14 Jul 2011

Holy sunglasses Batman!

Last week I put my last payment on my new car Tori, a Nissan Micra (in pink of course!) YAYYYY!!. This jubilation was swiftly replaced as our next door neighbours backed into it the next day, bummer! Today I picked her up from the panel beaters and am super happy to see her shiny and perfect again!

I had forgotten what it was like to be without a car. Oh my goodness. I have no idea how I lived without one for so long. Tori was my first official car three years ago- and some mighty fine adventures we've had! :)

Ben's cousin is coming to stay with us tomorrow night so I basically spent that day dancing around the house dusting and putting stuff back where it was supposed to be. In the cleaning process I found NINE pairs of sunglasses! I swear I am always looking for a par and can never find any when I need them! I love the over sized frame and lens sunnies because they balance out my big head- and I always feel like a bit of a superstar in them. Check out this pink pair that turned up!

When Ben got home from work we went on a late night PO BOX pickup and a supermarket expedition. I love doing the big shop for the week and finding all sorts of weird stuff we have never tried before. I couldn't go past the box of Wiggle eggs tonight. I hope they are extra happy inside! Although I am mildly worried when I crack them they will pop out and start wiggling their thumbs at me.

I love this dress. It's so comfy and chilled. The navy colour and sailor like pattern on the bust is super cute and it falls really nice from below with four pleats over my tummy. I wanted this dress so much but it sold in store before I even had a chance to try it on! I ended up picking it up on ebay for something like $25- it was about $90 brand new! Awesome! Love the feeling of a coveted item at a bargain price. This is also my favourite jacket of the moment, a funky find in Kmart, in fact its so rad- I have two! :)

Dress City Chic, Jacket: Kmart

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  1. I like how those sunglasses match your car, well done!


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