22 Jul 2011

OOTD: Crazy about sponges

 I love a cute little outfit to go shopping in. As my official favourite past time/hobby/occupation/lust I always want to be super comfy as well as feel cute. For some window browsing yesterday I chose this outfit; the dress I picked up on ebay- another city chic second hand bargain! The jacket is a cotton hoodie that is surprisingly really warm and my tights are big w.

You see this is why I need so many pairs of sunnies- the two different colours bring out the dress in different ways- justification plus! (so I know look crazy awkward in both these photos, but I have had gastro for the last 5 days lol very sexy)

I had lunch with my girlfriend Emma today, and we spent a good few hours rummaging through my wardrobe and browsing fashion websites together. Like most plus size chicks I've got a cupboard full of all different sizes and shapes and love dressing people up! Anyway after a few hours of this I'm still jumping around between my dress section and my coat section and Em is starting to wane. I realise at this point that I probably look a little crazy. I think the problem is that I could honestly talk about clothes and dress people all day. I relate my crazy (crazy enthusiasm that is!) to this video:


Dee Grueing is definitely passionate about sponges, it's funny but totally cool. Rock on for finding something you're honestly crazy passionate about! I think I can understand why Em looked at me like I'm a little mad, but I am mad and in love with fashion!

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