18 Jul 2011

OOTD: 'Weird and Creepy' outfit recycling

Last night we attended our mate Adam's 30th birthday party, themed 'creepy weird things'. After much debating on our costumes over the last few days we settled on the very creepy Mrs Lovett and Sweeney Todd. We picked up Ben's costume and my accessories from buycostumes.com and I think we both ended up looking the weird and creepy part.

'Zombie Prom' Birthday Party

My costume was actually just a jumble of bits and pieces I already had at home. I was wearing a long black tiered skirt from Autograph, a zippered black ruffle blouse from City Chic and over the top a rad lace up corset I picked up from Ebay. The corset was actually part of my 'zombie prom' outfit from my birthday this year- another equally creepy costume success! It was a great night and I got lots of compliments on my fake pie- complete with eyeballs, bones and intestines!

 Ben and I had a very chilled day at home today- recovering from yesterday and attempting to do our tax. We headed out in the afternoon to catch a few of the last rays and pick up some wine for a lazy Sunday night in. I picked a comfy, cute outfit to spend the day in, the puff sleeve top is from City Chic and i'm wearing the same skirt from my costume last night!

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