26 Jul 2011

Sharing the love!

I wanted to do a quick little post just to say how much it rocks to be able to share and learn from all the other fabulous fashion bloggers on the net; and be able to to the same with my girlfriends here at home. From reading this blog one of my besties Liss has finally taken the plunge and bought her first piece of clothing online. And it's fabulous! She popped her internet shopping virginity with this pleated blue ASOS curve dress. I think of all the cool online shops I've found while surfing all your amazing blogs and I'm just so grateful. Liss on the other hand- says her credit card hates me, and she hides it so she can't use it! ;)

My fabulous friend Liss, and her fabulous new dress!
Keep spreading the fashion love ladies!


  1. Liiiiiiv!
    Lol I'm half horrified half delighted to have started online shopping overseas. But seriously. I put my bank card in my car so I physically can't use it unless I walk up the driveway and get it, at which point I start to wonder.. 'Do I reeeeeaallly need that bright yellow dress I saw, or do I just want it because I like the colour yellow... I do like yellow.. and sunflowers.. maybe I should plant some sunflowers.. hmmm... ' And then before you know it I'm back inside googling sunflowers. You see why online shopping is a bad idea for me? I'm impulsive and I don't see what I'm buying so much as the possibility of what I'm buying.
    That dress IS pretty but. Sigh.
    Love you xx
    PS Why thank you Stefanie!

  2. Thanks Stef! It is amazing how we all we meet up. And yes Liss, you NEED that yellow dress.

  3. I love some of the stuff on Asos I've never ordered tho :( im afraid of ordering from there :)


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