16 Jul 2011


Ben's cousin Brooke and her main squeeze Adam are visiting from Melbourne at the moment and we are doing our best to show them the Brisvegas sights- starting with an epic pub crawl on Friday night, dessert at Freestyler Tout and Wii rockband into the early hours when we got home. We drove up to the beautiful Mount Tambourine distillery today and got to sample some of their amazing liquor and vodka blends. Ben and I were super impressed with the 'Moulin Rooz' absinthe and were feeling the effects of just the taster straight away! They have so many blends and types we couldn't decide which ones to take home, we ended up settling on the Macadamia liqueur, the Jaffa liqueur and a sample bag of their liqueur chocolates, omnomnomnom. The absinthe is just going to have to wait till next time! ;)
This is my favourite casual outfit- denim mini skirt with
leggings and a funky top. Comfort and funk plus.

Jacket: Kmart
Top: Torrid
Skirt: City Chic
Tights: Big W
Bag: Sportsgirl
Sunnies: Thailand

 We then did the tourist thing around Mount Tambourine and found some really cool little weird shops. One of our favourites was this kooky German Cuckoo Clock shop. Creepy clocks everywhere! We had lunch at an awesome little place with a big log fire- so welcome after the chilly, rainy weather we had been exploring through!

This was my favourite find of the day- a fluffy cow heat pack! According to the instructions you just pop him in the microwave for two minutes and you've got a hot teddy for 2 hours!

Although Ben said that if we put him in our microwave all it would get is a dirty bottom!

We stopped into IKEA on the way home. I am a little bit obsessed with the place, but who wouldn't be- it's basically a theme park! They have some new display rooms and I loved this clock wall feature. I'm also a huge fan of these paper light shades. I love how the three of them look together.

I also noticed this rad circus print wallpaper in one of the rooms. I loved it but had no idea where I would put it. The set of three perfume jars are gorgeous- I had to stop myself from running straight home with them!


  1. Ooooo I want to try some Jaffa vodka!! I love the cow heat pack, I need to get up there one day I haven't been yet. I love weird shops they have the best stuff. Except those clocks. Serial killers would be creeped out by those clocks..
    I hope you didn't spend too much at Ikea? You need an Ikea intervention woman.. there is such a thing as too many flat packs & allen keys.. xx

  2. Lol I'm not sure you can ever have too mnay allen keys! How cool are those perfume bottles??!

  3. lol If I tell you they're cool that will just encourage your Ikea problem. Moral dilemma.
    They're interesting looking.


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