13 Jul 2014

Aussie Curves: Blue

Well hiya!! A blog post, no way! Hello from Crete! We have one more week left of our honeymoon and as you've no doubt noticed, the internet is pretty patchy put here. I've been slowing uploading these photos the last few days and I am just going to scrape in in time for Aussie Curve blue week. 

Skirt: New Look Inspire
Top: Forever 21+

These piccies were taken up in the Meteora mountains above Athens, we spent the day exploring the monasteries and all the little walkways and trails between them.  Translating as 'suspended in the air' and 'in the heavens above', Meteora has such amazing scenery and breathtaking heights, it was an awesome day. Seeing places like this makes me realise how totally small we are in the world, it brings everything back into perspective. 

To get into the monasteries I had to wear a long skirt and luckily, I stocked up when we were in Dubai at New Look (they have an amazingly well stocked plus-size range!). I actually bought four ankle length maxi-skirts on this trip, which has ended up being totally rad as I've worn them a lot. The material is  nice and breezy while the length covers my burn-easy white legs- perfect for this Mediterranean weather! Plus these skirts have pockets, that pretty much makes them the best skirts in existence. That and they come in coral, blue, tribal and floral print, clearly I had to buy them all- find them here

And there we go, my first blog post in a month, thanks for sticking with me, I've got some exciting collaborations in the works for when we get home! In the mean time, come check me out of Instagram and Facebook, I'd love chat to you guys there! Xx

6 Jun 2014

OOTD: floral and denim

We headed out for dinner for Libby's birthday recently, you know cockatils, food and good company. My favourite type of nights. I wanted to wear this cute little Forever 21+ dress but its a little on the nippy side- sooooo, of course. Its THE JACKET time! I imagine that Hammer Time song every-time I put it on. Dooo do duh do, jacket time!

Dress: Forever 21+
Jacket: 17 Sundays
Clutch: Target
Flats: Rubi Shoes
Stockings: Sonsee Woman

I toasted up the outfit by wearing these Sonsee stockings in the opaque 100 Denier Full Tights. The team at Sonsee sent me a gorgeous little package of tights recently- perfect timing for the chilly change in weather. I'm a mega stockings fan- having a perfect pair of well fitting tights is almost better than a perfect pair of jeans. I've worn these out quite a few times and love the thickness and stretchiness of them. Sizing wise, I'm wearing a 'Stunning' size 22-24 and they fit pretty bang on. I have quite a long torso and short legs, so I had a little ankle sag in these after a few hours, but nothing that would ever stop me buying more of them.

As a side note, did you see Libby and I traded dresses that night?? Libby's dress was labeled 'one size fits all'- ahahahahahhaha! Do you like my leotard??? ;)

1 Jun 2014

Staying toasty with Autograph Fashion

The weather has well and truly turned a little frosty here in Australia and I'm on the lookout for ways to warm up my wardrobe. Rather than just showing you the list of stuff I want, I thought it would be fun to get into the store and start shopping together! Plus its easier to make on-line shopping choices when you've seen how they fit! The ladies at my local Autograph store at Cannon Hill were super helpful and didn't bat an eyelid when I started snooping around with my camera, here are some of my favourite snaps from the day!

I love that Autograph is a one stop shop for everything fashion related. PJ's, underwear, basics, outerwear and even formal wear- these guys have you covered! I had a play around the racks and put a few outfits together for you to see how I would style up some of my favourite pieces.

I started by playing up the florals. Its too easy to get stuck in a rut just wear black over Winter and I'm loving the colour Autograph are injecting with these tops and cute leggings. The leggings are surprisingly warm and are so easy to style up. I'm wearing the a size medium in the leggings, a 20 in the top and a size 18 in the jacket. I adore the drape on the top- perfect for layering!

Wearing Autograph: Contrast lace yoke top, Aztec print soft pants like these

One of the first things that caught my eye when I entered the shop was the gorgeous lace blouse. The shoulder detailing is divine, I wish I was wearing a strapless bra to make the most of the shape! I've been living in soft pants like these lately, they are the perfect winter pant- comfy, high waisted and with gorgeous prints! Size wise, I'm wearing a 16 in the top and 22 in the pants.

I couldn't resist this fabulous top. Without a doubt, a stripe blouse like this is the most easily instant-chic piece in a woman's wardrobe. Styled up with these gorgeous jeans and a thick knit cardi, this outfit is Winter fashion winning! I'm wearing a size 20 in the blouse and a medium in the jacket- the jacket has a great curvy shape to it, its so rare to find knits with shape that I audibly 'ooohhd and ahhhd over it! Also, I was pleasantly surprised with the cut and shape of these size 22 skinny jeans, its my first time wearing Autograph's jeans and to say I'm converted may be an understatement. I had a great chat to one of the other customers shopping in the store, she said she pretty much lives in Autograph jeans and wouldn't buy any other brand!

 On the day I was in-store, Autograph were having a kit sale and they gave me $50 to spend- it was perfectly timed for my Winter cardi hunt. I took home the Peak Hem Drape Cardi and a necklace for just under the fifty! Bargain!! I've worn the cardi almost everyday since purchase and I snapped a few piccys of me wearing it this weekend for you to see how totally rad it is! I love the extra length in it, I feel like I can show a little leg or wear a plunging neckline and know that I'm still going to stay cosy! 

What are your favourite items this season??
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