10 Oct 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: Shoe boots

I haven't worn these shoe boots in such a long time. In fact, I had to unearth them from a mighty pile of shoes and stored clothes to find them! I remember when I got them I loved the hell out of them (is that even a positive thing to say?! Interpret it as lots of loving)! I hunted for some like this for months! Imagine a female version of David Attenborough stalking the shoe shops. Once found, I wore these babies as often as I could. Yet after a few hours in this outfit I remember why I had reluctantly stored them- epic ball of foot pain! As hot as they are, my feet (I almost wrote 'balls' HA!) are killing me. I either need to invest in some serious gel pads or keep up the search for the perfect pair of shoe boots!

Jacket: Harlow
Top: Kmart
Jeans: Crossroads
Boots: Kmart
Necklace: City Chic
Bracelet: Torrid

I'm obsessed with this Harlow jacket. It's the perfect weight for changing seasons. I'm sure you have heard me complain about the uncharacteristically high temperatures we are having; well with that is coming some chilly evenings. This jacket is lightweight enough that I can carry it with me and wear open in the sun, yet warm enough that I'm ready for that sudden mercury drop. And seriously, it's covered in sequins. Does it get any better than that?!

Floral cut offs are rocking my world right now. I would never have been caught dead in these a few years ago, yet these have barely left my legs in the last few months! Crossroads have some of the cutest little pants and often have awesome sales-  you can pick up pieces for a steal if you keep an eye on the stores!

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Do you have awesome shoe boots???
Can you recommend any awesome shoe shops?? 


  1. The right pair of booties can seriously compliment one's style. Whatever that "right pair" is depends entirely on one's style and one's tastes. These lace-up booties are quite nice on you to go with the sequin top and the floral bottoms.


  2. I love the cute booties and the sequin jacket

  3. Such a cute outfit, omg I love that jacket its awesome! And I feel you on those booties, I have very similar shoe boots that I bought because they were so cute but have never worn them because they hurt my feet. But I might have to try to by some gels for my shoes because you are inspiring me with this outfit! :)


  4. Shame those shoes are so uncomfortable! Try some inserts, it might help :)

    Also love your sequin jacket! :)

  5. Love you whole outfit! I grabbed a great pair of booties from the Wittner eBay store - super comfy and pretty damn good looking. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Wittner-Ladies-Shoes-Black-Leather-Boots-/251299406756?pt=AU_Women_Shoes&var=&hash=item801df57af8

  6. I just plain can't do heels. I want to, but even a platform/wedge kills my feet :( You do look fabulous, however!

  7. I love the jacket too, its so pretty. Also those gel pads really work well.

  8. LOVE this outfit! I have the same pants, though this outfit makes me want that jacket EVEN more, and I didn't think that was possible!

  9. Loving this combo SO much. The floral/sequin combo is killer.


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