7 Oct 2013

Aussie Curves: Stripes

It's funny, because you always hear about stripes looking horrible on fat women (who on earth said that?!); when funnily enough, I always feel super chic and gorgeous when I wear striped clothing! This wasn't actually the outfit I intended to wear but it's been unbelievably hot here in Brisbane the last few weeks- so mini skirt weather it is! 

Top: Forever 21+
Skirt: Torrid
Bag: Crossroads
Turquoise bangle: City Chic (and I can't remember where the silver one is from)
Flats: Melissa
Stache necklace: eBay 

I don't wear a whole lot of orange colored things but I adore the summery hue of this Forever 21+ stripped blouse. I stuck to the same kind of palette and accessorized with red, pink and a pop of turquoise! 

This totally rad heart shaped bag was a $5 purchase! Can you believe that!? What a bargain! Crossroads have some of the best sales! 

I bought these cute little pink glitter Melissa flats while in New York City. Ash, Dani, Ben and I hit the shops for a day between FFFWeek events! It was Dan that talked me into buying them- and now I live in them!! 

Check out all the Aussie babes in their stripes this week!

Do you wear stripes?? 


  1. Great outfit! I LOVE that bag!

  2. THAT BAG! Love this outfit. Just gorgeous.

  3. Those shoes! That bag! I love this outfit!

  4. Love this whole outfit, I want a striped shirt now, super cute as always Olivia

  5. Stripes look great on you! Love the orange colour of that shirt :) It has been crazily warm lately, wonder where the nice but not overpowering spring weather went to? haha!

  6. Gosh! You are so cute. Gorgeous look. ♡ And that bag is pure love!!! ♡♡♡

    ♡ Mel xoxo

  7. Although I really like the outfits you put together, I gotta say that what keeps me coming back here is how you accesorize them. Keep up the good work!

  8. Stripes rock! I love your shirt and bag.

  9. Anything "they" say is usually bullshit, darl!
    You're rocking these stripes, and looking cool and breezey into the bargain! X

  10. You are all kinds of adorable! and Oh em gee, pink mustache necklace!!! cuuuute!

  11. You look great! LOVE this outfit. The ladies are right, you nailed the accessories, you always do!

  12. You look fab and cool in this outfit (wish it was warm enough for mini skirts here in NZ)! Love the accessories!

  13. Ah those shoes! They've been on my wishlist for agggges! I also really adore the colour of your top!


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