29 Jul 2011

OOTD: Angry birds and hair cuts

I've just finished a block of night shifts and even though we live together, I feel like I haven't seen Ben in days. We had a good hang out tonight, went late night shopping, got Ben a hair cut and went out for dinner. I wore this funky shirt dress- it has buttons all the way down and a tie around the waist; and it's really comfy.

Dress: Torrid, Stockings: Razza Matazz Curvaceous


 Goodbye retro Hugh Grant haircut, hello sexy, sexy man!

We mostly browsed around for a present for a 1st birthday party we are going to on Saturday. However I did pick up a few bargain finds! I got this uber cute little teddy bear beanie (stocking up on a few bits and pieces for our trip to Europe at Christmas- yayyyyyy!!), a new caramel clutch (the one I used on Sunday night got stepped on and now it's got a big rip in it), and some rad zebra print aqua sunnies (because I loved them).

Sunnies: Cosmetics Inc. $10, Beanie: Groove $15, Clutch: Groove $5 (?!?! awesome!!)

The $5 clutch was my favourite buy. It's such a cool, different design. Both of the crocodile clasps open to a pocket about two inches deep. Then it opens to a three card slip pocket and an ID window, as well as a deep zipped pocket.


We also got a little excited at the Target Toy Sale when we found these giant Angry Birds plushies. These were our best angry bird face impressions! :)


  1. I absolutely adore the beanie. I want one like that!! and that clutch looks like you can get a "lot" of things in .... loved the color.
    You look really pretty in that dress.


  2. Thanks guys :) xx
    I loved the clutch the minute I saw it, it is totally one of those sneaky ones you can squeeze everything into.

  3. Thankfully, my eyebrows don't touch like those birds...

  4. I love the dress - my black shirt dress is ancient, and really doesn't look too nice any more. You've got me thinking I need an updated version!

    Also - thanks for following. I'm following you too!

  5. nice blog! I love the color scheme and your fun lovin' style! I'm definately following!


  6. Those Angry Birds plushies are so cute!!! I am now following you. :)

  7. great that you guys got to spend time together! :) love your shirt!


  8. So awesome too see these new followers1 YAYYYY!! And a super welcome to you!


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