29 Jul 2011

Lash lament

My biggest indulgence would have to be my regular lash extension appointments. What I wouldn't give to be one of those women naturally blessed with beautiful, long lashes; unfortunately mine are stubby and light blonde.

I went for a infill today and the wonderful ladies at Lash Me, Paddington were nice enough to take a few piccys.

I discovered the awesome company when I won their competition last year 'Brisbanes shortest lashes' Check out these before and afters from the comp!

I also caught up with my parent today for the first time in ages. They are back home for a visit between gray nomading around the country.

 Mum and Dad at lunch


With my new bracelet they bought me in Perth, and my cute heart print, navy ASOS dress :)

Also what came in the mail today was my renewed Pearl Jam Ten Club membership- complete with 'I'm analog' band tee. You can get analogue or digital club membership; the analog is heaps cooler because at Christmas they send you a limited edition Pearl Jam vinyl and fan magazine- excellent!!!! (I hope you all read that in the style of Mike Myers in Wayne's World, that was totally how I said it ;)


  1. they did a great job on your lashes!

    :) I love your dress!! :)

  2. Awesome review! and your parents are lookers! No wonder where you get your good looks from!

  3. Hello!

    Thank you for the lovely comment and the follow - of course I am following you back :D

    I'm so glad I've found someone else who loves eyelash extensions as much as I do!!!

    I wrote a blog about this a while ago and everyone who commented said they'd never tried it out before. I love getting my eyelashes done!

    Luckily, my best friend is a beauty therapist so she does them for only £25 and they last agessssssssssssssssssss! My last pair lasted 2 monthes!!

    Your's look beautiful!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, check out my latest post if you can :))



  4. It's fun to watch so many women noticing Liv's lashes, leaning in for a closer look with that special squinting expression...

  5. woah! i didn't even know you could get lash extensions! that is crazy cool!

  6. Hang on a second......how were Mum and Dad at lunch with you, when they had lunch with me on Friday?? Methinks TWO lunches!

    Lashes are good as always - love the guys at Lash Me!

  7. lol they DOUBLE LUNCHED!!!
    I could totally be a lady of lesiure. I could lunch all day, every day. Siiighhhhhhhhh

  8. Oh! I love that ASOS dress! I think I'd love to try last extensions, but so expensive! I was only thinking about them the other night! I was watching a Jennifer Love Hewitt movie and thinking how fabulous she always looks with her think false lashes, but I could never be bother putting them on all the time.

  9. i love your lashes!


  10. Oh Nat if you pick up a special price or a sale on lashes- YOU HAVE TO GET THEM! They are amazing and I feel instantly sexy the minute I wake up beecause of them!

  11. I loooooove that dress! I got my eyelashes tinted once and it was terrifying, I hate things coming near my eyeballs. I should go try again. Mascara is such a pain, it takes so much effort to take it off. xxxx

  12. Ooo Pretty! Have you tried Latisse?

  13. I have not used lash enhancer but I am using original Latisse product and it is globally renowned product for growing thin lashes and turn in to longer lashes, This is completely natural product and it contains no side effects.


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