1 Jul 2015

OOTD: Playsuit

I have a love-hate relationship with play suits. Admittedly much more love than hate. I actually I adore them, but finding the right type to suit my body shape is where the feelings get less than friendly. I have a long torso, round mid-section and wide thighs, as such, I often find that play-suits sit awkwardly on me. I saw this Yours Clothing floral playsuit in a Summer teaser and it looked like it would suit my shape perfectly. It stuck in my memory so long, that when the team asked me if anything took my fancy, I jumped at the chance of giving this cute piece a go!

Playsuit, stockings and jacket: c/o Yours Clothing
Clutch and necklace: Colette

Firstly, let my start by addressing this photo of my shoes. See those toes? Oh yes. My stockings are inside out. As comfy as these tights are, toe stitching drives me up the wall!  I find that the higher the denier, the tougher the toe stitching is, but I figure its worth it for the deep black colouring and the confidence of knowing you can't see my undies through them! Inside out stockings can be our little secret! ;)

As you can see by the photos, the suit did not disappoint! It really is perfect! I'm wearing a UK size 24-26 here (AUS size 22-24) and the elastic middle-band sits right on my natural waist. I love the deep neckline and eye-catching print. I always feel most comfortable in outfits that draw a lot of attention, crazy but true. The shorts have a very subtle flare which gives them an awesome flow and movement when walking.

I often wear play-suits as a casual item, so I thought I'd change things up a bit and make this an evening outfit. We went out for drinks with some of my girlfriends last weekend and I added the jacket and stockings for a more dressy feel. This waterfall leather jacket (size 22) really toughens up the look without being too structured and it kept the night chill away. How cool are the gold zips and zip pulls, little details like this make it so much more than just an ordinary throw on jacket. I kept the gold accents going by accessorizing (bagarizing?) with this large, metallic clutch' its my go to piece for upping the glam!

What do you think of play-suits??

24 Jun 2015

OOTD: Black, floral and sheer

You know those days when you want to feel like a babein' lady? And I don't just mean like 'I want to feel pretty today' but a legitimate 'I want to put this on, know I look amazing and not have to worry about what I'm wearing all day long'. Yeah. That good. Scarlet & Jo dresses always tick those boxes for me. Simple yet detailed. Classic yet modern. Flirty and demure. The perfect babein' lady dress!

Dress: C/O Scarlet & Jo
Shoes: Betts
Bag: Ebay
Sunnies: New Look

The team from Scarlet & Jo sent me this dress from part of their prom dress collection. I knew as soon as I saw it that it would fit like a dream. The fit and flare cut sits perfectly on my wide hips and the skirt has an attached net lining which gives just the right amount of gentle 'boof' for everyday and dressed up wear.

Mostly I like that its a twist on an everyday little black dress. With the colour splash, the cheeky sheer panel and the flare shape, there is so much already going on that you don't need to add many accessories for it to feel like a complete outfit.

Although this particular dress is nearly sold out, Scarlet & Jo release thier collection in sizes 14 to 32, I love thier size inclusion! From a fit point of view, this dress is a UK size 24 and I'd say it would be on par with our AUS 22-24. The hips are cut more as a free size with the flare and its super comfortable to wear- as with every S&J piece I've ever owned. And this brings me back to what I was saying about loving the brand. Having so much faith in a brand that you can buy something online and know it'll be perfect. That might just be the holy-grail of fashion!

7 Jun 2015

OOTD: Winter colour

When it gets cooler, my wardrobe naturally colour tones down and I find myself wearing more grey and black. And now don't get me wrong, I love a sexy, all- black outfit, but when the sun snuck out from behind the clouds last week, I had to keep that brightness going!

Top: c/o BooHoo
Skirt: Eloquii
Shoes: Betts
Bag: Colette
Necklace: H&M
Sunnies: Domino Dollhouse

Eloquii had a killer sale last month, all skirt stock was reduced to $39. Which means I picked up this midi skirt (and a few others!) for a steal! I love the heavy drape of it, even on this windy day I didn't have many gusty-up skirt problems.

The funky top is part of the Nadia Aboulhosn x Boohoo Spring/Summer collection (find it here in black and white). Its actually a bodysuit, but I wear it as a top to avoid visible camel toe. I often find bodysuits aren't cut right for my long torso and I am still on the hunt for the perfect one. But I couldn't resist the cool mesh panels and neckline, strap detailing. Its such a stand out 'Nadia' type piece, effortlessly cool.

I've just rediscovered these platform jelly sandals from Betts. They were hiding in a dusty corner of my wardrobe, very sadly unloved. Slipping these bad boys on made me remember why I love platform heels so much- comfort and height ohhhh yeah! And they were a perfect addition to this white and green outfit!

What colour do you wear most when its cold?
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