26 Jul 2011

The $250 challenge!


I just discovered this website http://www.figuresque.com/ and I'm a little bit in love. With an imaginary $250 I've decked out my equally imaginary dream closet with these rocking pieces! So three dresses, three tops and one costume, grand total....drumroll please........$255. The studded tuxedo dress is so cool, I may have wet my pants a little when I saw it. And the pink and black flapper costume was serious lust at first sight!! Go check out the website for some amazing- and reasonably priced pieces, I'd love to know what you would spend your imaginary $250 on!


  1. If they're US dollars, then you're even under your $250 budget

  2. the pink dress is just so cute! :) great blog, Im your new follower, hope you'll follow back :)

  3. I do think everything is better in pink :)
    and it's $35! sweet!! :)

  4. Hey!!
    I'll definitely go and check out that website. I really like your blog.
    That is why I want to present you One Lovely Blog award because your blog is sooo lovely.

    If you have any questions go to

    Thanks again. :DD

  5. That is so awesome thanks Maya! I will be passing on that love!

    They website does have some really cool pieces. Tell me if you buy any! :) x


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