29 Mar 2016

New season Johnny Bigg

Well helllllllllo 2016! How did you sneak up on me and where have you already gone?! It's been a quiet on the blog front, lately there seems to have been less time for the laptop and more Instagram photos on the go. Well, no time like the present, I've got some fun things in the pipelines ready for you team! So let's kick this year off (albeit three months late!), with a bit of husband handsomeness!

I was so excited when the Johnny Bigg team asked us to choose some pieces for Ben to wear again. It was great fun dressing him up last time and a nice change for me to get behind the camera. Plus it's always fun to see the man you love looking handsome! And handsome he does!

Ben wears:
T-shirt: Hawkins Pocket Tee, size 2X
Jacket: Marlon Hooded PU Jacket, size 2X
Pants: Monae Stretch Cuff Pants, size 40
Shoes: Molano High Tops

For the first outfit, we went for a casual look. Ben had wanted a tan jacket for as long as I can remember, so when the Marlon Hooded PU jacket popped up in the new arrivals, I snapped it up and we built an outfit around it. The jacket has a great, relaxed, slouchy feel with a zip off cotton jersey hoodie. But it still has such awesome structure that it makes even the comfiest of looks seem pulled together. 

We had to ask for the high top sneakers, they have a totally cool, vintage-basketball feel to them. Plus they are going to get heaps of wear heading into the cooler months. I swear he's never mastered the casual, closed in shoe look before, but these shoes made it easy! The pants are a different style for Ben, but I loved the idea of him wearing the elastic cuffed ankles, I knew they were going to look awesome on him. He always jokes about what great legs he has, not going to lie though, they are pretty fantastic! Plus how totally rad do high tops and cropped pants look together?! Instant sport-luxe!

He wore the outfit last Sunday afternoon, when we popped out to play around with a recent op-shop find. This Russian made, 1970s Zenit-E camera was $20 at Chandler markets, I couldn't resist! We both get a kick out of old cameras and between us we've collected quite a few. (Check out this 8mm video camera I found a few years back too!)

Ben has become such a fan of Johnny Bigg that we snapped up almost a whole new wardrobe for him in the Christmas sales. The brand has been a real eye opener for Ben, and truly, I think it's got him thinking more about what he's wearing. He's always been a bit of an old soul when it came to dressing up. Ben was the one in grandpas hand-me-down loafers while the other guys were wearing Etnies. He had this insane collection of vests when I first met him as well. The style was always there, he just wasn't very good at bringing it all together. Especially being a bigger guy, it was always hard to find the right cuts and sizes that he wanted. I feel like Johnny Bigg has given him a bit more insight into what he feels (and looks!) best in.
So when I suggested adding some navy suspenders (or braces?!) to his more formal look, we ran with it! I love the classic twist it gives to the outfit, it looks almost like I could have plucked him out of somewhere in the early 1900s. Looking back at these photos the next day, I felt like there was a bit of 'make it count, meet me at the clock' Titanic-Jack-ness about it. The look is cheeky and playful, dressed up, without being ostentatious. And it's sexy. Sexy for the win!

Ben wears:
Shirt: Ruben Check Shirt, size 2X
Jacket: Usher Stretch Jacket, size 2X
Pants: Coniston Stretch Dress Pants, size 40
Shoes: Barber Lace Up Shoe

I love brown, smart lace-ups. They add such a punch to any outfit and these did not disappoint. Ben wears his old black lace up JB shoes to work everyday and they are still in such good condition. It's worth the investment when you know you're buying a shoe like this that can easily be worn dressed up or down and will last through the seasons. Plus the colour looks fantastic with the grey and navy hues.

Ben has always been a fan of stripes and checks, the print makes up a large quantity of his wardrobe, so the check shirt was a definite must have. We actually had a totally different outfit in mind for the smart casual outfit originally, but the stock sold out so fast we missed it! Nonetheless, both looks started with a simple check shirt and we went from there! I love the solid coloured inside cuffs on the Ruben Check shirt, little details like this are so chic and add so much style. Ben is wearing a size 2X here and it fits him perfectly. He often has trouble with shoulders being too big if he sizes up for his belly, but these are cut so well, the great fit is what keeps him going back to the website to buy more. God forbid they open a store near us, I'd never get Ben out of it!

Grey dress pants are such a style staple. No matter the year, no matter the current fashion, a grey pair of slacks will always look fashionable. Think about it next time you notice a well dressed man, he's probably rocking some grey tones. Ben has always been a slacks fan (you've probably read me whining about how it took years to convince him to wear anything BUT dress pants), so it was a no brainier that his more formal look would feature a pair. The Coniston Stretch pants are so effortless, they tie the whole look together perfectly. Ben wore this outfit out for some drinks last Monday afternoon and he got so many compliments about how great he looked. Even my Mum, a notoriously tight lipped, tough-to-impress lady (imagine Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada-esque and you'll get an idea), commented how much she liked the look when I sent her a photo and if that isn't the greatest praise, I'm not sure what is!

Which outfit was your favourite? Relaxed or smart casual?

29 Dec 2015

OOTD: Festive

Merry Christmas! The festive season is, like for a lot of people, my favourite time of year. People are nicer, family is around, food is abundant, places are decorated, sales are crazy and its the season for parties! Which I take as meaning it's totally legitimate to dress up (costumes or otherwise), all the time. 

Last weekend we were invited to a fancy Christmas Soirée with some of Ben's buddies. And the invite seriously said that. Soirée. I felt both grown up excited and nervous at the same time. Grown up because, well, only adults with their shit together get invited to soirées right? And nervous because I was going to have to bring out the big guns wasn't I.

The team at 17 Sundays sent me this gorgeous, jersey, 'Steal My Sunshine' dress. It's classically cut, pleated skirt totally fit the swanky category for me. (At the time of this post, the dress is currently sold out on the 17 website. But they are carried in-store at Myer! If they don't have one in your size, ask the Myer staff if they can track one down for you, they've got mad skills.)

The dress is so soft and comfortable to wear. The material has such a luxurious feel that when I unwrapped it from its packaging, it shimmied across my hand and the foil gold dots caught the sunshine coming through my bedroom window. Now I know that sounds super corny, but it's the absolute truth! I knew straight away I wanted to style it with a modern-vintage glamour twist, it was just too beautiful to not put the extra bit of effort into my outfit. 

Dress: c/o 17 Sundays 
Gloves: eBay 
Bag: thrifted/vintage find 
Hat: H&M (similar)
Shoes: Rubi 
Belt: ASOS 
Necklace: Lovisa

I wanted to draw some attention to the subtle, shimmering of the dots so I added a gold plate belt and clutch to make them pop. One of my favourite thrifted finds was this divine hard case, clasp clutch. Its such a beautiful piece and I always get compliments on it when I use it. We must have partied a bit too hard though, because at the end of the night the closure button had popped off!

The dress has lot of stretch and definitely went the distance comfort wise. The material is light but has enough weight to maintain its pleated drape when walking and standing. For sizing notes, I'm wearing a 26 here which in hindsight probably was a bit big. I had asked the ladies to send me the 26 when the 24 in the Electric Love Dress was a bit tight around my belly. That said, the material is completely different though and with the stretchy jersey you would easily get away with a size or two on either side of your regular.

It was still light out when we left and I knew some of the party would be on an outdoor deck, so I had to wear my felt H&M hat for a bit of added drama. Finishing off the outfit with some black lace gloves and I was ready to soiree!

How would you style this dress??

25 Sep 2015

Colour change

I've been blonde for almost five years now and it took a good six months of different bleaches and tone mixing until I achieved the light blonde colour I'd always wanted. Understandably, once I'd found the perfect shade I was pretty happy to sick with it for as long as I thought I could pull it off. And well, when my hair dresser called me to tell me she was retiring, my whole (hair-related) world came crashing down around me! What was I going to do?! Stay blonde and try to achieve the same look with a new stylist, or use my last appointment with her to finally do the big change we had talked about for years?? I asked the team over on my Facebook page what they thought and the answer was a resounding: GO OUT WITH A BANG!

Dress: H & M 
Necklace: Collette
Sunnies: New Look 
Wedges: Target 

So, a bang we did! Bright red and ten inches cut off! Going red had been something my hairdresser and I had talked about since the wedding last year. My hair needed a break from the bleach and it was time to let go of the straggly ends I'd been holding onto. Naively, I didn't event think about how much of my wardrobe was built around the fact that I had platinum blonde hair.

To make things work with the new colour, I had to reshuffle a chunk of my everyday wardrobe around and even unearthed a few pieces from storage! Some of my old favourites clashed too much with the vibrancy of the tone and they just didn't look quite right. So, not only has it been a hair reinvention, but the new colour has forced me to rethink my style as well. 

This outfit sums up some of my fashion changes nicely. More blues, neutrals and golds! I'm a silver girl at heart but gold really pop against the red. I've been reaching for my gold tone accessories more and more as I get used to the new colour. I love these New Look sunnies with graduated brown lenses and gold wire rims, they are the perfect clash against the red. Even just gold accents like the bar on these Target wedges seem to tie the colours back together so well. 

I've also rediscovered my love of neutrals. Caramels, tan, deep sand, beige and rich khakis are my go-to colours! My new JORD Wood Watch has been on high rotation since the new change, it's creamy, honey maple works so well with my skin tone and balances the bold red perfectly. With its hand crafted, natural wood, no two watches will ever be the same. It's pretty cool knowing that you have a one-off piece that's all your own, it makes it that much more special! And with the added glam of the rose gold face and Swarovski crystals, this Sidney series watch is just divine!

I thought it was so awesome that JORD will also custom size the watch to your wrist before they post it. Little details like this are what bring me back to a company. I never post about an item unless I'm super impressed with the quality and JORD ticks all my boxes- even the packaging was beautiful!

I picked up this H & M dress two weeks ago from Westfield Garden City shopping cente.e It's so, so rad having another physical shop that stocks plus-size that I can try on clothes at. I love online shopping (obviously), but being able to run down to the shops and touch and feel the items makes such a difference. This lightweight dress has been a perfect Spring item for those hot days, I've worn it to the beach, the shops and dressed it up like this to wear out for some drinks. Plus the blue is such a great contrast with the red that it's so easy to wear!

Do you find you wear different colours when you change your hair??
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