14 Oct 2013

Brand Spotlight: Scarlett & Jo Powerfit Dress

When I heard that Scarlett & Jo were making a dress with a built in mesh shape-wear lining, I was more than a little excited. A body con dress without the need to wear added suck-me-in underwear?! I was sold! The S&J team very kindly sent me over this dress to show you and from the minute I put it on, I felt like a movie star!

Belt: ASOS Curve
Clutch: BooHoo
Facinator: eQuip
Heels: Target

Spring is races and wine festival season in Australia (and no doubt the rest of the world!), so I knew exactly how I was going to style this Purple Spot Powerfit Dress up. Add some gold accessories, a flash of pink and a gorgeous headdress- a day on the green here I come!

The cut of the dress holds comfortably over my curves and the mesh lining really does support my thighs and belly area. I felt pleasantly contained without being restricted- there is still lots of movement and ease of wear in this dress. There is nothing worse than looking fabulous in a dress, yet feeling horrible in the hidden layers of shape-wear underneath!

Now I'm sure you have seen the photos already, but some of my favourite bloggers have been featured wearing these dresses- and no matter how different their body shapes or sizes, they ALL look fabulous!!!

I stole this picture from Georgina because I couldn't resists showing you how fabulous her, Bethany and Callie looked rocking their Powerfit Dresses! Seriously. That shape, that cut, that material. I'm in love!

The colour is a very diffrent look for me, but I'm really enjoying the overall sophisticated and curvaceous look to the dress. I'm also loving the cute mesh detailing above the sweetheart neckline- it gives a cheeky flash of flesh without being over the top. 

Talking about colours, the Scarlett & Jo Powerfit Dresses is currently in stock in TWENTY-SIX different styles and patterns on the Evans website! All with the gorgeous necklines, flattering cuts and that amazing suck-in-yet-not-squeezed-in mesh lining! If you love the cute of the dress but aren't interested in the lining, they also do a non-mesh version for five pounds less! 

And my most favourite thing about this dress?? It's available in sizes 14 to 28. Thank you Evans for making fabulous dresses available to all of us!

These are a few of the others that I have my eye on currently!

What do you think of the dress??
Do you wear shapewear often? 


  1. Gorgeous. Looking good lady. Love, love this dress on you and I'll be off to check out the cream/black one. I'll probably pick your brain about sizing.

    1. Thanks Suger! For the record this is a size 22, its probably a bit big over my bust and perhaps a little tight over my belly. So I don't think it would be worth changing the size. xx

    2. Actually the 22 would be perfect for your bigger boobs and smaller belly! xx

  2. This dress is gorgeous on you. Stunning lady! x

  3. That dress looks amazing on you! Love the color

  4. Witwoo!! Looking amazing! x

  5. And you look like Movie Star on her way to meet the Count of Monte Cristo. . . Enjoy!

  6. Looking good Liv and the dress is a beaut. Love the accessories too. x

  7. Smokin' hot! I NEVER EVER wear shapewear - there I said it, I just think like is too short to feel uncomfortable. But then I never wear heels because I find them uncomfortable, I'm just that kind of girl ;) I do need to check out this frock though - it looks amazing on you and your friends as well.


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