31 Jul 2011

OOTD: Wine and steak oooooohh yeah :)

After a twelve hour shift yesterday, my fabulous sister Rhianna took the family out to dinner. As I was going straight from work I shimmed out of my uniform and into my dinner clothes, while my girlfriend Emma (also hitting the town post work) was choosing between her two sexy outfits.  

Dress: New Look , Belt: Saba                                       Dress: City Chic

 I think she rocked out the beige dress- which do you like best??
I wore a City Chic 2-fer dress, with a black lace belt. I'm not actually sure how much I like this dress now I see it in pictures. I like it, but I think it's a bit frumpy on??

Dress: City Chic, Stockings: We Love Colours, Jacket: Lily and Lou

Dinner was amazing! We went to Cha Cha Char in Brisbane city,  polished off several bottles of wine and ate way too much! I had a truffle, mushroom pasta and Ben had a rocking T-bone steak. Omnomnom

As an awesome sidenote I was mentioned in Plus Model Magazine's Fashion Friday. Go check out the link here and keep spreading the love!
Yayyyyy!!! :-D

29 Jul 2011

Lash lament

My biggest indulgence would have to be my regular lash extension appointments. What I wouldn't give to be one of those women naturally blessed with beautiful, long lashes; unfortunately mine are stubby and light blonde.

I went for a infill today and the wonderful ladies at Lash Me, Paddington were nice enough to take a few piccys.

I discovered the awesome company when I won their competition last year 'Brisbanes shortest lashes' Check out these before and afters from the comp!

I also caught up with my parent today for the first time in ages. They are back home for a visit between gray nomading around the country.

 Mum and Dad at lunch


With my new bracelet they bought me in Perth, and my cute heart print, navy ASOS dress :)

Also what came in the mail today was my renewed Pearl Jam Ten Club membership- complete with 'I'm analog' band tee. You can get analogue or digital club membership; the analog is heaps cooler because at Christmas they send you a limited edition Pearl Jam vinyl and fan magazine- excellent!!!! (I hope you all read that in the style of Mike Myers in Wayne's World, that was totally how I said it ;)

OOTD: Angry birds and hair cuts

I've just finished a block of night shifts and even though we live together, I feel like I haven't seen Ben in days. We had a good hang out tonight, went late night shopping, got Ben a hair cut and went out for dinner. I wore this funky shirt dress- it has buttons all the way down and a tie around the waist; and it's really comfy.

Dress: Torrid, Stockings: Razza Matazz Curvaceous


 Goodbye retro Hugh Grant haircut, hello sexy, sexy man!

We mostly browsed around for a present for a 1st birthday party we are going to on Saturday. However I did pick up a few bargain finds! I got this uber cute little teddy bear beanie (stocking up on a few bits and pieces for our trip to Europe at Christmas- yayyyyyy!!), a new caramel clutch (the one I used on Sunday night got stepped on and now it's got a big rip in it), and some rad zebra print aqua sunnies (because I loved them).

Sunnies: Cosmetics Inc. $10, Beanie: Groove $15, Clutch: Groove $5 (?!?! awesome!!)

The $5 clutch was my favourite buy. It's such a cool, different design. Both of the crocodile clasps open to a pocket about two inches deep. Then it opens to a three card slip pocket and an ID window, as well as a deep zipped pocket.


We also got a little excited at the Target Toy Sale when we found these giant Angry Birds plushies. These were our best angry bird face impressions! :)

26 Jul 2011

The $250 challenge!


I just discovered this website http://www.figuresque.com/ and I'm a little bit in love. With an imaginary $250 I've decked out my equally imaginary dream closet with these rocking pieces! So three dresses, three tops and one costume, grand total....drumroll please........$255. The studded tuxedo dress is so cool, I may have wet my pants a little when I saw it. And the pink and black flapper costume was serious lust at first sight!! Go check out the website for some amazing- and reasonably priced pieces, I'd love to know what you would spend your imaginary $250 on!

Sharing the love!

I wanted to do a quick little post just to say how much it rocks to be able to share and learn from all the other fabulous fashion bloggers on the net; and be able to to the same with my girlfriends here at home. From reading this blog one of my besties Liss has finally taken the plunge and bought her first piece of clothing online. And it's fabulous! She popped her internet shopping virginity with this pleated blue ASOS curve dress. I think of all the cool online shops I've found while surfing all your amazing blogs and I'm just so grateful. Liss on the other hand- says her credit card hates me, and she hides it so she can't use it! ;)

My fabulous friend Liss, and her fabulous new dress!
Keep spreading the fashion love ladies!

25 Jul 2011

OOTD: Sunday is my Funday

I thought it might be cool to blog every outfit I wore in one day and I must admit I had no idea the count racked up so high. I kept the picture of my PJ's out of the mix but nonetheless I think it's rad to see how style can change as the sun sets.


Ben and I headed to Sexpo on Sunday morning, so I wanted something super comfy for all the exploring and mischief I was planning on getting upto!

Jacket: Lily and Lou, Singlet: Lily and Lou, Skirt: Domino Dollhouse, Tights: Big W, Bag: Sportsgirl
Sunnies: Equip

I am a little bit obsessed with Domino Dollhouse at the moment and just got my first order from their new range Make Out Circus. This is their Layer Cake skirt and it is sooooooo comfortable. It has three stretchy layers to the skirt, a black one (hidden under my tank-top), the black and white stripped one and a very funky white layer with pink kisses on it. I love a good sidebag for shopping and browsing adventures, and this little Sportsgirl bag is a favourite.There are two handy pockets on the front and two large side pockets inside- perfect!


We then had dinner with my high school besties at a really good little Indian place at Carindale.

Jacket: Lily and Lou, Singlet: Lily and Lou, Skirt: Domino Dollhouse, Stockings: We Love Colors, Bag: Equip

My favourite thing about this outfit is that I have literally taken the exact top and jacket combo from the day and dressed it up with this awesome Domino Dollhouse skirt. Love it!

This skirt rocks, and these pictures do it no justice at all. It has an awesome bow and wrap around peplum that flatters in all the right places. Plus it is so versatile and goes with everything. I'm really digging the retro pin-up look and this is my way of trying it in stages :)

This is my gorgeous other half Ben and my girlfriends husband Reece. I hate how all boys have to do is chuck on a blue polo shirt and they look fab, gargh! ;)


That night I headed out to paint the town with my favourite ladies. I love dressing up for a night out, and always feel sexy when I've got a bold colour, straight hair, a short hem and luscious lashes! And of course something all us plus-size girls can rock- killer cleavage! :)

Dress: ASOS curve, Stockings: We Love Colors

I love, love, love this dress! It's comfy, bright and hot as! What's not to love?! The silk tie runs through the dress (there are holes in either of the batwing arms), and really cinches in the waist line. This is one of those dresses that I feel amazing in. The only problem was after a few hours of dancing, the inner lining was runching up under the chiffon. These are my favourite clubbing flats; made by Betts, I picked these sparkly wonderfulls up for $17 in last years sales! Bargain and comfort plus! And of course anything with glitter wins me over too :)

My favourite photo of the night!
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