30 Sept 2013

OOTD: Gold Coast sunshine!

Two weeks ago Problogger ( a big blogging workshop) was held on the Gold Coast and some of my favourite Aussie bloggers were in town! As much as I wanted to go, what with the wedding and our USA trip- the conference itself was out of price range this year. I did however, get to do some very cool hobnobbing and chatting on the night before it started at the Blog Chicks meet up!

Even better, before the party I crashed Suger and Dani's room at the QT (totally lives up to that name by the way, that hotel is CUUUUUTTTEEE!) and got to spend an awesome day sun baking, lounging and relaxing with those babes! 

I love this picture Dani took of us in the pool! One of the greatest things about blogging is the totally awesome friends you make. I can honestly say that I know I've made some lifetime-lasting friendships because of this little blog!  

Soooooo, the evening of the Blog Chicks event, we drank, dressed and got made up together- then hit the party! I'd been looking for a funky reason to bust out this FABulous Jessica Simpson dress- its such amazing quality!

Dress: Jessica Simpson Plus collection via Macy's
Stockings: We Love Colors
Heels: Target
Flower Crown: Jay Jay's
Clutch: Kate Hill
Necklace: Modcloth

Thanks to Dani for snapping these piccys for me!

Now I'm not going to lie- these shoes did not last long. This was just after I had bought them and it was the first wear, as hot as they are I could not go the distance. Even if the distance was only the lobby! This was also the first wear of my flower crown! I'm loving it! I'm having to stop myself wearing it too frequently! 

At the end of this day I'd felt like I'd had a week off! I need some adventures in the Gold Coast sunshine more often! 


  1. what a great vacay, love the flowers and love your blog!

  2. This plum-colored dress is fabulous on you, Olivia! Nice floral crown, and I also noticed the golden ombré highlights to your bright blonde hair. That's a nice touch. Nice necklace and handbag. Glad you had fun here.


  3. Fabulous dress on you. I love Jessica Simpson for making all the plus size dress that make us look divine. So Great to have good Friends!

  4. I love your big bright smile of yours!
    You are right this dress is amazing on you

  5. Love this outfit Liv, what a gorgeous dress! If you want a beach buddy when you come down next hit me up! :-)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Gorgeous outfit! I particularly love the colour of the dress- so lovely :)

  8. Love that purple dress! The gold coast is always fun with friends :) Glad you had a lovely time :)

    Away From The Blue

  9. I really think purple is your colour lovely!! You look awesome in this frock! Oh and Rich & I are planning on going to Europe in Aug/Sept next year - no dates nailed down yet, but will keep you in the loop for sure. I do hope I can visit Brisbane sometime soon as well - life just gets in the way xoxox


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