9 Sept 2013

OOTD: Afternoon in the city

I wish I had endless funds and could just lunch and sip cocktails all day. Heck, who probably doesn't wish that, at least for a little while?! The beginning of the weekend (or whatever day is the start of 'my weekend'- shift working means I could be working any days, anytime!) is the best: I always love that feeling of hitting the town knowing you have the next couple of days off. I can drink what I want, lunch and sip cocktails, stay up as late as I want and I don't even have to wash my hair if I don't feel like it (TMI anyone??)!! That first night off always has the best feeling of freedom with it! And it's often the one we end up properly hitting the town on.

This particular outfit was worn on the beginning of a very rad weekend off and a night out with some of my girlfriends!

Pants: Harlow
Top: Lily and Lou via Best and Less
Platforms: TBA Shoes
Necklace: Stefan
Clutch: Kmart
(and since it's properly drawing some attention, the bra is from Sara)

I snapped these pictures just as we were leaving (TANGENT: How I wish my hair would stay that perfect for longer. I swear, I start the night with luscious locks and an hour or so later it looks like a lanky mop. I need to try out some new hair products!). I'm all sorts of smiley over these rad Harlow capris, the colour is such a vivid, almost acid green and purple. And they have a proper fly and button closure, something I've missed tailoring-wise since embracing the leggings as pants revolution. 

I have been using this clutch like crazy lately. I'm a chronic handbag swapper, so usually swap and change regularly, but you've probably seen this beauty in my last few posts. I love the stud detailing with the basic black; I'd been in desperate need of a more versatile bag like this. There is only so many outfits a bright yellow or pink clutch can go with! And it tones down the boldness of the hot pink belt and wicked purple platforms!  Which by the way, how totally cool are those shoes?! 

What's your favourite time of the week??


  1. Such a bright outfit! :) I really like that studded clutch :)

    Away From The Blue

  2. je t envie d osee comme ca le transparent,bravo !

  3. So cute! I love the pants and shoes. :)

  4. Those shoes and that necklace are to die for!!! I really love them - your outfit is beautiful - your smile is what keeps me coming back to your page. Cheers babe!!!

  5. Friday nights are my fav night of the week, if we have the money we might go to the movies or something but it is so nice to just stay up a little longer than usual and just vege out :-) Lookin fab Liv!!

  6. Those trousers are awesome *.* … And the shoes ♡ Love it.

    ♡ Mel xoxo

  7. You're such a beauty! Those pants are entirely too cute! Also, gimme that bag!!!

  8. How fun is that outfit, you look amazing and that outfit looks great for a night out with the girls! Those shoes are awesome, they looks so fun! :)


  9. Those pants are awesome! *_*


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