2 Oct 2013

Aussie Curves: Festival

I love festivals. I love the energy, the sun, the heat, the crowds, the crap food, the slurpee cocktails and of course- seeing some of my favourite bands rocking it out in my home town ( or even just in my country- its worth checking out the interstate lineup- sometimes bands only play certain states and its worth the drive over the border!).

Dress: City Chic
Tights and side bag: Kmart
Jellies: Jelly Beans
Necklace: Lovisa (?)

I always dress comfy for festivals, its going to be a long day and I don't want to get half way through and want to leave because I'm uncomfortable/too hot/got chafe/overly sunburnt. I love this little City Chic dress just for those reasons- its comfy, cute and I can layer it up with some tights and a flowy jacket when the sun hits heavily.

I think one of the most important things I've learned about festivals is that its pretty likely something you have will get lost or damaged. I make sure that whatever I'm wearing is either replaceable or already well loved. Three years ago I lost the locket and the pendant off of my favourite necklace in a mosh pit, I was devastated. I literally made everyone around me move to help me look for them. They were never found and the locket I wear now ( my everyday necklace) is a replacement. Broke my heart to lose it- so I learnt the hard way! This necklace is a dress jewelry chepo and has been to The Big Pineapple Festival and the Big Day Out festival with me already! Its gone the distance so I like to think of it as my lucky festival necklace!

I've found that jellies are awesome festival shoes! I'm not much of a gumboot wearer and my feet get hot and annoying in sneakers so jellies are my perfect in between. They are easy to wash off if they get muddy, easy to slip on and off if I get dirt in them and airy enough that they don't get hot. They also provide surprisingly good foot and toe protection. I swear the layered rubber/plastic pieces turn to stone when you get trampled on! Plus,the colours are super cute! If Ben loses me in a mosh he can find me by looking for my bright shoes!

I've read through a few of the AC babes posts and it sounds like some of them have never been to a festival before. So for newbies or people keen to get into it all, I've written out some of the sneaky hard-learnt tips I've discovered over the years!

My festival survival guide:

- DON'T wear a backpack. If the mosh pit is a separate area you have to get into, the bouncers won't let you in with it and you'll miss out on front row awesomeness. Or, if its an open festival and the mosh is a free for all, you are that dick who hits everyone with their bag. And it takes up a place another person could be standing in. Don't do it man.

- DO carry just the basics with you. I'm talking eftpos card, ID, cash, sunscreen, water. As little as you can get away with.

- DO wear lots of sunscreen and re-apply during the day- its easy to sweat it off while getting your grove on!

- DON'T wear makeup- ain't no-body got time for that!!

- DO keep yourself hydrated. Use the free water stations and match your cocktail slurpee with a water as well (or at least 2 cocktails to one water)

- DO wear clothes and sunnies you feel genuinely comfortable in. You'll be wearing them for 8-16 hours, so I'm talking light and easy to wear clothes. And something to stop chub-rub!

- DO wear comfy shoes that protect your toes. You are going to get stepped on. A lot. Leave your thongs at home, unless you have a spare toe you are keen to lose.

- DON'T push to the front if your not fussed about a certain band. There are other people there who are really into them and this may be their only chance to see them.

- DO have a totally awesome time! Be free, crazy, wild and rock it out!

Do you like festivals?

Who's the best band you've seen live? 


  1. Great post!
    You forgot hand sanitizer! haha

  2. That is such a cute ruffle dress!

    Great festival tips too :)

  3. Love the idea of the jelly shoes!

  4. Gorgeous as always. Love the dress and the shoes. And your smile, of course. :D

    ♡ Mel

  5. EE! you're so colorful! I love that necklace!

  6. Gorgeous hair, comfortable-yet-cute footwear AND an effortlessly stylish outfit? Girl, you have *nailed* fabulous festival attire!

    P.S. The best bands I've ever seen? A total toss-up between A Perfect Circle and Slipknot :D

  7. I love this outfit, all the colours and the jelly shoes!!

  8. Super cute outfit Olivia, it makes me feel like partying, love the purple jellies!

  9. love this outfit, you look super cute!

  10. Looking good lady. Thanks for the tips. But let's face it, if I made it this far without ending up in a mosh pit, it's probably never going to happen. Haha. And worst case scenario I'll take you along too. ;)

  11. I love festivals although I haven't been to one in a LONG time, the older I get the less my back/feet/patience wants to deal with it all. I went to many in my youth though, I wore a pair of khaki shorts to a festival one year... it's kind of funny now because I never wear khaki. I tend to avoid the sun and I somehow managed to go to a festival or two and not get a sunburn (which is a miracle because I'm the palest person on the planet). I was really impressed with a performance by Eminem at a Festival in the early 2000's. I don't typically care for rap music but I was so impressed with his performance that I bought his CD. Anyway, let's get to you and this dress! Seriously, you are stunning, this dress is flawless on you. I love the purple jellies and aqua blue accessories. Best dressed lady in the mosh pit, I dare say.


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