24 May 2014

OOTD: Deep South Saloon

Last weekend a girlfriend was visiting from interstate and planned a few events so we could all get together and catch up. Her invite said we were meeting for drinks at this swanky new saloon-like bar in town, so I knew I had to bring my A game outfit wise!

Dress: ASOS Curve
Belt: Forever 21+
Wedges: Betts
Earrings: Real Divas Are Large

Clutch: Thrifted

The bar in question was the totally funky Lefty's Old Time Music Hall on Caxton Street, it has such an amazing Old Western Saloon meets Deep South glamour feeling to it. The sultry notes from the rockabilly swing band drifted out the door as we waited in line to go inside. I can't remember the last time I waited in line for a club, was it really worth it Ben and I asked each other. But yes. It was pretty fabulous. With crystal chandeliers, red interiors and the wrap around staircases- the opulent surrounds make you feel like you've walked into a movie. Or maybe that was the killer whiskey menu? Either way, as I leaned over the mezzanine banisters looking for my friends, there was more than enough interesting views to distract me from my searching. I snapped a few phone-photos while we were there but the shadowed lighting didn't make for very clear images- I've nabbed these two from the internet to show you how fab it was inside. 

(photo from Concrete Playground + Jennifer Anderson

(photo from Must Do Brisbane)

These wedges have recently been added to my Betts shoe collection, I love the gorgeous bold purple and floral print that clashed so well with the red. I've had this swing dress sitting in my wardrobe for a while (I even took it to NYC for Full Figured Fashion Week a few years ago!) but I've always put it on and then changed my mind. I think one of my biggest issues is that the swing cut hides all of my shape, so I belted it up and am really happy with how it all ended up looking! The gorgeous sheer detailing above the bust is such an eye-catcher that accessory wise, I only added these Real Divas Are Large  clip-ons and that rocking gold clutch.

How would you wear this dress?? 

18 May 2014

OOTD: QLD Bloggers lunch

Hopefully you caught some of these photos on my Instagram feed a few weeks ago, but if not, here are some totally rad happy snaps (taken by Suger!) of our Queensland Plus Size Bloggers Meet Up! WE gathered, we ate, we drank, we laughed, we shenaniganed! It. Was. Awesome!

How amazing do all my babes look! We met down on the coast for lunch, ordered some Mexican food and a few cocktails. We then hit up the City Chic outlet shop before heading back to our hotel to party the night away! It was awesome meeting and catching up with these ladies I'd spent so much time chatting with online. And ti was so easy, conversation flowed, drinks were shared and stories exchanged! It was fabulous!

Jumpsuit: City Chic (similar here)
Jacket: Crossroads (similar here)
Flats: Ruby Shoes (these ones here!)
Necklace: Diva

I wanted to go comfy and cute so opted for the jumpsuit I've stolen off of Suger (I'll give it back someday I swear!). The day was windy so I paired it up with this bomber jacket from Crossroads and of course some cute little flats to top it off! Stylish enough for a lady-date and comfy enough to eat all the foods and drink all the things! 

5 May 2014

Harlow Australia Winter Collection

You know that totally rad weekend a few weeks back that I spent at Sugers? Well it wasn't all just wine and shenanigans (and there was lots of that), we also got together and played dress-ups! Harlow sent us some of the pieces from their new season collection and it sure made our weekend even more awesome!

I'd been lusting after quite a few of their new pieces and to see them all in person sealed the deal for me. If you haven't heard of this brand yet, (which I'm SURE you have- have a squiz at me wearing them herehere and here! And with such an explosion in amazing Aussie plus-fashion happening, how could you NOT have heard of them?!) check out these photos! They are fresh, rocking and super easy to wear- that's my kind of fashion baby!

Suger wears: Harlow wrap skirt and Electra blouse

So whats that you say? OH! You're commenting on my fabulous pants aren't you!? These killer Moto Pants have been on my wishlist since Harlow day one! The sold out so fast that I thought I'd never be able to make a pair mine. But yes! With Winter's collection came a re-stock of these slim fit, leather panel, ponte beauties! I've literally lost count of how many times I've worn them in the last few weeks. LOVE!!

Suger and Mel are both wearing one of silky feel Electra blouses, the white one and the gorgeous Don't Cross My Path maxi skirt are my next up favourite items in the range. The skirt is going to go with absolutely everything and both items give that instant chic, pulled together look. And how killer does Desiree look in the Wet 'n' Wild Scuba Leggings what an absolute rockstar!

What's your favourite item from the new collection?? 
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