the four S's!

style, separate, spray, straighten!


Things I liked best about it:
- lightweight feel in my hair
- felt like it truly protected my hair- less fly-aways, still had bounce
- left my hair feeling soft and silky
- kept the hair smooth- no hot-iron resistance

Would I buy this product in the future?
- Definitely! It made such an obvious difference to the condition of my hair- I was super impressed. It was also so versatile, great for blow-drying and styling, wet and dry hair, as a styling product and as a hair protector.

Want to try it out for your self?? Check it out HERE! :-D


  1. Replies
    1. awww thanks! The grass is always greener though right?!

  2. i have a GHD ;-)

  3. your blog is so fun to read!
    follow u now.

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  4. awesome review!
    i do adore ur hair both wavy and straight. ^^v
    have a great weekend hun!

  5. Ooh it sounds good! Do you think it would speed up straightening time too? I try straighten my hair every day but I don't have much time in the mornings to be as thorough as my little iron needs. I wonder if this would help keep it straight with less heat?


    1. Oh goodness yes! I felt that it definitely sped up the straightening speed- it is so fab!

  6. Great review! I have been thinking about buying a GHD straightner and this post really made me want to get one and also that product :)


  7. Ooooo. I so need a GHD, since my sister moved out and took hers with her, my 'other' brand one just doesn't cut it! I love a product that doesn't weight the hair. My hair already reacts with an oil storm as soon as the heat hits it, the last thing I need is a heavy or greasy product.

  8. this was a very cool review! haha enjoyed looking at the faces you made on the first pictures with the curly hair. Also, I LOVE your curly hair!!!!!! sometimes I like curly hair more than straight her, seriously.
    Cute blog! let's follow each other ;)!
    actually I'm going to go ahead and follow you now. Hope you come by and follow back :)

  9. You're adorable and I actually really dig your messy/wavy hair!

  10. You are so fabulous darling!! I love all your pretty smiling pics. Great review!

    - Marisa


  11. I actually much prefer your beach curls / wavy hair. My hair is naturally straight but I wish it was wavy like yours, it looks so much more volumised!

    1. awww thanks! we always want what we don't have though right?! x

  12. Thanks! I was crazy impressed with it! :) xx


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