14 Apr 2014

OOTD: Body-con me baby!

On Sunday afternoon Ben and I met up with his groomsmen in the city so we could order thier suits for the wedding. I've been wanting to show this killer BooHoo dress off and what better excuse than a day out in town!

Dress: BooHoo c/o
Jacket: City Chic
Necklace: Colette
Clutch: Kate Hill
Flatforms: Betts

Size wise, this is a UK 24 and pretty much fits like a glove. I normally wear an Aussie size 20-22, so I reckon the BooHoo plus-size fits slightly on the smaller size. On that note though, I'm quite round in the belly, so I often find body-con styles less roomy in that area. I'm keen to get my hands on some of the skater dress styles and see how they fit, some of them are super cute!

I love the sequin print with the bold blues- its so easy to style up. It was chilly that afternoon so I (stupidly) didn't take my jacket off so you could see the extremely flattering hourglass pattern with black panels. And flattering is not a word I use lightly at all, its a shit word, but yes, this dress shaves a good few sizes off of my waist with its optical illusion. 

I figure if I'm getting dressed up I may as well do it all the way so I threw on my favourite, trusty leather jacket and my amazing Betts flatforms. I can't get enough of these beauties recently. I used to wear flatforms all the time back in my early teens (Spice Girls crazy and all!) and I've just gotten back into them recently. I've whinged more than enough about how I don't like heels (even though I wear them because I love the look of them- isn't that ridiculous? Pain for beauty eh?!), so I'm loving the extra COMFY height!

What do you think of body-con? 

11 Apr 2014

Curvy Couture Roadshow: Runway Three

The third runway of the Curvy Couture Roadshow featured lingerie and vintage and retro inspired designers. I'm not going to lie, watching these runways made we want to re-define my entire style, I loved the sexy yet demure vintage looks!


I can't wait to get my hands on some of Sonsee's super stretchy hosifrey. I wear a lot of outfits featuring stockings (primarily because I'm decidedly unco and fall over a lot.  That and I love short outfits- stockings give me the confidence to rock them without crutch flashing!) and know these beauties are going to become firm wardrobe favourites!

Miss Scarlett Did It

I loved the look of Miss Scarlett Did It's gorgeous lingerie. Having a perfectly fitting bra makes such a difference to the fit of an outfit- and when that bra is also pretty, well, it makes for outfit perfection! The cute little accents, sheer panels and bows made for ultra fabulous pieces! I loved them! Plus, the models did such an amazing job showing them off, I was proud to see those beautiful plus-size women owning the runway!

The Professor's Daughter

Polkadots, stripes and bold colours! I die! I was ready to leap out of my seat and throw my credit card at their feet! I couldn't get enough of the pretty, polished pieces. I even adore the name, The Professor's Daughter straight away put me in the mind of the classic 1940's fashions, bold and feminine. Those gorgeous swing jackets are calling my name- Love! 

Bombshell Vintage

Bombshell Vintage showed some truly gorgeous pieces. That hounds tooth jackets and that sequin dress litterally awed the crowd, I heard almost every voice these raised in 'oohhs' and 'ahhs'! It was a lovely way to finish the third runway- classic and beautiful!

6 Apr 2014

Curvy Couture Roadshow: What I wore

Hopefully by now you've already seen some of the awesome photos from the Curvy Couture Roadshow runway, so I figure I'll break it up a little and add my outfit in the middle! I wanted to have a look with a bit of edge as well as cuteness. But really, I started this look from the shoes up! I picked up these killer white flatforms in the Betts sales and I'd been waiting for a special occasion to rock them!

Dress: old stock ASOS Curve
Jacket: 17 Sundays
Tights: We Love Colors
Flatforms: Betts
Clutch: BooHoo

So it was the shoes and this amazing jacket. Seriously. Then the rest of this outfit just fell together. I've been getting some serious mileage out of this 17 Sundays jacket, its so easy to style up or down and its incredibly comfy.

I was acutely aware of what I was putting in my handbag with this clear clutch. You know how they say your eyes are the window to your soul? Well they were wrong, a clear handbag is the window to a women's soul! I repacked and changed my handbag contents several times before I felt that it was suitable public viewing. And ended up stashing my tampons in Sugers bag! HA!

I love this last photo that Nat snapped of Suger and I getting out photos! :-D

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